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  • The library provides various educational programs to enhance the ability to use information needed for learning and research.
  • The application lecture will be held through consultation with the librarian in advance, so please contact us at least two weeks in advance.
  • The regular program is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and there is no additional application after the period. If you are absent, please cancel the application in the Personal Education Application list.

Type of instruction

Type Participants Contents
Regular program All Korea Univ. members Regular programs are provide by monthly or semester.
Refer to the education calendar page for program content and schedule. Log in and apply for personally.
Class Support Education Class students This program is for undergraduate or graduate students.
Application for the program can be through the course registration page on the website.
This program will be conducted online, after receipt and approval.
Special program All Korea Univ. members It is a irregular program such as invitation and lectures by domestic and foreign authors.
Refer to the education calendar page for program content and schedule. Log in and apply for personally.

Workshops Program

Workshops Contents
Academic Database Passport How to use Passport
(Global Market Research Database)
Reaxys How to use Reaxys
(Chemical Database)
Scopus How to use Scopus
(Abstract Citation Index Database)
Scival How to use Scival
(Research Analysis Database: Research competitiveness analysis / papers Impact Factor / journal Impact Factor / researchers’ Impact Factor, etc)
SciFinderⁿ How to use SciFinder
(Scientific data and patent chemical information Database)
Reference Management Tools EndNote_Basic How to use EndNote
(Introduction / Installation / Basic use training on key functions)
EndNote_Advanced How to use EndNote
(Reference setting / Reference management / Reference modification)
Mendeley Reference Manager How to use Mendeley Reference Manager
(Reference Management Tools)
Plagiarism Prevention Tools Turnitin How to use Turnitin
(Similarity Check Solution, Prevention of plagiarism)
iThenticate How to use iThenticate
(Similarity checking tool to prevent plagiarism)
Search strategy Basic Search Strategy for Academic Research Data Basic course on how to utilize electronic library information and services for beginners of research. (recommended for new graduate students)
Dissertations How to write a master’s or doctoral thesis It is an education on various topics necessary for graduate students, such as how to write master’s and doctorate thesis research plans and how to write English thesis.
Overseas Journal Editor Invitation Workshop Writing English papers and posting strategies for international journals.

* Basically, the Workshop is conducted in Korean.

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