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Swarm intelligence

Swarm intelligence

Material type
Personal Author
Tan, Ying, 1964-.
Title Statement
Swarm intelligence / edited by Ying Tan.
Publication, Distribution, etc
Stevenage, Herts, United Kingdom :   Institution of Engineering and Technology,   2018.  
Physical Medium
3 v. : ill. ; 24 cm.
9781785616334 (set) 1785616331 (set) 9781785616273 (hbk. : v. 1) 1785616277 (hbk. : v. 1) 9781785616297 (hbk. : v. 2) 1785616293 (hbk. : v. 2) 9781785616310 (hbk. : v. 3) 1785616315 (hbk. : v. 3)
Content Notes
Volume 1. Principles, current algorithms and methods -- Volume 2. Innovation, new algorithms and methods -- Volume 3. Applications.
Bibliography, Etc. Note
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Subject Added Entry-Topical Term
Swarm intelligence. Computer algorithms.
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015 ▼a GBB8E8426 ▼2 bnb
020 ▼a 9781785616334 (set)
020 ▼a 1785616331 (set)
020 ▼a 9781785616273 (hbk. : v. 1)
020 ▼a 1785616277 (hbk. : v. 1)
020 ▼a 9781785616297 (hbk. : v. 2)
020 ▼a 1785616293 (hbk. : v. 2)
020 ▼a 9781785616310 (hbk. : v. 3)
020 ▼a 1785616315 (hbk. : v. 3)
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245 0 0 ▼a Swarm intelligence / ▼c edited by Ying Tan.
260 ▼a Stevenage, Herts, United Kingdom : ▼b Institution of Engineering and Technology, ▼c 2018.
300 ▼a 3 v. : ▼b ill. ; ▼c 24 cm.
504 ▼a Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
505 0 0 ▼g Volume 1. ▼t Principles, current algorithms and methods -- ▼g Volume 2. ▼t Innovation, new algorithms and methods -- ▼g Volume 3. ▼t Applications.
650 0 ▼a Swarm intelligence.
650 0 ▼a Computer algorithms.
700 1 ▼a Tan, Ying, ▼d 1964-.
945 ▼a KLPA

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Contents information

Table of Contents

Volume 1

Chapter 1: Survey of swarm intelligence
Chapter 2: Generalization ability of swarm intelligence algorithms
Chapter 3: A unifying framework for swarm intelligence-based hybrid algorithms
Chapter 4: Ant colony systems for optimization problems in dynamic environments
Chapter 5: Ant colony optimization for dynamic combinatorial optimization problems
Chapter 6: Comparison of multidimensional swarm embedding techniques by potential fields
Chapter 7: Inertia weight control strategies for PSO algorithms
Chapter 8: Robot path planning using swarms of active particles
Chapter 9: MAHM: a PSO-based multiagent architecture for hybridisation of metaheuristics
Chapter 10: The critical state in particle swarm optimisation
Chapter 11: Bounded distributed flocking control of nonholonomic mobile robots
Chapter 12: Swarming in forestry environments: collective exploration and network deployment
Chapter 13: Guiding swarm behavior by soft control
Chapter 14: Agreeing to disagree: synergies between particle swarm optimisation and complex networks
Chapter 15: Ant colony algorithms for the travelling salesman problem and the quadratic assignment problem
Chapter 16: A review of particle swarm optimization for multimodal problems
Chapter 17: Decentralized control in robotic swarms
Chapter 18: PSO in ANN, SVM and data clustering
Chapter 19: Modelling of interaction in swarm intelligence focused on particle swarm optimization and social networks optimization
Chapter 20: Coordinating swarms of microscopic agents to assemble complex structures

Volume 2

Chapter 1: Standard fireworks algorithm 2017
Chapter 2: Guided fireworks algorithm applied to multilevel image thresholding
Chapter 3: Credit card number encryption using firework-based key generation
Chapter 4: ST (Shafiabady-Teshnehlab) optimization algorithm
Chapter 5: Predator-prey optimization with heterogeneous swarms
Chapter 6: A novel modified ant lion optimizer algorithm: extension to proposed 4D-TC
Chapter 7: Push-pull glowworm swarm optimization algorithm for multimodal functions
Chapter 8: Firefly algorithm and its applications
Chapter 9: The optimization dialectical method for the multiple sequences alignment problem
Chapter 10: A new binary moth-flame optimization algorithm (BMFOA) - development and application to solve unit commitment problem
Chapter 11: Binary whale optimization algorithm for unit commitment problem in power system operation
Chapter 12: Real-coded grey wolf optimisation algorithm for progressive thermal power system unit commitment
Chapter 13: Application of grey wolf optimization in fuzzy controller tuning for servo systems
Chapter 14: Smart swarm inspired algorithms for microwave imaging problems
Chapter 15: Interactive chaotic evolution
Chapter 16: Symbiotic organisms search algorithm for static and dynamic transmission expansion planning
Chapter 17: Inclined planes system optimisation (IPO) and its applications in data mining and system identification

Volume 3

Chapter 1: Prototype generation based on MOPSO
Chapter 2: Image reconstruction algorithms for electrical impedance tomography based on swarm intelligence
Chapter 3: A semisupervised fuzzy GrowCut algorithm for segmenting masses of regions of interest of mammography images
Chapter 4: Multiobjective optimization of autonomous control for a biped robot
Chapter 5: Swarm intelligence based MIMO detection techniques in wireless systems
Chapter 6: Swarm intelligence in logistics and production planning
Chapter 7: Swarm intelligence for object-based image analysis
Chapter 8: Evolutionary multiobjective optimization for multilabel learning
Chapter 9: Image segmentation by flocking-like particle dynamics
Chapter 10: Swarm intelligence for controller tuning and control of fractional systems
Chapter 11: PSO-based implementation of smart antennas for secure localisation
Chapter 12: Evolutionary computation for NLP tasks
Chapter 13: Particle swarm optimisation for antenna element design
Chapter 14: Swarm intelligence for data mining classification tasks: an experimental study using medical decision problems
Chapter 15: Towards spiking neural systems synthesis
Chapter 16: Particle swarm optimization based memetic algorithms framework for scheduling of central planned and distributed flowshops
Chapter 17: Particle swarm optimization for antenna array synthesis, diagnosis and healing
Chapter 18: Designing a fuzzy logic controller with particle swarm optimisation algorithm
Chapter 19: Adding swarm intelligence for slope stability analysis
Chapter 20: Software module clustering using particle swarm optimization
Chapter 21: A swarm intelligence approach to harness maximum techno-commercial benefits from smart power grids
Chapter 22: Fuzzy adaptive tuning of a particle swarm optimization algorithm for variable-strength combinatorial test suite generation
Chapter 23: Multiobjective swarm optimization for operation planning of electric power systems
Chapter 24: Perturbed-attractor particle swarm optimization for image restoration
Chapter 25: Application of swarm intelligence algorithms to multi-objective distributed local area network topology design problem
Chapter 26: Swarm intelligence algorithms for antenna design and wireless communications
Chapter 27: Finite-element model updating using swarm intelligence algorithms

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