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Libraries Staff Directory

Departments Title Name Position Telephone E-mail
Director Seog Young-joong   3290-1432 seog@korea.ac.kr
Assistant Director        
Library Planning & Administration Dept Executive Manager Jeong Eun-joo Head of Department 3290-1470 mareta@korea.ac.kr
Assistant Manager Gook Jong-gun Administrative Work (Planning), Development Funds 3290-1480 lib-jg@korea.ac.kr
Assistant Manager Park Hyo-jin Administrative Work (Document/Budget) 3290-1484 ppakyo@korea.ac.kr
Collection Development & Management Dept. Executive Manager Jeong Eun-joo Head of Department 3290-1490 mareta@korea.ac.kr
General Manager Kang Jum-soon Collection – Publication/Non-book 3290-1471 kangjs@korea.ac.kr
Manager Kim Da-young Collection – Electronic Resources, Collection Planning 3290-1473 perijoy@korea.ac.kr
  Jang Yu-bin Collection – E-books, Continuing Resource, Administrative Work 3290-1494 yubinj@korea.ac.kr
  Lee Joo-yeon Collection – Donated Resource, Thesis/Dissertation 3290-1472 ljyeon@korea.ac.kr
  Yoon Min-hye Data Organization – Bibliography Management, Authority Management 3290-1475 yoonmh@korea.ac.kr
Collection Maintenance & Learning Services Dept. Executive Manager Hong Seon-pyo Head of Department 3290-1500 210411@korea.ac.kr
  Song Min-jeong Main Library Information – RFID Automation Equipment, Easy Loan/Reservation/Branch Loan 3290-1486 mj_song@korea.ac.kr
  Yoon So-hyeon Main Library Information – Return, Annual Fee, Library ID Card, Services for the Disabled, Carrel 3290-1491/1492 yksad@korea.ac.kr
  Oh Sang-yup Main Library Information – Nightly/Saturday Service 3290-1492 erain5@korea.ac.kr
Choi Ha-yan Main Library #1 Archive – Journal Management/Operation, Foreign Research Information Center (FRIC) Administrative/Planning 3290-1498 chy5922@korea.ac.kr
  Choi Ye-eun Main Library #1 Archive – FRIC DDS 3290-1489 2yeni@korea.ac.kr
  Jo Woo-ryeong Main Library #1 Archive – DDS, Journal Management 3290-1493 dnfud456@korea.ac.kr
  Kwon Han-seul Main Library #1 Archive – FRIC Journal Management, Nightly/Saturday Service 3290-1489 sweetxiah11@korea.ac.kr
  Hwang Ha-jin Main Library #2 Archive – Interlibrary Loan, Collection Management, Designated Books/Restricted Books/Rare Books Management 3290-1494 gkwlsxn77@korea.ac.kr
  Kim Yun-kyung Main Library #3 Archive – Conservation & Restoration, Collection Management (#3 Archive/Western Book Library/Preserved Book Library) 3290-1502 cnr-yun@korea.ac.kr
  Kweon Jae-yeon Main Library #2/#3 Archive – Nightly/Saturday Service 3290-1494 rnjswodus14@korea.ac.kr
General Manager Goo Ja-gook International Organization Archive – Magazines/Thesis & Dissertation Library/Management of Cultural 3290-1499/1506 kjk@korea.ac.kr
General Manager Park Whi-woong Law Information Room – Law Library Planning, Journal/Electronic Resource Management 3290-1505 neopark@korea.ac.kr
  Lee Ye-jin Law Library/Preservation Library – Operation of Law Library, Loan/Return, Designated Books/Collection Management, Operation of Facilities/Reading Room 3290-1508 yjlee77777@korea.ac.kr
  Park Na-young Law Library – Nightly/Saturday Service 3290-1507 slsk0101@korea.ac.kr
Assistant Manager Koo Ja-hoon Graduate School Data Center – Old Book Collection Planning, Old Book DB, Valuable Book Management, Facility Management 3290-1503 dmafks@korea.ac.kr
Assistant Manager Han Min-sup Graduate School Hanjeok Room – Old Book Viewing Service, Bibliographic Introductoin of Old Books 3290-1501 laolin@korea.ac.kr
  Park Sang-ho Graduate School Book Preservation Room – Old Book Lining/Restoration, Old Book Preservation 3290-1504 601010@korea.ac.kr
  Lee Moon-hyung Planning/Administrative Work, Management of Working Scholarship Students/Facilities/Equipment, Open Library, Reading Room 3290-1509 mtb0908@korea.ac.kr
Library Infrastructure Services Dept. Executive Manager Jo Jong-min Head of Department, Planning/Management of Facility Operation System 3290-2780 chojm@korea.ac.kr
  Jang Cheol-min Centennial Samsung Hall Multimedia Room – CDL Operation, Operation System (APP), dCollection 3290-2784 nateon76@korea.ac.kr
  Kim Seong-mi Centennial Samsung Hall Multimedia Room – C-Lounge, MM Reading, Facility/Equipment, CDL Administration, Nightly-Saturday Service 3290-2783 ksm1014@korea.ac.kr
Assistant Manager Shin Hee-jin Computerized Library Planning, Academic Information System (LAS/DL), Statistics 3290-2781 clark77@korea.ac.kr
  Park Jeong-jin Homepage/Web Development, Contents Management, Computer Equipment/Security/DBMS Management 3290-2782/2785 parkj2@korea.ac.kr
  Park Tae-joon CCL – CCL Operation, Production of Multimedia Contents 3290-2795 rocknraptj@korea.ac.kr
  Jo Kyung-eun CCL – Public Relations, Administrative Work 3290-2794 kejo087@korea.ac.kr
  Kang Ji-hee CCL – CCL Operation, Management of Facility/Equipment, Nightly/Saturday Service 3290-2797 jheek@korea.ac.kr
Research Information Curation Services Dept. Executive Manager Lee Sang-oh Head of Department 3290-4220 mls3562@korea.ac.kr
General Manager Lee Hyeon-jae Sci-Info – Planning, Publication, Non-book, Electronic Resources, Service for the Disabled, Science Library Safety Management 3290-4222/4225 present@korea.ac.kr
Manager Lee Kyung-moon Planning (Space/Service), Electronic Resources (Science/General), SICS (Economics), University Education Innovation Support Business 3290-4223 kyungmoon@korea.ac.kr
Manager Kim Young-ki Development/Planning of SICS System, SICS (Computer), Administrative Work (Document/Budget) 3290-4227 ykkim99@korea.ac.kr
Kim Yu-rim Development/Management of SICS System, SICS (Media) 3290-4224 yurimm@korea.ac.kr
  Mok Hwa-yeon SICS (Language, Administration, Psychology), Planning of Information Use Training Programs, Reference (Liberal Arts) 3290-4228 hymok@korea.ac.kr
  Hwang Ah-young SICS (Education), Information Use Training Program (Natural Science), Reference (Natural Science), Serial Publications, Turnitin/Paper Submission 3290-4226 hayv0116@korea.ac.kr
  Hong Sung-hee SICS (Political Science & IR), Interlibrary Loan/DDS, Science Library Facility/Operation System, University Education Innovation Support Project 3290-4221 mmmpty@korea.ac.kr
  Kim Kang-wook Sci-Info – Nightly/Saturday Service, Serial Publication Viewing Service, Designated Books, Reference Books 3290-4222 fbird00@korea.ac.kr,
  Min Hye-young Sci-Info – Nightly/Saturday Service, Open Library, Annual Fee, Library ID Cards 3290-4219 mylooky@korea.ac.kr