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Advances in multimedia information processing : PCM 2005 : 6th Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia, Jeju Island, Korea, November 13-16, 2005 : proceedings

Advances in multimedia information processing : PCM 2005 : 6th Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia, Jeju Island, Korea, November 13-16, 2005 : proceedings

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Ho, Yo-Sung. Kim, Hyoung Joong, 1954-.
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Advances in multimedia information processing : PCM 2005 : 6th Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia, Jeju Island, Korea, November 13-16, 2005 : proceedings / Yo-Sung Ho, Hyoung Joong Kim (eds.).
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Berlin ;   New York :   Springer,   c2005.  
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2 v. : ill. ; 24 cm+ 1 CD-ROM.
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Lecture notes in computer science,0302-9743 ; 3767-3768
3540300279 (v. 1) 9783540300274 (v. 1) 3540300406 (v. 2) 9783540300403 (v. 2)
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Also issued online.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Also issued online.  
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Multimedia systems --Congresses.
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090 ▼a 006.7 ▼b I22a ▼c 6
111 2 ▼a IEEE Pacific Rim Conference on Multimedia ▼n (6th : ▼d 2005 : ▼c Cheju-do, Korea)
245 1 0 ▼a Advances in multimedia information processing : ▼b PCM 2005 : 6th Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia, Jeju Island, Korea, November 13-16, 2005 : proceedings / ▼c Yo-Sung Ho, Hyoung Joong Kim (eds.).
246 3 0 ▼a PCM 2005
246 3 0 ▼a 6th Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia
246 3 ▼a Sixth Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia
246 3 0 ▼a Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia
260 ▼a Berlin ; ▼a New York : ▼b Springer, ▼c c2005.
300 ▼a 2 v. : ▼b ill. ; ▼c 24 cm+ ▼e 1 CD-ROM.
490 1 ▼a Lecture notes in computer science, ▼x 0302-9743 ; ▼v 3767-3768
504 ▼a Includes bibliographical references and index.
530 ▼a Also issued online.
650 0 ▼a Multimedia systems ▼v Congresses.
700 1 ▼a Ho, Yo-Sung.
700 1 ▼a Kim, Hyoung Joong, ▼d 1954-.
830 0 ▼a Lecture notes in computer science ; ▼v 3767-3768.
945 ▼a KLPA

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New Panoramic Image Generation Based on Modeling of Vignetting and Illumination Effects.- Virtual Object Placement in Video for Augmented Reality.- Realtime Control for Motion Creation of 3D Avatars.- Environment Matting of Transparent Objects Based on Frequency-Domain Analysis.- Adaptation of Quadric Metric Simplification to MPEG-4 Animated Object.- Progressive Lower Trees of Wavelet Coefficients: Efficient Spatial and SNR Scalable Coding of 3D Models.- An Adaptive Quantization Scheme for Efficient Texture Coordinate Compression in MPEG 3DMC.- Special Effects: Efficient and Scalable Encoding of the 3D Metamorphosis Animation with MeshGrid.- Hardware Accelerated Image-Based Rendering with Compressed Surface Light Fields and Multiresolution Geometry.- Adaptive Vertex Chasing for the Lossless Geometry Coding of 3D Meshes.- Analysis and Performance Evaluation of Flexible Marcoblock Ordering for H.264 Video Transmission over Packet-Lossy Networks.- Motion Perception Based Adaptive Quantization for Video Coding.- Hybrid Deblocking Algorithm for Block-Based Low Bit Rate Coded Images.- A Cross-Resolution Leaky Prediction Scheme for In-Band Wavelet Video Coding with Spatial Scalability.- Efficient Intra Prediction Mode Decision for H.264 Video.- Optimum Quantization Parameters for Mode Decision in Scalable Extension of H.264/AVC Video Codec.- A Metadata Model for Event Notification on Interactive Broadcasting Service.- Target Advertisement Service Using TV Viewers'' Profile Inference.- Personalized TV Services and T-Learning Based on TV-Anytime Metadata.- Metadata Generation and Distribution for Live Programs on Broadcasting-Telecommunication Linkage Services.- Data Broadcast Metadata Based on PMCP for Open Interface to a DTV Data Server.- Super-resolution Sharpening-Demosaicking with Spatially Adaptive Total-Variation Image Regularization.- Gradient Based Image Completion by Solving Poisson Equation.- Predictive Directional Rectangular Zonal Search for Digital Multimedia Processor.- Motion Field Refinement and Region-Based Motion Segmentation.- Motion Adaptive De-interlacing with Horizontal and Vertical Motions Detection.- All-in-Focus Image Generation by Merging Multiple Differently Focused Images in Three-Dimensional Frequency Domain.