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Guide (for Faculty Members)

Service Name Service Content Related Menu Link
Library Access The user can enter the library using a smart card (student card, library card). Facility Access URL
Open Hours URL
Use of Old Books/Materials You can gain access to the original copy of the old books owned by the library. Use of Old Books/Materials URL
Book/Material Loan/Return/Renewal/Reimbursement You can borrow/return/renew books/materials according to the regulations by user status. Depending on the situation, you can use easy loan services/reservation/branch loan services. If the loaned material/book is lost/damaged, the user must pay a replacement cost. Loan/Return/Renewal/Reimbursement URL
Easy/Reservation/Branch Loan URL
ILL The Interlibrary Loan Service is a service that allows the user to loan books that are currently not owned by Korea Univ. Library through a partner institution. ILL Request URL
DDS The DDS (Document Delivery Service) is a service that allows the user to request a copy of a material/book that is currently not owned by Korea Univ. Library from other domestic/foreign partner institutions. DDS Request URL
Foreign Research Information Center URL
Material Purchase Request You can purchase/subscribe books, serial publications, or electronic resources that are currently not owned by Korea Univ. Library. You can check the current purchase/subscription status according to the Library Collection Guideline. Material Purchase Request/ Status URL
Information Use Training Various types of Training Programs for increased research/studying productivity of students/researchers. (i.e., Academic DB Education, Bibliography Management, Program Education, How to Write a Thesis/Dissertation, etc.) Information Use Training URL
Designated Book A service that allows a large number of students to gain access to class materials designated by the instructors/professors. Books that are ‘designated’ by the instructors/professors will be separately displayed in the ‘Designated Book’ shelves for a certain period of time. Designated Book URL
Bibliography Management Tool Provides a bibliographic management program which helps you collect/manage references and create lists of citations/references that are required for your research. Endnote URL
Mendeley URL
Off Campus Access
/ Electronic Resource
You can view electronic resources and video lectures outside of the campus through the Off Campus Access Service. Off Campus Access URL
Legal use of Electronic Resources URL
K-eArticle (Domestic/Foreign Electronic Journal & Academic DB Search) URL
E-Learning (Video Lecture) URL
Remote Support When a problem occurs while using the Library Website on PC, the library staff will provide remote support to help you solve the problem Remote Support
(Introduction Page on FAQ)