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CCL(CJ Creator Library) ) Introduction

Opened in May 2017, the CCL is located on the first basement floor of the Central Square, ensuring excellent accessibility. The CCL includes a studio for one-person broadcasting and media content production, event hall for club performances & academic events, a Maru Resting Place where the students can lie on the floor and relax, and multi-sized group rooms where the size can be changed depending on the size of the group.

Facilities & Guidelines

  • Consists of five STUDIOS for media content production, EVENT HALL for academic lectures/events, 4 VARIABLE GROUP ROOMS for media editing & education, PERSONAL BOOTHS, and other spaces (information desk, office, equipment storage, control room, dressing room)
  • Personal booths for media content use and studying/learning spaces for discussions/meetings/collaboration/relaxation, etc.
  • GROUP ROOMS and STUDIOS can be used as long as the group representative is a member of Korea Univ.


Name Introduction Open Hours # of Uses
Browsing A free space for learning, discussions, collaboration, relaxation, etc. During Semester
09:00 ~ 22:00(Weekdays)
09:00 ~ 15:00(Saturday)
During Vacation
09:00 ~ 19:00(Weekdays)
09:00 ~ 13:00(Saturday)
No Limitation
Event Hall A space for lectures, events, large seminars, etc. Max. twice/month per group
Media Classroom A variable space for group studies, small seminars, etc. Twice/Day
Max. 3 Hours/Session
Requires Reservation
Group RM A~C
Studio Open A space for video production, photoshooting sessions, sound recording, online broadcasting, etc. During Semester
09:30 ~ 21:30(Weekdays)
09:30 ~ 14:30(Saturday)
During Vacation
09:30 ~ 18:30(Weekdays)
09:30 ~ 12:30(Saturday)
Creator A
Creator B


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