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Reading Old Books

Access Request (Old Books/Valuable Books)

This page is used when you wish to gain access to original copies of old books/valuable books owned by the school library. Search the data, check the collection information, and click the ‘Request for Access’ icon on the Service tab.



  • School members who can login to the library using their library ID


Accessible Materials

  • Old Books / Valuable Books owned by the Main Library / Hanjeok Archive


# of Books / Accessible Time

  • Max. 5 Books per user
  • Weekdays: 10 AM – 12 AM (Noon), 1 PM – 5 PM (Time might change during vacation)


How to Request for Access > Library Homepage > Find&Borrow > Research > Reading Old Books > Request & Current Status (Old Books/Valuable Books)

①  Login → Search on [Request for Access] → Select Data/Material → Request Complete
②  Search on the library website/integrated search → Check Collection Information → Click on the ‘Request for Access (Old Books/Valuable Books)’ icon on the Service tab → Login


Precautions (Application)

① Members of the school can login to the library and use this service. External users can apply by e-mail by using the form attached below.
② You can also apply for valuable books, serial publications (old magazines), Yookdang publications, etc. through e-mail by using the form attached below.
③ Printing of original DB can also be requested via e-mail by using the form attached below.


Precautions (During Use)

① Please make the request until the day before (5 PM) you wish to view the book/material so we could prepare the book/material.
② You cannot copy or scan the original material since it might cause damage to the material. Photographs are allowed but must receive permission.
③ Old Books are not subject to services such as interlibrary loans or DDS. All users must visit the library in person to view these books/materials.


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