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Reference Management Tools

What is Mendeley Reference Manager?

Mendeley Reference Manager is a research management software that allows you to collect and organize references through sicial network. Also it’s useful for citing and creating reference list.


  • Collection/Management of References
– Collection of bibliographic information (title, author, etc.) and full text of references
– Categorization of collected references based on different conditions
– Collect bibliographic information and full texts of references shown on screen by installing a web importer
  • Create & Edit a List of References & Citations
– Create a Reference & Citation List in Word
– Edit reference lists/contents and output style (Citation & Reference Listing Format)

How to Use

  • Program Installation: Create account and download the install program from www.mendeley.com → Install → Login Download
※ 100GB storage capacity for members of Korea University
※ After create account on www.mendeley.com, Data is compatible on Desktop, Website and Mobile app
※ Stop mobile service (from Mar 15th, 2021)

Training/Education Program

  • Register Library Workshops (Korean) URL
  • Replay Library Workshops (Korean) URL