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Search & Borrow & Return

Loan (Data/Material)

  • After finding the material/data that you want in each library, you can identify yourself using your ID card (student card, staff card) and borrow the material/data at the automated loan/return machine
  • However, you can only loan/return attached materials at the main desk of each library.

# of Materials you can loan at once + Maximum loan period

Type # of Books Loan Period Renewal Period
Undergraduates 20 Books 15 Days 15 Days(1-time)
Graduate Student, Exchange Student (Graduate School), Staff Members 40 Books 30 Days 30 Days(3-times)
Teachers/Professors (Full-time, Part-time, Instructors, Emeritus Professors) 60 Books 90 Days 90 Days(3-times)
Annual Subscribers (Users who pay an annual fee), Exchange Students (Undergraduates, Foreign) 10 Books 15 Days 15 Days(1-time)
※ When the scheduled return date is a public (legal) holiday or a regular day off, the return date will be postponed to the next day.


Renewal of Loan Period

  • You can renew the loan period in [My Space – Loan/Reservation Status].
  • The renewal of the loan period is possible five days before the scheduled returned date, only if there is no current reservation made on the material. (The ‘Renewal Loan Period’ button will be activated only if the conditions above are met)



  • RFID Automation System (Automatic Return, Smart Loan/Return Machine, Self Loan/Return Machine)
  • *However, exclude ‘attached materials’ and materials from Sejong Academic Information Center.
  • Main Desk of Each Library
  • Return through Delivery Service (COD unavailable)
  • * Address: Seoul, Seongbuk-gu, Anam-ro 145, Korea University Main Library 1F Information Center

    (However, the library is not responsible for any problems that occur during the delivery process.)


Overdue / Penalties

  • You will be suspended from borrowing other books/materials if you fail to return the borrowed books/materials in due time. (i.e., 5 days late = Cannot borrow other books/materials for 5 days)(In the case where you have failed to return multiple books within the scheduled return date, the book/material that has been overdue for the longest time will be the standard for your penalty)
  • If you have lost or damaged a book during your loan and failed to pay the replacement fine within the scheduled return date, you will also be suspended form borrowing other books/materials for a certain amount of time. (i.e., 5 days late = Cannot borrow other books/materials for 5 days)
  • However, ‘Annual Subscribers’ (users who pay an annual fee) will be suspended twice longer than normal users. (i.e., 5 days late = Cannot borrow other books/materials for 10 days)
  • If you have failed to return the overdue book/material for over 30+ days, you will be suspended from entering the library and using library facilities until you return the book/material.


Reimbursement (Replacement Fine)

  • If you have seriously harmed the value of a book/material (by losing or damaging the book/material), you must pay a replacement fine (equal to the price of the lost/damaged book).
  • Used books are NOT ACCEPTED. However, if the book/material is currently out of print, you must replace it with a book/material designated by our staff member.