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일반대학원 학위논문 리스트

인문 / 사회계 Department of Business Administration Department of Economics and Statistics Department of Economics Department of Archaeology and Art History Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Department of Education Department of Korean Language Education Department of Korean Language and Literature Department of Corporate Management Department of Russian Language and Literature
Department of German Language and Literature Department of Digital Management Department of Creative Writing Department of Media and Communication Department of Law
Department of North Korean Studies Department of French Language and Literature Department of History Department of Social Welfare Department of Sociology
Department Spanish Language and Literature Department of Food and Resource Economics Department of Psychology Department of Linguistics Department of English Education
Department of English Language and Literature Department of Public Policy Department of Political Science and International Relations Department of Chinese&Japanese Language and Literature Department of Geography
Department of Philosophy Department of Statistics Department of Korean History
자연과학계 Department of Accelerator Science Agricultural Biology Department of Crop Science Agricultural Chemistry Department of Physics
Department of Biotechnology Department of Life Sciences Department of Human Ecology Department of Mathematics Department of Plant Biotechnology
Department of Advanced Materials Chemistry Department of Pharmacy Horticulture Science Animal Science Department of Applied Physics
Department of Applied Mathematics Department of Applied Statistics Forest Resources Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences Department of Computer and Information Science
Department of Chemistry Department of Environmental Science & Ecological Engineering
공학계 Department of Civil,Environmental and Architectural Engineering Department of Architecture Department of Mechanical Engineering Department of Brain and Cognitive Engineering Department of industrial Management Engineering
Department of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Department of Smart Convergence Department of Food and Biotechnology Department of Materials Science and Engineering Department of Applied Electronic
Department of Artificial Intelligence Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of Cyber Security Department of Control and Instrumentation Engineering Department of Superconductivity
Department of Computer Science and Engineering Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Department of Environmental Engineering
예체능계 Department of Art and Design Department of Physical Education
학과간 협동과정 Classics Translation Program in Science & Technology Studies Department of Financial Engineering Program in Urban Regeneration Department of Micro/Nano Systems
Mechatronics Interdisciplinary Program in Cultural Heritage Studies Micro Device Engineering Biomicro System Technology Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Bioinformatics
Comparative Literature & Comparative Culture Visual Culture Visual Information Processing Program in Converging Technology Systems and Standardization Applied Linguistics and Culture Studies
Program in Bio-medical Science Creative Convergence Design Telecommunication System Technology Program in Environmental Technology and Policy
계약학과 Department of IT Convergence Department of Nano Photonics Engineering Department of Semiconductor Systems Engineering Department of Automotive Convergence

특수대학원 학위논문 리스트

경영정보대학원 Business Management Management Law Management Information Economic Policy International Business
Financial Economy Marketing·Production Organization Management Computer Information System Electronic Information
Accounting & Finance
공학대학원 Architectural Engineering Global Construction Engineering Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering Industrial Engineering
Industrial Design Smart Manufacturing Materials Science and Engineering Materials Science Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering
Electronics and Computer Engineering Electronics and Communication Engineering Radio Science and Engineering Intellectual Property Chemistry Engineering
Environmental Engineering
교육대학원 Home Economics Education Nursing Education Educational Methods Educational Information System Educational Administration and Higher Education
Education of Korean Language Corporate Education Ethical Education Physics Education Art Education
Education of Industrial Psychology Counseling Psychology Education Biology Education Mathematics Education History Education
English Language Education Special Education for the Gifted Students Gifted and Special Education Early Childhood Education Social Studies Education
Japanese Language Education Earth Science Education Geography Education Education of Philosophy Physical Education
Computer Science Education Lifelong Education Korean Language Education as a Foreign Language Classical Chinese Education Chemistry Education
노동대학원 Labor Economics Labor Law Labor Welfare and Policy Labor Relations Human Resource Management
문화스포츠대학원 Department of Sport Business
미디어대학원 Department of Advertising & PR Broadcasting & Visual Arts Mass Communications Department of Journalism & New Media Telecommunication
법무대학원 Police Law Antitrust and Consumer Protection Law International Economic Law International Business Transation and Trade Law Financial Law
Civil Procedure Law Medical Jurisprudence Tax Law Local Administration Law Intellectual Property
생명환경과학대학원 Department of Climatic Environment Department of Molecular Diagnostic Biomedicine Department of Forest Resources Department of Life Science and Natural Resources Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Department of Crop Science Department of Food Bioscience and Technology Department of Food and Resource Economics Food and Chemistry Department of Horticulture and Bio-Technology
Department of Applied Economics Department of Food Crops Soil Science and Fertilizer Department of Environmental Science and Ecological Engineering Department of Environmental Resources
Environmental Chemistry Enzyme?Engineering
의용과학대학원 Life and Food Science Department of Sports Medicine Sport Technology Industry Food and Biotechnology Department of Medical Imaging Engineering
Biomedical Science and Engineering Department of Biomedical Department of Medical Physics
인문정보대학원 Department of Literature and Art Cultural Resource Management Social Welfare Department of English Translation Chinese Translation
Department of Chinese Language Teaching Department of Korean Language & Literature
정책대학원 Public Audit and Inspection Administration Economic Policy Public Safety Administration International Relations Human Settlement Economics
Data Information Science Municipal and Local Administration Social Security Administration Asian Pacific Studies Public Finance and Tax Policy
Public Relations and Advertising
컴퓨터정보통신대학원 Department of Digital Information & Media Engineering Multimedia Engineering Department of Big Data Convergence Department of Software Engineering Department of Software Security
Department of Applied Artificial Intelligence Department of Computer & Communication Engineering Computer Engineering
행정대학원 Department of Economics and Quality Policy Studies Department of International Commerce