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[학술정보] The Shakespeare Collection 서비스 중단 및 대체 자원 이용 안내

2020-11-12 11:43

The Shakespeare Collection 이 저작권 및 판권 이슈로 인해 서비스 중단됨에 따라

대체 이용가능한 데이터베이스(Gale eBooks 및 Gale Literature)를 안내해드립니다.


(기존) The Shakespeare Collection

(대체) Gale eBooks(구GVRL)

(대체) Gale Literature Resource Center

Shakespearean Criticism

135 Vol. & +4,200 critical essays


193 Vol. +4,200 essays 

Literature Criticism



Shakespearean Criticism  8 Criticism Series 제공


86 titles(35 active full text + 22 non-active full text + 25 index only)


403 titles(302 active full text + 181 non-active full text) 
32 active full text + 20 non-active full text 

Dictionary of Literary Biography

DLB Volume 263


Volume 1-376

Twayne's English Authors

William Shakespeare: The Tragedies

William Shakespeare: The Comedies

William Shakespeare: The Romances

William Shakespeare: Sonnets and Poems

William Shakespeare: The Problem Plays

William Shakespeare: The History Plays

모든 Vol. 제공

Encyclopedia of the Renaissance

6 Vol.

유사 타이틀 제공
The Renaissance: An Encyclopedia for Students, 4 vols. (9780684314242)


Additional Biographies on Shakespeare's Contemporaries and Actors and Directors

Over 398 biographies on Shakespearean Actors and Directors and over 100 biographies on Shakespeare's Contemporaries.


향후 추가 예정

Prompt Books

Over 200 Prompt Books, Actors' copies of works with stage directions and notes


향후 추가 예정

Historical Editions

The First Folio; 29 Quartos; 181 Historical Editions


향후 추가 예정

Gordon Crosse Diaries

A record of 500+ plays spanning over 60 years


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