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FRIC (Foreign Research Information Center)

The FRIC (Foreign Research Information Center) is a part of a national project implemented by the Ministry of Education and KERIS (Korea Educational Research Information Service) to ‘prevent overlapping subscriptions of foreign journals by institution, and create a solid infrastructural foundation to enable the strategic use of foreign academic information.’ As a part of this project, various base centers are providing free DDS of foreign academic journals of.

Currently, a total of 10 base centers are being operated (each center covers different academic fields), and the Korea University FRIC is designated and being operated as a ‘Humanities Center.’

Korea University’s FRIC provides free DDS (copy fee, postage fee) for foreign academic papers/journals (philosophy, religion, language, literature, history) owned by the school.



  • Members of Korea Univ. + Academic Researchers in the field of humanities & liberal arts (outside of Korea Univ.) (# of uses: No limit)


Scope of Data/Material

  • Foreign academic journals (philosophy, religion, language, history) owned by Korea Univ. FRIC & Korea Univ. Library Download Academic Journal List
  • Subscription Recommendation Letter for New Academic Journals Download Recommendation Letter
  • Users can recommend the subscription of new academic journals (humanities, liberal arts) that are not currently subscribed (However, only prestigious journals that are listed in A&HCI / ERIH)


How to Use

1. Application through RISS (Research Information Sharing Service)

① Sign up for membership on the RISS website (RISS, http://www.riss.kr) (Individual Membership & User Authentication required)
② Search for new Materials/Data
③ See if the ‘Owned Institution’ is 『[Free] Korea Univ. FRIC (Humanities)』 > 『Apply for Copy/Loan』
④ Apply after selecting the shipping method & provider (institution)
-Shipping Method (Days Required): Choose one from ‘Regular Mail’ (4~6 days), ‘Fax’ (1~2 days), ‘Institution Shipping’ (1~2 days)
-Owned Library: Select [Free]Korea Univ. FRIC
⑤ You can check your application status/current status in ‘My RISS.’


2. Application through Library Homepage or FRIC Integrated Webpage

<Library Homepage>
① Enter Library Homepage (http://library.korea.ac.kr/)
② Search Journal > ‘Details’ screen > Click 『FRIC Free DDS (Korea Univ.)』 > Move to RISS page (Then, go through 1-③,④,⑤ (RISS application))

<FRIC Homepage>
① Enter FRIC Homepage (http://www.fric.kr)
② Search for the data/material using the ‘FRIC Integrated Search’ > > Select 『Korea Univ. FRIC (Humanities)』 as ‘Owned Institution’
> Choose the Data/Material you were searching for >Move to RISS page (Then, go through 1-③,④,⑤ (RISS application))


3. E-mail / Fax Application Download Application Form

Fill out the DDS application form and apply by sending the form via E-mail (fric@korea.ac.kr) or Fax (02-929-7051)


4. In-Person Application

Apply by visiting the Korea Univ. FRIC (Main Library 2F)


Introduction of 10 Centers by Subject Area (Field)


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