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Korea Univ. Library Material Selection Guide

In accordance with the 「Korea Univ. Library Mission」the library will collect new materials/books based on the following principles and standards.

  1. In the library, in selecting materials, the top priority must be on academic materials that are required to carry out research and educational courses that could benefit the members of Korea Univ.
    In addition, we shall strive to collect materials that could help promote the academic development and intellectual growth of the user, while also collecting all kinds of intellectual heritage that can contribute to the development of human culture.

  2. The factors considered by the library when collecting new materials are as follows.
  3. ① Would it contribute to the research & educational courses carried out by the school?
    ② Would it contribute to the academic system/structure of a specific field + Does it have enough collectible value?
    ③ Would it contribute to the academic development and intellectual growth of the user?

  4. In selecting new material, we will consider all types of genre/content/form, etc. without any bias towards a specific genre/content/form, etc. However, the material can be rejected or withheld during the selection process in the following cases:
  5. ① Materials that does not serve the purpose of academic/intellectual development & exploration (textbooks for license tests, etc.)
    ② Materials that are focused on recreational purposes, and have no (or little) academic value.
    ③ Materials that are not suitable for a university library (i.e., cartoons, children’s books, fantasy novels, etc.)

    ※ Exceptions can be made, however, in case where the academic value of the material has been proved, or when the material is included in the school’s education/research curriculum, etc.

  6. Materials that could help the user discover new cultural/artistic/emotional values may also be selected. However, the selection of such material can be limited in some cases (i.e., lack of budget, balance of library collection, etc.)

  7. ※ When a certain material is excluded or rejected during the selection process based on the standards above, users (and applicants) may request a review by attaching/submitting additional data that could support their request. Examples of the ‘supporting data’ are as follows.

    – The original full text of bibliographic information of the article/data (critique, academic paper, book review, etc.) that could prove the academic/collectible value of the material
    – Data related to the research/education courses of Korea Univ. (syllabus, etc.)
    – Or any other articles/material that can be referred to during the review process

  8. The selection of electronic resources (e-Journal, Web DB, etc.) and continuing resources (Academic Journals, Cultural Magazines, etc.) will be performed according to a separate guideline & standards.
    Korea Univ. Electronic Resource & Continuing Resource Selection Guide
  9. Material/Book Purchase Request Form

Inquiries (Material/Book Selection & Request)

Type Department in Charge e-mail Phone
Publications & Non-books Collection Development & Management Dept. choiyi@korea.ac.kr 02-3290-1471
Electronic Resource lib-jg@korea.ac.kr 02-3290-1473
E-Book, Continuing Resource wjdyejin@korea.ac.kr 02-3290-1474