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30th Memorial Library

Introduction 30th Memorial Library(Main Library (Graduate School))

The 30th Memorial Library(Main Library (Graduate School)) was first opened in September 1937 thanks to the donations made by Korean people and Korean institutions. The library was opened to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Boseong College. It is a Gothic-type stone building that has been designated as Historic Site NO. 286 (Seoul) thanks to its great architectural value. The Hanjeok Room, which is located on the 2nd floor of the building, provides a specialized space and services that allows the users to read Hanjeoks and historical books in a comfortable environment.

Introduction (by Floor)

Hanjeok Room

Provides browsing services of historical Hanjeoks (Asian Books/Publications) such as 漢籍·影印本·古文書·中國圖書·古地圖
Library Holdings
    • 國寶 : No. 291 龍龕手鏡 1 Book
    • 寶物 : No. 417 洪武正韻譯訓 7Books, No. 706 中庸朱子或問 1 Book
- No. 710-1 東人之文四六 4 Books, No. 710-2 東人之文四六 2 Books - No. 710-5 東人之文四六 1 Book, No. 419-4 三國遺事 1 Book
  • 漢籍 : approx. 98,000 Books
  • 古文書 : approx. 6,600 Pieces
  • 中國圖書 및 影印本 : approx. 73,000 Books
  • Browsing of Hanjeok Materials/Books are available, but cannot be loaned.
  • How to Browse Old Books/Historical Books : Submit an application form in advance and receive a date (every Wednesday). See ‘Changes in Old Book/Historical Book Browsing Process’ below for more information about the application form & details.
30th Memorial Library(Main Library (Graduate School)) Hanjeok Room : 02-3290-1501

Loan Room

Provides loan/return services for Hanjeok (Oriental Books) & Chinese Materials/Books (* In the ‘Dong-a Ilbo Preservation Library,’ which is located on the 4th Floor, you can gain access to a wide range of historical newspapers (Dong-a Ilbo), Micro Film/Fiche Material, Shin Dong-a/Women’s Magazines)
Library Holdings
  • Hanjeok (Oriental Books) & Chinese Books/Materials – Owns more than 73,000 Books/Materials that are written in Chinese
30th Memorial Library(Main Library (Graduate School)) Loan Room : 02-3290-1503