- Free-Hand Stroke Based NURBS Surface for Sketching and Deforming 3D Contents.- Redeeming Valleys and Ridges for Line-Drawing.- Interactive Rembrandt Lighting Design.- Image-Based Generation of Facial Skin Texture with Make-Up.- Responsive Multimedia System for Virtual Storytelling.- Communication and Control of a Home Robot Using a Mobile Phone.- Real-Time Stereo Using Foreground Segmentation and Hierarchical Disparity Estimation.- Multi-view Video Coding Using Illumination Change-Adaptive Motion Estimation and 2-D Direct Mode.- Fast Ray-Space Interpolation with Depth Discontinuity Preserving for Free Viewpoint Video System.- Haptic Interaction with Depth Video Media.- A Framework for Multi-view Video Coding Using Layered Depth Images.- A Proxy-Based Distributed Approach for Reliable Content Sharing Among UPnP-Enabled Home Networks.- Adaptive Distributed Video Coding for Video Applications in Ad-Hoc Networks.- High Speed JPEG Coder Based on Modularized and Pipelined Architecture with Distributed Control.- Efficient Distribution of Feature Parameters for Speech Recognition in Network Environments.- Magnitude-Sign Split Quantization for Bandwidth Scalable Wideband Speech Codec.- Self-timed Interconnect with Layered Interface Based on Distributed and Modularized Control for Multimedia SoCs.- Enhanced Downhill Simplex Search for Fast Video Motion Estimation.- Camera Motion Detection in Video Sequences Using Motion Cooccurrences.- A Hybrid Motion Compensated 3-D Video Coding System for Blocking Artifacts Reduction.- Fast Panoramic Image Generation Method Using Morphological Corner Detection.- Generation of 3D Building Model Using 3D Line Detection Scheme Based on Line Fitting of Elevation Data.- Segmentation of the Liver Using the Deformable Contour Method on CT Images.- Radial Projection: A Feature Extraction Method for Topographical Shapes.- A Robust Text Segmentation Approach in Complex Background Based on Multiple Constraints.- Specularity-Free Projection on Nonplanar Surface.- Salient Feature Selection for Visual Concept Learning.- Contourlet Image Coding Based on Adjusted SPIHT.- Using Bitstream Structure Descriptions for the Exploitation of Multi-layered Temporal Scalability in H.264/AVC''s Base Specification.- Efficient Control for the Distortion Incurred by Dropping DCT Coefficients in Compressed Domain.- Kalman Filter Based Error Resilience for H.264 Motion Vector Recovery.- High Efficient Context-Based Variable Length Coding with Parallel Orientation.- Texture Coordinate Compression for 3-D Mesh Models Using Texture Image Rearrangement.- Classification of Audio Signals Using Gradient-Based Fuzzy c-Means Algorithm with Divergence Measure.- Variable Bit Quantization for Virtual Source Location Information in Spatial Audio Coding.- The Realtime Method Based on Audio Scenegraph for 3D Sound Rendering.- Dual-Domain Quantization for Transform Coding of Speech and Audio Signals.- A Multi-channel Audio Compression Method with Virtual Source Location Information.- A System for Detecting and Tracking Internet News Event.- A Video Summarization Method for Basketball Game.- Improvement of Commercial Boundary Detection Using Audiovisual Features.- Automatic Dissolve Detection Scheme Based on Visual Rhythm Spectrum.- A Study on the Relation Between the Frame Pruning and the Robust Speaker Identification with Multivariate t-Distribution.- Auto-summarization of Multimedia Meeting Records Based on Accessing Log.- Towards a High-Level Audio Framework for Video Retrieval Combining Conceptual Descriptions and Fully-Automated Processes.- A New Concept of Security Camera Monitoring with Privacy Protection by Masking Moving Objects.- Feature Fusion-Based Multiple People Tracking.- Extracting the Movement of Lip and Tongue During Articulation.- A Scheme for Ball Detection and Tracking in Broadcast Soccer Video.- A Shape-Based Retrieval Scheme for Leaf Images.- Lung Detection by Using Geodesic Active Contour Model Based on Characteristics of Lung Parenchyma Region.- Improved Automatic Liver Segmentation of a Contrast Enhanced CT Image.- Automated Detection of Tumors in Mammograms Using Two Segments for Classification.- Registration of Brain MR Images Using Feature Information of Structural Elements.- Cyber Surgery: Parameterized Mesh for Multi-modal Surgery Simulation.- Image Retrieval Based on Co-occurrence Matrix Using Block Classification Characteristics.- Automatic Generation of the Initial Query Set for CBIR on the Mobile Web.- Classification of MPEG Video Content Using Divergence Measure with Data Covariance.- Image Retrieval Using Spatial Color and Edge Detection.- Understanding Multimedia Document Semantics for Cross-Media Retrieval.- Multimedia Retrieval from a Large Number of Sources in a Ubiquitous Environment.


