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Research Ethics

What is Research Ethics?

Values or norms that researchers should understand and practice throughout the entire course of their research.
Source : [NRF] Research Ethics 1010 for Up-and-coming Researchers p.10

Research Misconduct

Unfaithful acts such as fabrication, falsification, plagiarism, unfair authorship, duplicate publication, etc. that occurs throughout the entire research process (proposal of research, report/presentation of research results, evaluation of research, etc.)
Type Definition
Fabrication The act of falsely producing data/research results that does not exist.
Falsification Distortion of the research results by artificially manipulating or deleting the materials/equipment used for the research or the process of the research (‘deleting’ refers to the act of deliberately excluding data that goes against the expected research results, while only using favorable data)
Plagiarism The act of using publications, ideas, hypotheses, theories, etc. of others, which are protected by copyright, without due approval or any reference.
Unfair Authorship The act of NOT adding a person who has made an academic contribution to the research content or result as an author of the paper without any justifiable reasons, or adding a person who made no academic contributions to the research as an author of the paper.
Duplicate Publication Re-submitting and publishing a paper, which has already been published in another journal, in a different journal with the identical (or almost identical) text without informing the editors or the readers about the existence of one’s already published paper.

Source : Korea Univ. Research Ethics Regulations (Guideline) (2020) Article 27

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