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Payment methods and finance for international trade

Payment methods and finance for international trade

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Payment methods and finance for international trade / Sang Man Kim.
Singapor :   Springer,   c2021.  
xv, 224 p. ; 24 cm.
9789811570384 9811570388 9789811570391 (eBook) 9811570396 (eBook)
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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245 1 0 ▼a Payment methods and finance for international trade / ▼c Sang Man Kim.
260 ▼a Singapor : ▼b Springer, ▼c c2021.
300 ▼a xv, 224 p. ; ▼c 24 cm.
504 ▼a Includes bibliographical references and index.
900 1 0 ▼a Kim, Sang Man.
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Sang Man Kim(지은이)

· Professor at Duksung Women’s University (Dept. of International Trade) · Attorney at Law (State of New York, U.S.A.) · Former Deputy Director (Korea Trade Insurance Corporation) · B.A. Law (Korea University) · M.D. International Business Transaction Law (Korea University) · LLM. American Law (University of Minnesota Law School) · Ph.D. Commercial Law (Korea University) · Arbitrator (Korean Commercial Arbitration Board) · Mediator (Korean Commercial Arbitration Board/Seoul Central District Court) · Member (ICC Korea International Finance Commission) · CITF(Certificate in International Trade & Finance, London Institute of Banking & Finance) (International Publications) · The Fraud Exception in a Documentary Credit under Korean Law (The Banking Law Journal, 2019) · Negotiating Bank in a Documentary Credit (The Banking Law Journal, 2020) · The Legal Effect of the Unknown Clause in a Bill of Lading under the International Rules (North Carolina Journal of International Law, University of North Carolina, 2016) · World Shipbuilding Industry and Export Credit Insurances for Ship Exports: Focusing Korea’s Export Credit Insurances (International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research, Serials, 2017) · Use of Zeroing in the W-T Comparison Methodology and Targeted Dumping (United States ? Anti-dumping Measures on Large Residential Washers from Korea (DS464)) (Journal of Korea Trade, Emerald, 2017) · Is Export Credit Insurance Countervailable Subsidy under the SCM Agreement? (Focusing on EC-Countervailing Measures on DRAM Chips from Korea (DS299)) (International Journal of Economic and Research, Serials, 2017) · Why is a Refund Guarantee Independent from a Shipbuilding Contract? (International Journal of Economic Research, Serials, 2017) · Flag of Convenience in the Context of the OECD BEPS Package (Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce, Jefferson Law Book Co., 2018) · Case Study on Fraud in Export Credit Insurance for Export Financing against Account Receivables (Global Trade and Customs Journal, Wolters Kluwer, 2019) · The Supreme Court of Korea’s Decisions on the Fraud Exception in a Demand Guarantee (Journal of Korea Trade, 2015) · Can a Change of Circumstances Qualify as an Impediment under Article 79 of the CISG (Chinese Journal of International Law, Oxford Academic Press, 2019) · Reduction Clause in an Advance Payment Guarantee (AP-Bond) under an Overseas Construction Contract (Journal of Korea Trade, Emerald, 2019) · A Guide to Financing Mechanisms in International Business Transactions (Cambridge Scholars, 2019)

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Chapter 1 Introduction to International Trade1. Concept of international trade

2. Purposes of international trade

3. Characteristics of international trade

4. Risks in international trade

Chapter 2 International Trade Contracts

1. Concept of a contract

2. Formation of a contract

3. Performance of a contract

Chapter 3 Documents for International Trade

1. Introduction

2. Commercial documents

3. Financial documents

Chapter 4 Overview of Payment Methods

1. Introduction

2. Basic types of payment method

Chapter 5 Payment in Advance (Cash in Advance)

1. Introduction

2. Operation of a payment in advance

3. Advantages/disadvantages

Chapter 6 Open Account

1. Introduction

2. Operation of an open account

3. Features and advantages/disadvantages

Chapter 7 Documentary Collection

1. Introduction

2. Operation of a documentary collection

3. Features and advantages/disadvantages

4. The Uniform Rules for Collections

Chapter 8 Documentary Credits

1. Introduction

2. Operation of a documentary credit

3. Various types of a credit

4. Independence principle and fraud exception

5. Issuing a documentary credit through SWIFT

Chapter 9 UCP and L/C Examples

1. UCP

2. Examples of L/C

Chapter 10 Other Payment Methods

1. Bank payment obligation (BPO)

2. Consignment

3. Netting

Chapter 11 Independent Guarantee (demand guarantee, standby L/C)

1. Introduction

2. Types of independent guarantees

3. Independence principle and fraud exception

Chapter 12 Trade Finance for International Sale of Goods

1. Introduction

2. Export working capital financing (for pre-shipment)

3. Negotiation (or purchase) of bills of exchange

4. Export factoring (International factoring)

5. International forfaiting

Chapter 13 Financing an Overseas Construction

1. Introduction

2. Supplier credit and buyer credit

3 Project finance

4 Syndicated loans

Chapter 14 Export Credit Insurance or Guarantee

1. Introduction

2. Main types of export credit insurance or guarantee

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