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Introduction (Main Library)

A stone building that opening in 1978. It was the largest university in Korea at the time and has now grown into one of the leading libraries in Korea. After a full-scale remodeling in June 2004, the first floor has been renovated in March 2019. It currently has more than 1.3 million books in its collection (humanities/social science, etc.)


  • Owns 1.3 million+ books & serial publications

Introduction (by Floor)

Archive #3
  • Archives of Oriental Books & Publications on Management/Accounting/Architecture/Art/Recreation/Literature/Geography/History (Call Number 600~999)
  • 100th anniversary of Cho Jihoon's birth, Cho Jihoon Reading Room(Ask the librarian to read exhibition materials/rare book)
Library 6F
  • Archives of Western Books & Publications (Call Number 000~499) However, excluding Law (340-399 use Law Library) URL
Library 7F
  • Archives of Western Books & Publications (Call Number 500~999)
Archive #2
  • Archives of Oriental Books & Publications on Philosophy/Sociology/Statistics/Politics/Economics/Education (Call Number 000~599)
    However, excluding Law (340-399 use Law Library) URL
  • Provides Interlibrary Loan Service URL
  • Allows browsing/copying of designated books in the ‘Designated Book Section’
  • Special Collection Room : Baudelaire Collection
Library 4/5F
  • Oriental Serial Publication Archive
Archive #1 / FRIC
  • Journals / Reference Archive
  • Provides DDS URL
Library 3F
  • Western Serial Publication Archive
  • Dedicated Research Space for Graduate Students/Instructors
  • Introduction (Carrel) URL
Disabled Student Lounge
  • Special Lounge & Reading Space for Disabled Students
  • Introduction URL
Information Center – Provides Information on all Library Services
  • Material Usage Information Section
  • - Easy Loan Service/Reserved Book/Branch Loan URL
    - RFID Automation Equipment (Smart Loan/Return Machine, Automatic Return Machine URL
    - Loan/Return/Renewal/Reimbursement URL
  • Library Usage Guide
  • - Annual Fee Registration URL
    - Library Pass Issuance URL
    - User DB Management (Short-term User Registration)
  • Call Service for Disabled
  • - In-campus Book Delivery/Retrieval Service + Library Usage Support & Guidance Service URL
Reading Room
  • Forest Zone: 136 Seats
  • Ocean Zone: 91 Seats (Includes 42 Free Use Seats, 18 PC Seats)
  • Seat/Facility Reservation URL
Copy Room
  • Copy/Printing/Binding Service
  • A locker operated by the Student Support Department
  • Inquiries : Student Support Department Tel : 02-3290-1103