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Photoswitching proteins : methods and protocols

Photoswitching proteins : methods and protocols

Niopek, Dominik.
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Photoswitching proteins : methods and protocols / edited by Dominik Niopek.
New York :   Humana Press :   Springer,   c2020.  
xi, 287 p. : ill. (chiefly col.) ; 27 cm.
Springer protocols
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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245 0 0 ▼a Photoswitching proteins : ▼b methods and protocols / ▼c edited by Dominik Niopek.
260 ▼a New York : ▼b Humana Press : ▼b Springer, ▼c c2020.
300 ▼a xi, 287 p. : ▼b ill. (chiefly col.) ; ▼c 27 cm.
490 1 ▼a Springer protocols
490 1 ▼a Methods in molecular biology, ▼x 1064-3745 ; ▼v 2173
504 ▼a Includes bibliographical references and index.
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No. 1 소장처 과학도서관/Sci-Info(2층서고)/ 청구기호 612.8 P575 등록번호 121255893 도서상태 대출가능 반납예정일 예약 서비스 B M



1. Studying Neuronal Function Ex Vivo using Optogenetic Stimulation and Patch Clamp

Ayla Aksoy-Aksel, Julien Genty, Martin Zeller, and Ingrid Ehrlich

2. Optogenetic Techniques for Probing G Protein-Coupled Receptor Signaling

Nohely Abreu and Joshua Levitz

3. Melanopsin for Time-Controlling Activation of Astrocyte-Neuron Networks

Sara Mederos, Candela Gonzalez-Arias, and Gertrudis Perea

4. Near-infrared Deep Brain Stimulation in Living Mice

Shuo Chen

5. Lab-scale Production of Recombinant Adeno-associated Viruses (AAV) for Expression of Optogenetic Elements

Janina Haar, Chiara Kramer, and Dirk Grimm

6. AAV-mediated Gene Delivery to Foveal Cones

Stephane Bertin, Elena Brazhnikova, Celine Jaillard, Jose-Alain Sahel, and Deniz Dalkara

7. Engineering Optogenetic Protein Analogs

Bei Liu, Daniel J. Marston, and Klaus M. Hahn

8. Optogenetic Control of Nucleocytoplasmic Protein Transport

Daniel Weis and Barbara Di Ventura

9. CRISPR Labeling Light-inducible

Mareike D. Hoffmann, Felix Bubeck, and Dominik Niopek

10. Optogenetic Control of Gene Expression using Cryptochrome 2 and a Light-activated Degron

Carmen N. Hernandez-Candia and Chandra L. Tucker

11. Optogenetic Downregulation of Protein Levels to Control Programmed Cell Death in Mammalian Cells with a Dual Blue-Light Switch

Patrick Fischbach, Patrick Gonschorek, Julia Baaske, Jamie A. Davies, Wilfried Weber, and Matias D. Zurbriggen

12. Tracing Reversible Light-induced Chromatin Binding with Near-infrared Fluorescent Proteins Anne Rademacher, Fabian Erdel, Jorge Trojanowski, and Karsten Rippe

13. Construction of a Multiwell Light-induction Platform for Traceless Control of Gene Expression in Mammalian Cells

Maysam Mansouri, Samson Lichtenstein, Tobias Strittmatter, Peter Buchmann, and Martin Fussenegger

14. Dual-activation of cAMP Production through Photo-Stimulation or Chemical Stimulation

Nyla Naim, Jeff M. Reece, Xuefeng Zhang, and Daniel L. Altschuler

15. Synthesis of a Light-controlled Phytochrome-based Extracellular Matrix with Reversibly Adjustable Mechanical Properties

Maximilian Hoerner, Philipp Hoess, Ramona Emig, Balder Rebmann, and Wilfried Weber

16. Design and Application of Light-regulated Receptor Tyrosine Kinases

Stephanie Kainrath and Harald Janovjak

17. All-optical Miniaturized Co-culture Assay of Voltage-gated Ca2+ Channels

Viviana Agus and Harald Janovjak

18. Optogenetics and CRISPR: A New Relationship Built to Last

Jan Mathony, Mareike Daniela Hoffmann, and Dominik Niopek

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