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Korea Univ. Library Electronic Resources & Continuing Resource Selection Guide


In order to improve the expertise of the library’s information resources, the library shall establish subscription standards of electronic resources & continuing resource, which are the main information resources required for academic research. The standards of electronic resources & continuing resource (referred to as ‘academic resources’) collection shall be determined and implemented as follows.

Definition of Electronic Resources & Continuing Resource

  • Electronic Resources
  • Refers to academic materials that are produced and distributed in a digital form (i.e., e-Journal, e-Book, Web DB). Electronic Resources can be viewed through personal terminals such as computers and tablet PCs

  • Continuing Resource
  • Refers to materials that are continuously published on a regular/irregular basis. (i.e., printed journals, cultural magazines, newspapers (daily), etc.)

Procedures of the Application (Subscription/Purchase) & Selection of Electronic Resources & Continuing Resource

  • The user shall fill out and submit the “Electronic/Continuing Resource Purchase/Subscription Request Form” (HWP , PDF)to the department in charge after getting signature/seal from a professor in charge or the department chair.
  • However, in case of e-Books, the procedure will follow the process of ‘Publication Purchase Request.’ Purchase Request

  • Guideline for Submitting Applications for the Subscription of Library Electronic Resources & Continuing Resource
Material Type Department in Charge E-mail Phone
Electronic Resources Collection Development & Management Dept. lib-jg@korea.ac.kr 02-3290-1473
Continuing Resource wjdyejin@korea.ac.kr 02-3290-1474

  • Electronic Resources by Subject Area (Material Guideline & Usage Training, etc.)
Subject Type Department in Charge E-mail Phone
Humanities/Natural Science/Engineering Research Information Curation Services Dept. hymok@korea.ac.kr 02-3290-4228
Law Collection Maintenance & Learning Services Dept. yjlee77777@korea.ac.kr 02-3290-1505

  • In principle, electronic resources and continuing resources should be subscribed on an annual basis, and applications must be received by September 30th to renew the subscription for another year.

  • However, in case of an urgent need to subscribe to a specific material, the subscription request may be reviewed during the semester when an official letter of request (written by the dean of a college, etc.,) is sent to the head of the library along with an official application form.

  • After the application is submitted, a budget inspection and a propriety evaluation of the purchase/subscription of the electronic resources/continuous resource will be completed. Then, the final decision will be made before the end of December by the ‘Selection Committee,’ chaired by the head of the library (Library Director). Finally, the results shall be notified to the applicant.

Criteria & Principles for Material Selection

  • Electronic resources and continuing resource subscribed/purchased by Korea Univ. Library must comply with the standards presented in the ““Korea Univ. Library Material Selection Guide””Materials with great academic value and expertise that could support the research & education curriculum of Korea Univ. will be prioritized.

  • The following criteria and principles will be applied regarding the selection of electronic resources and continuing resource.

Criteria & Principles for Selecting Electronic Resources & Continuing Resource
Peer Reviewed Journal Priority Principle In the case of Electronic Resources and Continuing Resource, the priority shall be on Peer Reviewed Journals, which revers to professional academic resources that have been evaluated by experts in the field.
Index DB-listed Journal Priority Principle
    In principle, academic resources listed in major index DBs shall be prioritized, and the priority order are as follows:
  • Tier 1: Academic Resources listed in SCI(E), SSCI, A&HCI, ERIH Category A
  • Tier 2: Academic Resources listed in SCOPUS, ERIH Category B & C
  • Tier 3: Academic Resources listed in KCI
  • Tier 4: Academic Resources of academic nature that are not listed in the index DB
  • * However, this priority order is provisional, and the priorities might be changed if a specific journal is proved to have significant academic value / expertise.
Prioritize the Expertise & Influence of Academic Resources
  • If multiple academic resources in the same academic discipline have to be optionally subscribed, subscribe to a Journal which has a higher Impact Factor (IF), according to the statistics provided by JCR (Journal Citation Reports)
  • However, this principle is not applied to Review Journals or Abstract Journals.
Consideration of Equity among Subjects/Majors/Departments
  • The priorities for selecting academic resources may be adjusted to ensure that materials with the same or similar subject won’t be subscribed at the same time based on the annual subscription fees of the academic resource
  • If an academic resource that has already been requested has the same/similar subject with existing subscribed resources, the applicant must include a comparison & opinion on the preference of the resource in the application form.
Form (Electronic / Printed) of Academic Resources & Duplicate Subscription
  • In principle, the subscription type of academic resources shall reflect the applicants’ request, and various factors such as archive availability, subscription fee, and budget conditions will also be considered.
  • In principle, electronic resources shall be selected first when the subscription conditions (by type) are identical. The library shall not make a duplicate subscription to the same material (electronic & printed)
  • However, if the cost of subscribing to printed journals is less than 20% of the cost of electronic resources subscription, or if the material is regarded as a Core Journal in the field with a high academic value, additional subscriptions can be made for preservation purposes.
Academic Resources that are obtainable through DDS
  • New subscriptions of academic resources that can be obtained through the DDS from other institutions (academic journals of each field that are owned by the “FRIC”) may be put on hold.
Subscription of Non-academic resources
  • In the case of non-academic resources (such as cultural materials), we will review the subscription of the material if we constantly receive applications from a large group of users.
  • However, if the subject is not suitable as library service material or not suitable for use by a large number of users, it will be excluded from the selection process.
  • Academic materials will always be prioritized over non-academic materials.

  • To reduce subscription costs and ensure the stability of supply, the library shall subscribe to materials that are introduced through a domestic joint purchase consortium or a university license.
  • Before making a subscription, the library can prioritize the reviewing of materials that provides a pilot service, and the amount of online usage during the trial period may be reflected in the decision-making process of the selection of academic resources.
  • Library Electronic Resources & Continuous Resource Subscription Form – HWP PDF