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If you cannot visit the library in person, you can receive library materials by delivery service


Information on Use

  • Loan availability: General Books Available for Out-of-Office Loans
  • Loan date: Undergraduates: 30 days, 1 extension (15 days) / Graduate students: 30 days, 3 extension (30 days)

※ The dispatch date and the arrival date of the package are included


How to borrow

  • Fill out an application form or place a request call for delivery
  • Fill out the application form >> shortcut to application
  • Phone request : 02-3290-1492
    1) Fill out the application form or place a call
    2) Review application form and check book availability for loans
    3) Book rent (with confirming text message)
    4) Delivery begin


How to return

  • Fill out an application or place a request call for return delivery
  • Fill out the application form >> shortcut to application
  • Delivery request : 02-3290-1492
    1) Fill out the application form or place a call
    2) Review return application form (with confirming text message)
    3) Delivery personal stop by your house (with text messages when visiting)
    4) Receive the package and process return



  • Delivery will be sent to the address registered on the KU portal.
  • If portal address is not your current address, please write your address in the remarks column of the application form.
  • This service is for disabled students. This service is available for disabled students registered with Center for student with Disablities, one cannot apply with registration.


Our staff members will assist disabled students for access to any libraries or its archives.
If someone have difficulties accessing the library, our staff will provide a book delivery/retrieval service within the campus.



  • Main Library 1F Information Center : 02-3290-1492
  • Science Library 1F Publication Room : 02-3290-4219
  • Law Library B1F Law Library : 02-3290-1508

Main Library 2F Right Side of the Elevator (Room 206)

  • Facility/Equipment: Locker / Height-adjustable Desk (4 Desks) / Couch / 1 Magnifier / 3 Webcam PC
  • Opens 08:00 – 22:00


Science Library 1F, inside the α Lounge (Room 110J)

  • Facility/Equipment: Height-adjustable Desk (2 Seats) / 2 PCs / Couch
  • Opens 08:00 – 22:00

※ Lounge will be open at the same time as the library operation hours. Opening hours may alter according to the library operation time.

Reading Seats for disabled

  • Main Library
  • – Reading Room (1F Ocean Zone): Height-adjustable Desk (3 Seats)
    – Archive (2~4F): Height-adjustable Desk (1 Seat each.)
  • Law Library
  • – Law Library (B1F) : Height-adjustable desk (1 Seat)
  • CDL
  • – 1F C-Lounge : Normal Desk (1 Seat)
    – 4F Large Reading Room : Normal Desk (8 Seats)
  • Science Library
  • – 4F Reading Room (Laptop): Normal Desk (1 Seat)
    – 4F General Reading Room: Normal Desk (1 Seat)
    – 5F General Reading Room: Normal Desk (1 Seat)
  • Hana Square
  • – Reading Room (Laptop): Normal Desk (1 Seat)


※ Reading Seats for disabled are available to anyone without assignment process vis Kiosk or App.


Desiginated Seat for disabled students

  • 2% of available seats in each reading room(Including Exclusive Reading Seats) are designated for disabled.
  • Green Seats on Seats/Facilities Reservation Page or Kiosk
  • When every designated seat are occupied, please contact the library staff. Our staff will guide you to any available seat.



  • Main Library: 02-3290-1492
  • Central Plaza: 02-3290-1506
  • Law Library: 02-3290-1508
  • CDL: 02-3290-2784
  • Science Library: 02-3290-4221
  • Hana Square: 02-3290-4221