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Library Card & Annual Membership


Graduates and Graduate Students (including graduates of Special Graduate Schools) who wish to use the library.



    2) Deposit Annual Fee
    3) Renewal of the period after checking the deposit confirmation and application(It takes 1 to 2 days, Request 1~2 days before renewal date)
    4) Service available after checking renewal completed text message
    ※ The library usage period can be renewed by 6 months or 1 year from the date of application(If the existing annual fee remains, it will be renewed from the following day)
    ※ Those who are about to graduate in the current semester may apply after February 25th / August 25th due to academic status linkage issues.


Annual Fee : 6 Months 50,000 Won / 1 Year 100,000 Won

  • Deposit Account 1 : 391-904466-64937 (Hana Bank – Anam)
  • Deposit Account 2 : 670-910018-43505 (Hana Bank – Sejong)
  • If your main purpose is to use the Main/Science/Medical Library, please deposit the annual fee to Account 1. If your main purpose is to use the Sejong Academic Information Center, please deposit the annual fee to Account 2
    ※ You can renew your usage period or apply for usage at the main desk of the branch where the annual membership fee has been paid.
    ※ You will be able to enter all libraries inside the campus after the annual fee payment & renewal of usage period are completed
  • Enter the Student No. (or Name) + 6 digits of Birth Date in the ‘Details to be Shown in the Recipient’s Bankbook.’
  • ( For example: 2019010010 or Honggildong950305 )
    ※ In principle, the annual fee cannot be refunded after the renewal of library usage period is completed.


Services Available

The following library services are available after completing the payment of the annual fee.
  • Material/Book Use : Book/Material Loan (10 Books/up to 15 Days ; can be extended once) + User Services (Book Reservation, Branch Loan, Easy Loan, etc.)
  • Facility Use : Access to all library facilities (Reading Room, Group study Room, etc. However, Reading rooms operated outside the library building are operated in accordance with school policy, and may not be accessible)
  • ※ Off Campus Access is anavailable
    ※ You can’t use ILL(Inter Library Loan) and DDS(Document Delivery Service) – If you want that service, you can use the service by subscribing to RISS as a general user



  • The service provided may be changed or reduced according to library operation policy
  • The Annual Membership System is a separate system which is not related to the issuance of a Library Pass (Smart Card). Therefore, if necessary, the user must pay both the card issuance fee and the annual subscription fee in order to use the library >> Shortcut to Library Card Issuance
  • If the book is overdue, the loan will be suspended for a period of twice the number of overdue days from the book of return.
  • If book is lost or damaged, it must be reimbursed with the same book. If it is out of print, it must be reimbursed with the books designated by the library.
  • The library may not be transferred to another person, in such cases, the use of the library may be restricted or the membership may be revoked.
  • In case of violation of the Regulations on the Use of Libraries, Library access is restricted or annual membership is canceled.
  • In the event of cancellation of annual membership due to a violation of the transfer or use regulations, annual membership fees will not be refunded.


Contact Us

  • Main Library 1F Information : 02-3290-1492
  • Sejong Academic Information Center 2F Integrated Loan Room : 044-860-1808