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Library Access

  • You can go through the library entrance gate using your student ID card (library pass).
  • Inside the library, you should always carry your student ID. You should always show your student ID card (library pass) when requested by the library staff.
  • Rental/Copying of the Student ID card, unauthorized entry, etc., is strictly prohibited. When caught, you will be restricted from entering the library (or using any services provided by the library) according to the library regulations.
Students & Faculty Members of Korea Univ.
  • Students & Faculty Members can gain access to library materials/facilities using their Student ID (Employee Cards).
  • In the case of a course that does not issue student ID cards (i.e., exchange students, short-term courses at affiliated institutions, etc.), the user can use the library after receiving a Library Card. Go to ‘Library Card Issuance’ Page
  • When the issuance of a Student ID Card is delayed, the user can gain access to the library and borrow books by using their ‘ID card (Resident Registration Card, etc.) and ‘Student Number.’ (only during March & September)
  • Freshmen who have not received a student number should use their ‘ID card’ and ‘Admission Certificate’ to gain access to the library and view books/materials (must submit ID card) (cannot loan materials/books or use reading rooms).
Graduates / Retired Faculty Members
  • Graduates can enter the library and use the reading room for one month after graduation.
  • After the library usage period has expired, graduates can use the library by registering as an annual subscriber (users who pay an annual fee).
  • Retired Faculty Members can use the library according to the length of their service.
1)Worked in Korea Univ. for 3~20 years – Must submit a Career Certificate and pay an annual subscription fee (requires a Library Card if you do not have a staff card) 2)Worked in Korea Univ for 20+ years – Must submit a Career Certificate, Requires renewal every year Go to Annual Fee (Guide) Go to Issuance of Library Card
Outsiders from Other Universities
  • Can gain access to the library and its services by receiving a ‘Data Access Request Form’ (name of form may vary by university) and submitting it to the Korea Univ. Library. (However, cannot loan books/materials or use reading rooms)
  • Graduate students from universities that are a part of the Academic Information Exchange Council (Kyunghee Univ. Sungkyunkwan Univ. Yonsei Univ. Hanyang Univ.) can enter the library after presenting their student ID
Ordinary Users (External Users)
  • Ordinary users can enter the library only for the purpose of reading materials/books. They must leave an ID card and receive a ‘Visitor Card’ from the main desk to enter the library.
  • Group Tours & Minors can enter the library only if they have earned permission in advance.
  • Users must follow the instructions/directions of the library staff. If a user causes any kind of discomfort to other users or performs an act that goes against the purpose of the library, they will be forced to leave the library (or even be banned) according to library regulations.

How to Use Facilities

You can simply make a reservation to use library facilities (reading room, group study room, etc.) through the Library Facility Reservation System (APP/WEB).

How to make a Reservation

  • Mobile App
– Download/Install the ‘KLIB’ App from the App Store – Choose the date, library, group, facility, hours of use in the ‘Facility Status/Reservation’ screen
  • Web Page
– Choose the date, library, group, facility, hours of use in the ‘Facility/Seat Reservation Status’ page (Library homepage)

Facility Usage Guide

  • Reservations for facilities can be made within two weeks from the current date.
  • However, the reservation is limited to twice a day/per user + twice during the reservation period (registering new participants will also be included in the ‘number of reservations’)
  • Users must go through a certification process (APP, KIOSK) after making a reservation (APP, Webpage) to use the facility.
※ Certification Method 1) Run App → Activate Bluetooth (Smartphone) → Beacon (Certification) 2) Certification through a KIOSK
  • If you fail to certify yourself within 20 minutes of the start of the reservation time, your reservation will be canceled and you cannot use the facility.
  • If you do not use the facility (or fail to certify yourself within a certain period of time) after making a reservation, you will receive an additional penalty (cannot use facilities/seats)

Other Facilities

  • Facilities that can be reserved depending on the schedule/operation of the library without using the Facility Reservation System. (Spaces that are used for regular library events/programs.)
  • Can be reserved by contacting the facility manager via phone or e-mail (must contact the manager at least before a week)
  • Reservation available after reviewing the purpose of use (need approval)
  • List of Facilities
Facility Purpose Available For Location
CCL An event hall for academic lectures and events Undergraduates, Graduate Students, Staff/Employees Central Square
L-Lounge An event hall for academic lectures and events Undergraduates, Graduate Students, Staff/Employees Centennial Digital Library 1F
L-Theater Available for viewing DVDs (groups of 6+) – If the group includes 6+ Korea Univ. students/members, you can make a reservation through the Facility Reservation System – If the group includes 5 or less Korea Univ. students/members, you can make a reservation by contacting the theater manager. Undergraduates, Graduate Students, Staff/Employees Centennial Digital Library 2F
Videoconferencing Room A dedicated space for videoconferencing Staff/Employees Centennial Digital Library 3F
Education Room A dedicated space for Library Information Usage Training. Only available for reservation when there are no training/education programs in schedule. Staff/Employees Centennial Digital Library 3F, Science Library 1F
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  • The library is a PUBLIC SPACE used by many people
  • Please turn your cellphone to silent mode in the archive/reading rooms, and please make your calls outside the archive/reading rooms.
  • All electronic devices, such as laptops and calculators, can only be used within the designated laptop zones. Please pay close attention to the sounds that you make and make sure that other users are not distracted or offended by your typing/mouse sounds.
  • Please lower the sounds of your earphones.
  • Even the smallest sounds/noises can distract others inside the reading room. If you want to have a conversation with your friends, please do it OUTSIDE of the reading room.


  • The seats in the library DOES NOT belong to a specific individual.
  • Each user can only use ONE SEAT at a time. Stacking personal luggage on other seats are prohibited.
  • You can use the reading room after booking your own seat. When you are away from your seat for a long time, please return your seat so other people can use it.


  • DO NOT leave a trace after using the library.
  • Put trash in the trash can. Put used/read materials in a nearby book cart.

Food, Smoking

  • You CANNOT eat food outside of the designated area within the library.
  • The entire library is designated as a non-smoking area.
  • Only drinks that have a lid (to prevent spillage) can be brought into the library.


  • Make sure to carry your valuables with you.
  • Do not leave any objects or library materials on the desk.