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Seven decades of Korean economic success : issues for the next generations

Seven decades of Korean economic success : issues for the next generations

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Seven decades of Korean economic success : issues for the next generations / Chang Dae-whan.
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서울, Korea(South) :   매일경제신문사,   2019.  
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555 p. : col. ill. ; 23 cm.
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245 1 0 ▼a Seven decades of Korean economic success : ▼b issues for the next generations / ▼c Chang Dae-whan.
260 ▼a 서울, Korea(South) : ▼b 매일경제신문사, ▼c 2019.
300 ▼a 555 p. : ▼b col. ill. ; ▼c 23 cm.
900 1 0 ▼a Chang, Tae-hwan.
900 1 0 ▼a Chang, Dae-whan.
945 ▼a KLPA

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Book Introduction

<우리가 모르는 대한민국> 영문판.

An Opportunity for a Leap of Growth Possible Because It’s the Republic of Korea!

Finding a New Engine to Drive a Grand Transition
into a First-Class Country

“The Republic of Korea is really a puzzling case. It seems to me that the country should have been wiped from the map a long time ago, but it wasn’t. It is a miracle that Korea continued for 5,000 years while surrounded by such powers as China, Japan, and Russia and has even thrived.”
--- Paul Kennedy, the author of The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers

We've been doing a lot better than we give credit to ourselves. Ironic as it is, it seems that Koreans are the only people who are totally unimpressed by the feat of the brilliant economic growth we’ve achieved. The world cannot give enough praise to the achievements Koreans have made with sweat and tears for the last 70 years since the country was leveled in the aftermath of the Korean War. Korea has transformed itself from a country whose survival was dependent on aid from overseas to the world’s 12th largest economic power, and the people around the world dubbed the feat “The Miracle of the Han River.”
Nevertheless, Koreans often ignore or underrate such achievements. Koreans belittle themselves, derogatorily nicknaming Korea as “Hell Joseon.” We are living at a time when individual self-esteem matters more, but still, I cannot shake off the feeling that it is high time we should look after our nation's self-esteem as a priority. That is the reason I am publishing this book, “The Republic of Korea That We Don’t Know.” It is my quest to look at our reality from an objective viewpoint through the records of the past and the present and chart our path towards a brighter future.

“The Republic of Korea surely can do it.”

“Koreans have enthusiasm for education and dynamism unsurpassed by any other country. It means that Koreans have what it takes to make another leap of growth in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution where innovation becomes more important than ever, but that doesn’t guarantee that Korea will naturally become a better place to live. We have to overcome the challenges that can derail everything that we’ve worked so hard for, just like we have done throughout the past 70 years that presented us with endless challenges and crises. We must solve the problem of a low birthrate and aging population, and we have to prepare for the era of a unified Korea. Forgiveness and reconciliation must be an integral part in the process of Korea’s second leap. With a warm heart, we must turn the energy of conflict into energy of positivity and unity. Freedom has to overflow in schools and workplaces, and government interference and intervention should remain at a minimum. Only then will Korea’s creative juices flow and entrepreneurship flourish and make it ready to move forward toward a knowledge-based society.”
- Excerpt from the Preface

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Author Introduction


한국의 선도적 미디어 기업인 매경미디어그룹을 이끌고 있다. 매경미디어그룹은 한국에서 가장 많은 유료부수를 확보한 경제신문 〈매일경제신문〉을 비롯해 종합편성채널인 MBN과 주간지 〈매경이코노미〉, 월간지 〈럭스맨〉, 인터넷 언론 매경인터넷, 출판사 매경출판 등의 계열사를 가지고 있다. 로체스터대학교에서 1973년 정치학으로 학사 학위를 받았으며, 1976년 조지워싱턴대학교에서 국제정치학석사, 1987년 뉴욕대학교에서 국제경영학석사 및 박사 학위를 받았다. 2002년 국무총리서리, 2005~2010년 한국신문협회장, 2008~2011년 세종문화회관 이사장을 역임했다. 이 밖에도 1993년 1월에 우리나라에서 최초로 세계경제포럼(World Economic Forum) 차세대 지도자로 선정되었고, 1997년부터 비전코리아 국민보고대회를 통해 국가 어젠다를 제시하고, 20년간 세계지식포럼World Knowledge Forum의 집행위원장으로 글로벌 지식공유에도 앞장서고 있다. 저서 및 역서로는 《국제기업협상》, 《21세기 예측》(편저), 《신제품 밀레니움》(공저), 《Knowledge Driver》, 《원 아시아 모멘텀》 등이 있다.

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Table of Contents

PART 1 The Korean Miracle That Surprised the World
Korea Emerges as the Beacon of Hope for the Economic Development of the Global Village
Strength and Peace Built on the Ruins of the Korean War
Koreans to the World, the World to Korea
“Made-in-Korea” Reigns in the Global Markets
The Power of Koreans Behind the Construction of the World’s Landmark Buildings
Hallyu Fever Heating Up in Music, Drama, and Game Markets
From the Seoul 1988 Summer Olympics to the 2018 Winter Olympics

PART 2 Strength and Power Behind the Making of a Miracle
Passion for Education and Brainpower
Research and Development, the Foundation of Innovation
A Long History and Tradition Reflected in the World’s Cultural Heritage
Solidly Laid Social Infrastructures
Dynamism of Koreans and the Global Network of Koreans

PART 3 Miracle-undermining Enemies Within
A Sharply Declining Birth Rate and Aging Population
Startup Data Shows Weakening Spirit of Challenge Among Young Adults
Underdeveloped Financial Industry, Increasing Household Debt, and Overheated Real Estate Investments
Resistance from the Groups with Vested Rights including Doctors, Pharmacists, Taxi Drivers and Labor Union
The Government and Political Circles are Losing the Public Trust
Shortage of Raw Materials and Insufficient Foreign Suppliers

PART 4 For Yet Another Miracle
Economic Freedom Should be Expanded to Maximize Creativity
Demographic Cliff, Search for a New Growth Engine for the Era of 100 Years of Life Expectancy
The Need for Taxation and Regulation Systems That Respect Entrepreneurship
Labor Market Reform is the Answer to the Polarization and Low Productivity Problems
Korea Has to Foster Hallyu Content, Tourism, Finance, and Service Industries
Social Infrastructure is Based on Competitiveness and Most be Constantly Reformed
Pursuing a Vision of Unified Korea Despite the G2 Competition

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