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Bresson on Bresson : interviews, 1943-1983

Bresson on Bresson : interviews, 1943-1983 (1회 대출)

Bresson, Robert. Moschovakis, Anna. Bresson, Mylène.
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Bresson on Bresson : interviews, 1943-1983 / Robert Bresson ; edited by Mylène Bresson ; translated from the French by Anna Moschovakis ; preface by Pascale Mérigeau.
New York :   New York Review Books,   2016.  
xv, 285 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
9781681370446 (alk. paper)
Motion picture producers and directors --France --Interviews.
Bresson, Robert   Interviews.  
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245 1 0 ▼a Bresson on Bresson : ▼b interviews, 1943-1983 / ▼c Robert Bresson ; edited by Mylène Bresson ; translated from the French by Anna Moschovakis ; preface by Pascale Mérigeau.
260 ▼a New York : ▼b New York Review Books, ▼c 2016.
300 ▼a xv, 285 p. : ▼b ill. ; ▼c 24 cm.
600 1 0 ▼a Bresson, Robert ▼v Interviews.
650 0 ▼a Motion picture producers and directors ▼z France ▼v Interviews.
700 1 ▼a Moschovakis, Anna.
700 1 ▼a Bresson, Mylène.
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로베르 브레송(지은이)

영화감독. 1943년 첫 장편영화 '죄악의 천사들'을 시작으로 1983년 마지막 영화 '돈'까지 40년간 총 13편의 영화를 완성했다. 영화 개봉시 간혹 인터뷰를 한 것을 제외하면 거의 은자처럼 살았기 때문에 개인적인 삶에 대해서는 알려진 것이 많지 않다. 장-뤽 고다르, 마틴 스코세이지, 샹탈 아케르만, 안드레이 타르콥스키, 홍상수 등 수많은 감독들이 브레송을 영화사상 최고의 감독으로 평가하며, 그에 대한 애정을 드러냈다. 평론가 세르주 다네는 브레송이 모든 감독에게 영향을 미치는 감독이라고 이야기하기도 했다. 자신만의 독특한 영화 미학을 담은 이 작가 노트 『시네마토그라프에 대한 노트』가 브레송의 유일한 저작이다.

Anna Moschovakis(옮긴이)

정보제공 : Aladin


Section	Section Description	Page Number
Preface	p. ix
Part 1	Public Affairs, 1934	
    Prelude	p. 3
Part 2	Angels of Sin, 1943	
    It Takes an Auteur	p. 9
    Jean Giraudoux	p. 13
Part 3	Les Dames du Bois de Boulogne, 1945	
    Scandals and Shocks	p. 19
    Inferiority Leads the Way	p. 23
    Jean Cocteau	p. 25
    The Festival du Film Maudit	p. 27
Part 4	Diary of a Country Priest, 1951	
    Between These Two Worlds	p. 31
    It''s the Impossibility That Attracts Me	p. 33
    To See and To Hear	p. 37
    As I Would Write a Poem	p. 41
Part 5	A Man Escaped, 1956	
    The Wind Blows Where It Wants To	p. 47
    A New Means of Expression	p. 55
Part 6	Pickpocket, 1959	
    A Film Made of Hands, Objects, and Glances	p. 59
    A Film''s Rhythm Should Be Like the Beating of a Heart	p. 63
    To Capture Only What Is Real	p. 69
    To Get to the Mystery	p. 73
    Poetry and Truth Are Sisters	p. 81
Part 7	The Trial of Joan of Arc, 1962	
    This Familiarity with the Palpably Supernatural	p. 87
    I Know of Nothing More Atrocious or More Poignant	p. 93
    It''s What the Film Wanted	p. 95
    Emotion Should Be Our Only Guide	p. 101
    Joan of Arc Was Beautiful, Elegant, Approachable, Modern	p. 107
    To Make Her Real, To Bring Her Close	p. 115
    If You Want the Current to Flow, You Have to Strip the Wires	p. 119
Part 8	Adaptation	
    Aspects of Dramatic Creation	p. 125
Part 9	Au Hasard Balthazar, 1966	
    A Donkey in All Its Purity, Its Tranquility, Its Serenity, Its Sanctity	p. 133
    The Freest Film I''ve Made, the One to Which I''ve Given the Most of Myself	p. 139
    To Create Life Without Copying It	p. 159
    The Beaten Path	p. 173
Part 10	Mouchette, 1967	
    More in the Manner of Portraitists	p. 185
    Something Else I Like in Bernanos: His Supernatural Is Constructed from the Real	p. 189
    Looks That Kill	p. 193
Part 11	The Sound Track	
    The Ear Is Far More Creative Than the Eye	p. 199
Part 12	A Gentle Woman, 1969	
    The Confrontation Between Death and Life	p. 205
    I Am Here, tire Other Is Elsewhere, and the Silence Is Terrible	p. 209
Part 13	Four Nights of a Dreamer, 1972	
    Art Is Not a Luxury, But a Vital Need	p. 217
    Between Blue and Brown	p. 221
    I Look for Surprises	p. 227
Part 14	Lancelot of the Lake, 1974	
    To Bring the Past into the Present	p. 233
    It Was Lancelot''s Very Particular Inner Adventure That I Found Striking	p. 237
    Torn Between Fidelity and Felony	p. 239
    The Sound of Iron	p. 243
    The Grail	p. 247
Part 15	Notes on the Cinematograph, 1975	
    You Strip Your Art Naked	p. 253
Part 16	The Devil, Probably, 1977	
    The Adversary	p. 263
    The Gaps Are Where the Poetry Slips In	p. 267
Part 17	L''Argent, 1983	
    O Money, Visible God!	p. 273
    The Cinema Is Immense, We Haven''t Done a Thing	p. 279
Image Credits	p. 285

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