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Mission of Korea Univ. Library

An intellectual community to preserve the intellectual heritage of mankind,
knowledge & information for the international community, education, and research.


Our mission is to collect, organize,and preserve the intellectual heritage of mankind to spread and share meaningful knowledge & information for the international community.

In addition, we must fulfill our role and mission as a intellectual space for communication and a service provider that actively responds to the needs and demands of the members of Korea Univ. and the intellectual community for better education and research.

Values of Korea Univ. Library


We will light the fire of FREEDOM

Establishment of a next-generation library that allows the users to learn and research through FREE THINKING


We will run the path of JUSTICE.

Korea Univ. Library, an intellectual space where justice prevails, and the righteous people can realize the joy of learning.


We will PROTECT the fountain of truth

A library that focuses on preserving the fountain of truth and knowledge.

Strengths of Korea Univ. Library



We have successfully developed/implemented our own automated academic research information system that ensures a high level of academic expertise and sustainability, breaking away from the existing ‘list-type Web Academic Information Service.’ The academic research information system is a customized service that collects, analyzes, and organizes a wide range of up-to-date academic research information so that the researchers can easily and conveniently gain access to the information needed for academic research.


An OPEN LIBRARY accessible throughout the entire campus 24/7 – Implementation of a QUICK & CONVENIENT SERVICE

For the first time in Korea, we have established an RFID system network that covers the entire campus, allowing the users to overcome realistic constraints (time & space) of library use. Through the RFID automation system, the members of Korea Univ. can gain access to the materials 24/7 without visiting the library in person.


Korea’s largest OLD BOOK COLLECTION + Establishment of a PROFESSIONAL PRESERVATION SYSTEM – Valuable asset for future generations

The Korea Univ. Library is an institution that owns the largest collection of academic resources (more than 3 million) in Korea. In particular, we own more than 120,000 old books that are published in the three East Asian countries (Korea, China, Japan) during the pre-modern era, and also possesses the largest cultural heritage collection in Korea, including a large number of treasures and designated cultural assets. The Korea Univ. Library is doing our best to digitally archive valuable historical assets, and we are the only institution in Korea that repairs/preserves historical cultural assets through a traditional lining method to pass on valuable intellectual & cultural assets of mankind to the future generation.