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Handbook of American public administration

Handbook of American public administration (Loan 2 times)

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Stazyk, Edmund C. Frederickson, H. G.
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Handbook of American public administration / edited by Edmund C. Stazyk, H. George Frederickson.
Publication, Distribution, etc
Cheltenham, UK ;   Northampton, MA :   Edward Elgar Publishing Limited,   c2018.  
Physical Medium
xviii, 552 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
1786432064 9781786432063
Bibliography, Etc. Note
Includes bibliographical references.
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Public administration --United States.
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020 ▼a 1786432064 ▼q (hardcover)
020 ▼a 9781786432063 ▼q (hardcover)
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245 0 0 ▼a Handbook of American public administration / ▼c edited by Edmund C. Stazyk, H. George Frederickson.
260 ▼a Cheltenham, UK ; ▼a Northampton, MA : ▼b Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, ▼c c2018.
300 ▼a xviii, 552 p. : ▼b ill. ; ▼c 25 cm.
504 ▼a Includes bibliographical references.
650 0 ▼a Public administration ▼z United States.
700 1 ▼a Stazyk, Edmund C.
700 1 ▼a Frederickson, H. G.
945 ▼a KLPA

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Table of Contents

Front Matter -- Copyright -- Contents -- List of contributors -- List of abbreviations -- 1 Introduction to the Handbook of American Public Administration -- PART I: FOUNDATIONS -- 2 The value of historical perspectives in public administration -- 3 Reviving the study of public administration’s legal foundation: juris et de jure -- 4 Public administration as a function of executive and legislative power -- 5 Modern state–federal conflict: the central role of administration and administrative law -- 6 Bureaucracy and democracy: perils and prospects -- PART II: MANAGING ORGANIZATIONS AND PEOPLE -- 7 A rose by any other name: new public management in America -- 8 Dueling banjos in American public administration: the enduring themes of accountability and performance -- 9 Bureaucratic discretion in public agencies: principals, principles, and agents -- 10 Managing for high performance -- 11 Motivation in public management: seeing the forest through the trees -- 12 Expanding the employee engagement model for public service: prioritizing relatedness to achieve collaborative outcomes -- 13 The “dark side” of the public workplace: counterproductive workplace behavior and environmental negativity in public administration research -- PART III: SOCIAL EQUITY, PUBLICNESS, AND DIVERSITY -- 14 Social equity and public administration in rhetorical perspective(s) -- 15 Antecedents to managing publicness: a study of professional and cultural socialization -- 16 Social equity, equal opportunity, and affirmative action in the public sector: lessons from eight decades of struggle -- 17 Public sector diversity research: taking stock -- 18 Institutionalism and assumptions: institutionalizing race and gender in public administration scholarship -- 19 Sustainability research in US public administration: pillar tensions and synergies -- PART IV: NETWORKS, COLLABORATION, AND PARTICIPATION -- 20 Collaborative public management: the US perspective -- 21 Nodes and links as actors and actions in public administration networks -- 22 Nonprofit organizations and public administration: the state of the field and future directions -- 23 Collaborative local governance: building metropolitan services, vision, and teamwork -- 24 Public participation in American public administration -- PART V: FINANCE, PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT, PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION, AND THE PUBLIC POLICY INTERSECTION -- 25 The emergence of public financial management -- 26 What we know about the interaction between politics and administrationin the policy-making process -- 27 Public management and program effectiveness in US public administration -- 28 A conceptual map of performance measurement -- 29 Theoretical foundations and design principles to improve policy and program implementation -- 30 Using fs/QCA to understand the role of organizational structure in public health policy -- PART VI: CONCLUSION -- 31 Conclusion: where does US public administration go from here? -- Index -- .

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