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The Sage handbook of comparative studies in education

The Sage handbook of comparative studies in education (1회 대출)

Suter, Larry. Smith, Emma, (Professor). Denman, Brian D.
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The Sage handbook of comparative studies in education / edited by Larry E. Suter, Emma Smith, Brian D. Denman.
Thousand Oaks, CA :   SAGE reference,   2019.  
xlviii, 634 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Comparative education --Research.
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245 0 4 ▼a The Sage handbook of comparative studies in education / ▼c edited by Larry E. Suter, Emma Smith, Brian D. Denman.
246 3 0 ▼a Comparative studies in education
260 ▼a Thousand Oaks, CA : ▼b SAGE reference, ▼c 2019.
264 1 ▼a Thousand Oaks, CA : ▼b SAGE Inc., ▼c 2019.
300 ▼a xlviii, 634 p. : ▼b ill. ; ▼c 26 cm.
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504 ▼a Includes bibliographical references and index.
650 0 ▼a Comparative education ▼x Research.
700 1 ▼a Suter, Larry.
700 1 ▼a Smith, Emma, ▼c (Professor).
700 1 ▼a Denman, Brian D.
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No. 1 소장처 중앙도서관/서고6층/ 청구기호 370.9 S129 등록번호 111855914 도서상태 대출가능 반납예정일 예약 서비스 B M



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Larry E. Suter(엮은이)

Brian D. Denman(엮은이)

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Preface - Larry E. Suter
Methods and Practice in Comparative Education Research: Models, Ontologies and Epistemologies - Larry E. Suter, Emma Smith and Brian Denman
Part 1: The Status of Comparative Education Research
Chapter 1: The Status of Comparative Education Research in the 21st Century: An Empiricists View - Larry E. Suter
Chapter 2: Critical Challenges in Approaches and Experience in Comparative Education Research - Brian D. Denman
Chapter 3: Enduring Issues in Education: Comparative Perspectives - Wing On Lee
Chapter 4: Riddled with Gaping Wounds: A Methodological Critique of Comparative and International Studies in Education: Views of a Professor - Rui Yang
Part 2: Measurement Methods in Comparative Education Research
Chapter 5: Challenges in International Large-Scale Educational Surveys - Fons J. R. van de Vijver, Nina Jude, Susanne Kuger
Chapter 6: Non-Cognitive Attributes: Measurement and Meaning - Mary Ainley and John Ainley
Chapter 7: Methodological Challenges to Measuring Heterogeneous Populations Internationally - Leslie Rutkowski and David Rutkowski
Chapter 8: The Participation of Latin American Countries in International Assessments: Assessment Capacity, Validity, and Fairness - Guirimo Solano-Flores
Chapter 9: Validity Issues in Qualitative and Quantitative Research of Cross-National Studies - Jae Park
Chapter 10: Mixed Methods in Education: Visualising the Quality of Quantitative Data - David A. Turner
Part 3: Research Practices in Comparative Studies of Education
Chapter 11: Growth and Development of Large-scale International Comparative Studies and their Influence on Comparative Education Thinking - Larry E. Suter
Chapter 12: The Meaning of Motivation to Learn in Cross-National Comparisons: A Review of Recent International Research on Ability, Self-concept, and Interest - Ming-Te Wang, Jessica L. Degol, Jiesi Guo
Chapter 13: Examining Change over Time in International Large-Scale Assessments: Lessons Learned from PISA - Christine Salzer and Manfred Prenzel
Chapter 14: Qualitative Comparative Education Research: Perennial Issues, New Approaches and Good Practice - Michele Schweisfurth
Chapter 15: Methodological Challenges in Conducting International Research on Teaching Quality Using Standardized Observations - Anna-Katharina Praetorius, Wida Rogh, Courtney Bell and Eckhard Klieme
Chapter 16: The Measurement and Use of Socioeconomic Status in Educational Research - J. Douglas Willlms & Lucia Tramonte
Part 4: Lessons from International Comparisons of Student Behaviors
Chapter 17: Early Childhood Care and Education in the Era of Sustainable Development: Balancing Local and Global Priorities - Abbie Raikes, Dawn Davis and Anna Burton
Chapter 18: Equity of Access to Pre-Primary Education and Long-Term Benefits: A Cross- Country Analysis - Gerard Ferrer-Esteban, Larry Suter and Monica Mincu
Chapter 19: Primary Education Curricula across the World: Qualitative and Quantitative Methodology in International Comparison - Dominic Wyse & Jacob Anders
Chapter 20: Outside-School-Time Activities and Shadow Education - Siyuan Feng & Mark Bray
Chapter 21: Measuring Opportunity: Two Perspectives on the "Black Box" of School Learning - Leland S. Cogan and William H. Schmidt
Chapter 22: What Can International Comparative Tests Tell Us about the Future Supply of Highly Skilled STEM Workers? - Larry E. Suter and Emma Smith
Part 5: International comparisons of Instruction
Chapter 23: Comparative Research on Teacher Learning Communities in a Global Context - Motoko Akiba, Cassandra Howard and Guodong Liang
Chapter 24: Teaching Instructional Practices: Play-Based Learning - Supporting the Transition from Early Years to Primary Education - Tanya Hathaway
Chapter 25: Challenges in Practice: A Critical Examination of Efforts to Link Teacher Practices and Student Achievement - Laura O''Dwyer and Catherine Paolucci
Chapter 26: Global Higher Education Trends: Implications for Policy and Practice - Christopher C. Blakesley, Donna J. Menke and W. James Jacob
Chapter 27: Digital Technologies and Educational Transformation - Nancy Law and Leming Liang
Chapter 28: International Large-scale Student Assessments and Their Impact on National School Reforms - Gustavo E. Fischman, Pasi Sahlberg, Iveta Silova and Amelia Marcetti Topper
Part 6: Influence of Large-Scale Assessments on Policy
Chapter 29: Changes in the World-wide Distribution of Large-Scale International Assessments - Larry E. Suter
Chapter 30: The Uneasy Relation Between International Testing and Comparative Education Research - Martin Carnoy
Chapter 31:Global and Local Dissonance when Comparing Nation-States and Educational Performance - Colin Power
Chapter 32: Building Learning Assessment Systems in Latin America and the Caribbean - Adriana Viteri and Pablo Zoido

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