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[Academic Information] Nature Master Class at KU Lecture on Writing English Research Papers

Graduate School
2023-11-27 15:14
The Graduate School Innovation Center is hosting a lecture on how to write a research paper for graduate students by a professional lecturer from the international journal, Nature. 

We hope many interested students will participate.


1. Overview

    A. Title: Nature Master Class at KU

    B. Lecturer: Jeffrey Robens (Lead Trainer & Senior Editorial Development Manager)

    C. Schedule:




Lecture Topic


4thof December


Maximizing Discoverability



Navigating Editorial Decisions and Peer Review

   D. Method: Online and Offline (Hana Sqaure B112)


2. To Apply

    A. For: All graduate students interested in writing english research papers.

    B. Method: Hybrid format of online and offline <refreshments will be provided for offline participants>

  C. How to Apply

      1) Online application (required): Apply through the link below

           ① 12PM Lecture: forms.gle/Xxs1xgNmYWTeuESC6

           ② 5PM Lecture: forms.gle/umTrD97P9h32ZpkFA


      2) Offline Attendance: Hana Sqaure B112

           ③ Offline Attendance Survey: forms.gle/cV6Vht6fx8mzHoaZ9

 You can apply for more than one lecture.

 Please check your email. The link to access the lecture and the workbook download address will be sent to the email address that you have provided in your application.

 Please note that there is a limit of 250 participants per lecture, and only students who are able to attend must apply.

 Students who wish to participate offline must respond to the  Offline Participation Survey, for us to determine the number of refreshments to purchase.

 Students who plan to participate offline must also apply online.

     Ex.) Lecture at 12:00 Maximizing Discoverability Students who wish to participate offline should reply to both  and  links.


3. Inquiries

Graduate School Innovation Team, Graduate Innovation Center graduate_BK21@korea.ac.kr / 02-3290-5264