Efficient Cache Management for QoS Adaptive Multimedia Streaming Services.- An Effective Failure Recovery Mechanism with Pipeline Computing in Clustered-Based VOD Servers.- Dynamic and Scalable Caching Algorithm of Proxy Server for Multiple Videos.- Dynamic Adaptive Architecture for Self-adaptation in VideoConferencing System.- Scalable and Reliable Overlay Multicast Network for Live Media Streaming.- Apollon : File System Level Support for QoS Augmented I/O.- Seamless Video Streaming for Video on Demand Services in Vertical Handoff.- MPEG-4 FGS Video Traffic Model and Its Application in Simulations for Layered Video Multicast.- Dynamic Voltage Scaling for Real-Time Scheduling of Multimedia Tasks.- Class Renegotiating Mechanism for Guaranteed End-to-End QoS over DiffServ Networks.- Secure and Efficient ID-Based Group Key Agreement Fitted for Pay-TV.- A Method of Generating Table of Contents for Educational Videos.- Study of Inter-effect and Behavior of Multimedia Traffic in a QoS-Enabled Communication Network.- Broadcast Synchronizing System Using Audio Watermark.- Realistic Broadcasting Using Multi-modal Immersive Media.- Client System for Realistic Broadcasting: A First Prototype.- Proposal of Cooperative Transmission for the Uplink of TDD-CDMA Systems.- A Novel Scheduler for 1xEV-DO Type System Supporting Diverse Multimedia Traffics.- Proposal of Space-Time Block Coded Cooperative Wireless Transmission in Rayleigh Fading Channels.- Downlink Packet Scheduling Based on Channel Condition for Multimedia Services of Mobile Users in OFDMA-TDD.- An Efficient Channel Tracking Method for OFDM Based High Mobility Wireless Multimedia System.- A Novel Key Management and Distribution Solution for Secure Video Multicast.- A Robust Method for Data Hiding in Color Images.- A Color Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Magic Cube Transformation and Modular Arithmetic Operation.- Selective Video Encryption Based on Advanced Video Coding.- Key Frame Extraction Based on Shot Coverage and Distortion.- Secret Message Location Steganalysis Based on Local Coherences of Hue.- Feature-Based Image Watermarking Method Using Scale-Invariant Keypoints.- Watermarking NURBS Surfaces.- Digital Watermarking Based on Three-Dimensional Wavelet Transform for Video Data.- Using Space-Time Coding for Watermarking of Three-Dimensional Triangle Mesh.- Perceptually Tuned Auto-correlation Based Video Watermarking Using Independent Component Analysis.- Invertible Watermarking Scheme for Authentication and Integrity.- Adaptive Congestion Control Scheme Based on DCCP for Wireless/Mobile Access Networks.- SARS : A Linear Source Model Based Adaptive Rate-Control Scheme for TCP-Friendly Real-Time MPEG-4 Video Streaming.- Evaluation of a Crossover Router Based QoS Mechanism in Fast Mobile IPv6 Networks.- Adaptive and QoS Downlink Multimedia Packet Scheduling for Broadband Wireless Systems.- A Practical Multicast Transmission Control Method for Multi-channel HDTV IP Broadcasting System.- MEET : Multicast Debugging Toolkit with End-to-End Packet Trace.- Traffic Management for Video Streaming Service over Diff-Serv.- Scalable and Adaptive QoS Mapping Control Framework for Packet Video Delivery.- A Frame-Layer Rate Control Algorithm for H.264 Using Rate-Dependent Mode Selection.- TCP-Friendly Congestion Control over Heterogeneous Wired/Wireless IP Network.- A Balanced Revenue-Based Resource Sharing Scheme for Advance and Immediate Reservations.