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Hwangsung Newspaper(皇城新聞) Hwangseong Sinmun – A daily newspaper that has been founded on September 5, 1898 (2nd Year of Gwangmu) by Gung-eok and Na Soo-yeon after they obtained the rights of Daehan Hwangseong Sinmun. Yoo Geun, Park Eun-sik, and Jang Ji-yeon were the main writers of the newspaper. It was a newspaper owned by private capital. The newspaper was written in Korean-Chinese text, and it consistently maintained a patriotic tone on social issues. The newspaper was suspended by the Japanese due to an anti-Japanese editorial written by Jang Ji-yeon ‘Siil ya pangsŏng taegok’, which stood up against the signing of the Eulsa Treaty. In 1910, the name of the newspaper was forcibly changed to ‘Hanseung Shinmun,’ and it was eventually closed on September 14, 1910, right after they have published Issue No. 3740. http://ko.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hwangsung Newspaper Korea University Libraries provides a selection of Hwangsung Newspaper dailies that have been collected from National Palace Museum of Korea and Yonsei University Library.
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