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Easy Loan Service

The Easy Loan Service is a service that allows you to borrow loanable materials/books from a designated place.

  • Loanable Material : Loanable materials among the books of library’s collection (excluding the materials owned by Sejong Academical Information Center)
  • # of Books : You can loan up to 3 books at once. However, you cannot loan the material when you are suspended or currently have overdue material
  • Location : Smart Loan/Return Machine within the campus
  • ※ The ‘Location’ may be changed to the nearest loan desk depending on the status of the material. So make sure to check the loan location through Kakao Notification Talk or E-mail.

  • How to Use
  • Search Material → ‘Details’ screen → Click the ‘Easy Loan Service’ button → Select a location → Check/Modify contact → Arrival Notification (Kakao Notification Talk/E-mail) → Check/Visit Location → Loan Material

  • Other Information
  • Requested materials will be prepared twice a day (09:00 AM & 14:00 PM), and you will receive an arrival notification when the material is prepared. Requests made after 14:00 PM will be prepared in the next morning.
    The loan must be made within 3 days (including Saturdays, excluding Sundays/Holidays).You will be restricted from using the Easy Loan Service for 30 days if you do not loan the requested material.
    We will inform you separately if you make a Easy loan request on a material that cannot be loaned.
    (ex. When the material does not exist in our collection, when the material cannot be loaned due to severe damage, etc.)


Reservation is a system that can be used when the material loaned by other users are returned to the library.

  • Loanable Material : When a certain material owned by the library is currently ‘On loan,’ the ‘Reservation Available’ button will be activated.
  • # of Books : Up to 3 books per user + 3 users per book
  • Location : You cannot select the location for reservation. You can loan the book from the archive/library that owns the material/book.
  • ※ If the location is set as the ‘Smart Loan/Return Machine (Main Library 1F),’ the location can be changed to the Information Center (1F) depending on the status of the material/book.

  • Other Information
  • We will contact you by Kakao Notification Talk (or SMS)/E-mail when the reserved material arrives.
    The loan must be made within 3 days (including Saturdays, excluding Sundays/Holidays)You will be restricted from using the Reservation Service 30 days if you do not loan the requested material.