- Sequential Mesh Coding Using Wave Partitioning.- Dimension-Reduction Technique for MPEG-7 Audio Descriptors.- Design of an Asynchronous Switch Based on Butterfly Fat-Tree for Network-on-Chip Applications.- Adaptive Deinterlacing for Real-Time Applications.- Adaptive MAP High-Resolution Image Reconstruction Algorithm Using Local Statistics.- Energy-Efficient Cooperative Image Processing in Video Sensor Networks.- Mathematical PSNR Prediction Model Between Compressed Normal Maps and Rendered 3D Images.- Fast Adaptive Skin Detection in JPEG Images.- Effective Blocking Artifact Reduction Using Classification of Block Boundary Area.- Adaptive Rate-Distortion Optimization for H.264.- Directional Lifting-Based Wavelet Transform for Multiple Description Image Coding with Quincunx Segmentation.- Non-periodic Frame Refreshment Based on the Uncertainty Models of the Reference Frames.- Color Quantization of Digital Images.- Directional Feature Detection and Correspondence.- An Improvement of Dead Reckoning Algorithm Using Kalman Filter for Minimizing Network Traffic of 3D On-Line Games.- IRED Gun: Infrared LED Tracking System for Game Interface.- On the Implementation of Gentle Phone's Function Based on PSOLA Algorithm.- A Novel Blind Equalizer Based on Dual-Mode MCMA and DD Algorithm.- Robust Secret Key Based Authentication Scheme Using Smart Cards.- A Dynamically Configurable Multimedia Middleware.- Adaptive VoIP Smoothing of Pareto Traffic Based on Optimal E-Model Quality.- Indoor Scene Reconstruction Using a Projection-Based Registration Technique of Multi-view Depth Images.- Image-Based Relighting in Dynamic Scenes.- Stippling Technique Based on Color Analysis.- Photometry Data Coding for Three-Dimensional Mesh Models Using Connectivity and Geometry Information.- Adaptation of MPEG-4 BIFS Scenes into MPEG-4 LASeR Scenes in MPEG-21 DIA Framework.- Performance Evaluation of H.264 Mapping Strategies over IEEE 802.11e WLAN for Robust Video Streaming.- Reducing Spatial Resolution for MPEG-2 to H.264/AVC Transcoding.- Low-Bitrate Video Quality Enhancement by Frame Rate Up-Conversion and Adaptive Frame Encoding.- Face Recognition Using Neighborhood Preserving Projections.- An Efficient Virtual Aesthetic Surgery Model Based on 2D Color Photograph.- Automatic Photo Indexing Based on Person Identity.- Bayesian Colorization Using MRF Color Image Modeling.- An Efficient Player for MPEG-4 Contents on a Mobile Device.- Conversion Mechanism of XMT into SMIL in MPEG-4 System.- Two-Channel-Based Noise Reduction in a Complex Spectrum Plane for Hands-Free Communication System.- An Efficient Classifier Fusion for Face Recognition Including Varying Illumination.- Illumination Invariant Feature Selection for Face Recognition.- Specular Removal Using CL-Projection.- Oriental Color-Ink Model Based Painterly Rendering for Realtime Application.- An Adjusted-Q Digital Graphic Equalizer Employing Opposite Filters.- Interactive Transfer of Human Facial Color.- Panoramic Mesh Model Generation from Multiple Range Data for Indoor Scene Reconstruction.- A Novel Low Latency Packet Scheduling Scheme for Broadband Networks.- Creative Cartoon Face Synthesis System for Mobile Entertainment.- Concept and Construction of the Caddy Robot.- Rapid Algorithms for MPEG-2 to H.264 Transcoding.- A New Method for Controlling Smoke's Shape.- A Scene Change Detection in H.264/AVC Compression Domain.

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