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Black mirror and critical media theory

Black mirror and critical media theory (2회 대출)

Cirucci, Angela M. Vacker, Barry.
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Black mirror and critical media theory / edited by Angela M. Cirucci and Barry Vacker.
Lanham :   Lexington Books,   c2018.  
xiii, 260 p. ; 24 cm.
9781498573535 (cloth : alk. paper)
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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020 ▼a 9781498573535 (cloth : alk. paper)
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245 0 0 ▼a Black mirror and critical media theory / ▼c edited by Angela M. Cirucci and Barry Vacker.
260 ▼a Lanham : ▼b Lexington Books, ▼c c2018.
300 ▼a xiii, 260 p. ; ▼c 24 cm.
504 ▼a Includes bibliographical references and index.
630 0 0 ▼a Black mirror (Television program).
700 1 ▼a Cirucci, Angela M.
700 1 ▼a Vacker, Barry.
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No. 1 소장처 중앙도서관/서고7층/ 청구기호 791.4572 B6292 등록번호 111834373 도서상태 대출중 반납예정일 2021-10-23 예약 예약가능 R 서비스 M




Section 1: Human Identity

Chapter 1: Race, Cyborgs, and the Pitfalls of Biopolitical Discourse in Black Mirror''s "Men Against Fire"
Diana Leon-Boys and Morten Stinus Kristensen
Chapter 2: Digitally Natural: Gender and Sexuality Norms in Black Mirror
Angela M. Cirucci
Chapter 3: A Virtual Ever-After: Utopia, Race, and Gender in Black Mirror''s "San Junipero"
Eleanor Drage

Section 2: Surveillance Culture

Chapter 4: Black Mirror''s "Nosedive" as a new Panopticon: Interveillance and Digital Parrhesia in Alternative Realities
Francois Allard-Huver and Julie Escurignan
Chapter 5: All Eyes on Me: Surveillance and the Digital Archive in "The Entire History of You"
Derek R. Blackwell
Chapter 6: Seeing the "Surveillant Face" of Technology in Black Mirror: Using Futuristic Scenarios for an Interdisciplinary Discussion on the Feasibility and Implications of Technology
Pinelopi Troullinou and Mathieu d''Aquin

Section 3: The Spectacle and Hyperreality

Chapter 7: Waldo Wins IRL: Donald Trump, Black Mirror, and the Politics of Jean Baudrillard''s Hyperreal
Michael Mario Albrecht
Chapter 8: Why Black Mirror is Really Written by Jean Baudrillard: A Philosophical Interpretation of Charlie Brooker''s Series
Manel Jimenez-Morales and Marta Lopera-Marmol
Chapter 9: Spectacular Tech-Nightmare: Broadcasting Guy Debord
Fernando Gabriel Pagnoni Berns

Section 4: Aesthetics

Chapter 10: Rhetorical Ethics in Black Mirror: The Aesthetics of Existence in Hyperreality and Posthumanity
Hillary A. Jones
Chapter 11: The Hysterical Sublime: Black Mirror, "Playtest," and the Crises of the Present
Matthew Flisfeder
Chapter 12: Black Mirror, White Spaces: Nihilism, Enlightenment, and Technology
Barry Vacker and Erin Espelie

Section 5: Technology and Existence

Chapter 13: Over-Extended Media: Hashtag Hatred and Domestic Drones
Julia M. Hildebrand
Chapter 14: Unbearable Burden: Discipline, Punishment, and Moral Dystopia in Black Mirror''s "White Bear"
Osei Alleyne
Chapter 15: The Entire Evolution of Media: A Media Ecological Approach to Black Mirror
Carlos A. Scolari

Section 6: Dystopian Futures

Chapter 16: Heterotopias and Utopias in Black Mirror: Michel Foucault on "San Junipero"
Sarah J. Constant
Chapter 17: Trapped in Dystopian Techno Realities: Nosediving into Simulation through Consumptive Viewing
Erika M. Thomas and Romin Rajan
Chapter 18: The Dystopia of the Spectator: Past Revival and Acceleration of Time in Black Mirror ("The Entire History of You" and "Be Right Back")
Macarena Urzua Opazo and Antoine Faure

Conclusion: Connecting Our Themes to Season Four and the Future

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