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Co-production and co-creation : engaging citizens in public services

Co-production and co-creation : engaging citizens in public services (Loan 4 times)

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Brandsen, Taco. Steen, Trui. Verschuere, Bram, 1977-.
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Co-production and co-creation : engaging citizens in public services / edited by Taco Brandsen, Trui Steen and Bram Verschuere.
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New York, NY :   Routledge,   2018.  
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xiv, 308 p. ; 23 cm.
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Routledge critical studies in public management
9781138700116 (hardback) 9781351792578 (web pdf) 9781351792561 (epub) 9781351792554 (mobipocket)
Bibliography, Etc. Note
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Public administration --Citizen participation. Political planning --Citizen participation. Public administration --Public relations.
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010 ▼a 2017059608
020 ▼a 9781138700116 (hardback)
020 ▼a 9781351792578 (web pdf)
020 ▼a 9781351792561 (epub)
020 ▼a 9781351792554 (mobipocket)
035 ▼a (KERIS)REF000018570886
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084 ▼a 352.65 ▼2 DDCK
090 ▼a 352.65 ▼b C785
245 0 0 ▼a Co-production and co-creation : ▼b engaging citizens in public services / ▼c edited by Taco Brandsen, Trui Steen and Bram Verschuere.
260 ▼a New York, NY : ▼b Routledge, ▼c 2018.
300 ▼a xiv, 308 p. ; ▼c 23 cm.
490 1 ▼a Routledge critical studies in public management
504 ▼a Includes bibliographical references and index.
650 0 ▼a Public administration ▼x Citizen participation.
650 0 ▼a Political planning ▼x Citizen participation.
650 0 ▼a Public administration ▼x Public relations.
700 1 ▼a Brandsen, Taco.
700 1 ▼a Steen, Trui.
700 1 ▼a Verschuere, Bram, ▼d 1977-.
830 0 ▼a Routledge critical studies in public management.
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Table of Contents


Table of contents

List of tables and figures

List of Contributors


1. Co-creation and Co-production in Public Services: Urgent Issues in Practice and Research

Taco Brandsen, Trui Steen & Bram Verschuere

2. Definitions of Co-production and Co-creation

Taco Brandsen & Marlies Honingh

3. Co-production and the Co-creation of Value in Public Services: a Perspective from Service Management

Stephen P Osborne, Kirsty Strokosch & Zoe Radnor

4. Co-production at the Crossroads of Public Administration Regimes

Victor Pestoff

4.1. Case study - Co-production of Care Services: Co-opting Citizens in the Reform Agenda

Jose Nederhand & Ingmar van Meerkerk

5. Public Management and Co-production

John Alford & Louise Freijser

6. What Do Voluntary Sector Studies Offer Research on Co-Production?

Lehn M. Benjamin & Jeffrey L. Brudney


7. Unravelling the Co-producers: Who Are They and What Motivations Do They Have?

Carola Van Eijk & Mila Gasco

7.1. Case study - The Spanish project Pla Buits

Mila Gasco & Carola Van Eijck

8. The Roles of the Professional in Co-production and Co-creation Processes

Trui Steen & Sanna Tuurnas

8.1. Case study - the Case of Mediation: Crossing the Line between the Roles of Traditional Welfare State Professionals and Citizens as Voluntary Mediators

Sanna Tuurnas

8.2. Case study - the Role of Staff with Lived Experience in the Co-production of Substance Use Disorder Treatment Services.

Sunggeun (Ethan) Park

9. Who is in the Lead? New Perspectives on Leading Service Co-production

Hans Schlappa & Yassaman Imani

9.1. Case study - Leading Co-production: The Case of Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Community Volunteer Scheme

Yassaman Imani & Hans Schlappa

9.2. Case study - Enhancing Co-creation through Linking Leadership: The Danish ‘Zebra City’ Project

Anne Tortzen

10. The Increasing Role of Digital Technologies in Co-production

Veiko Lember & Ragnar Nurkse

10.1. Case study - How Public Services in Sweden Help Newcomers to Integrate in the Labour Market and Society through the Digital Platform Mobilearn

Somya Joshi, Vasilis Koulolias, Francisco Garcia Moran & Elke Loeffler

10.2. Case study - ICT and Empowerment of Frail Elderly in Flemish Municipalities

Sylke Jaspers

10.3. Remote Health Monitoring with Wearable Sensors and Smartphones

Andras Gabor & Barbara Gausz

11. Legal Dilemmas of Co-production and Co-creation

Dawid Sze?ciło

11.1. Case study ? The European Disability Card

Charlotte Van Dijck


12. Co-production in Healthcare

Caitlin McMullin & Catherine Needham

12.1. Case study ? Co-Producing Recommendations to Reduce Diagnostic Error

Suyeon Jo & Tina Nabatchi

12.2. Case study ? Co-Production of Secondary Health Services in Nigeria and Ghana

Mangai, M. S.; De Vries, M. S. & De Kruijf, J. A. M.

13. Parents as co-producers in primary education

Marlies Honingh, Elena Bondarouk & Taco Brandsen

13.1. Case study - Partners for Possibility: Co-Production of Education

Dirk Brand & Marleen Rolland

13.2. Case Study - Co-creating School Meals Services

Giuseppe Aquino & Maddalena Sorrentino

14. Co-Production and the Environment

Marco Ranzato & Luisa Moretto

14.1. Case study - Balade Verte et Bleue and Ilot d’eau: Co-Creation and Co-Production for the Environment

Marco Ranzato

14.2. Case study - Co-producing Flood Risk Governance in England, the Netherlands and Flanders

Hannelore Mees


15. Co-production in Community Development

Daphne Vanleene & Bram Verschuere

15.1. Case study - Co-production and Community Development in France

Caitlin McMullin

16. Providing Public Safety and Public Order through Co-production

Elke Loeffler & Tony Bovaird

16.1. Case study - The Blue & You Police-Community Forum: Co-Production of a Community Conversation

Brian N. Williams, Dan Silk, Hadley Nobles & JaiNiecya Harper

16.2. Case Study - Dutch and Belgian Citizens’ Motivations to Engage in Neighbourhood Watch Schemes

Carola van Eijk, Trui Steen & Bram Verschuere


17. Empowerment

Suyeon Jo & Tina Nabatchi

17.1. Case study ? Co-creation and Empowerment: the Case of DR Congo in Agricultural and Rural Sector

Peter Ngala Ntumba

18. Democratic Co-production: Concepts and Determinants

Bram Verschuere, Daphne Vanleene, Trui Steen & Taco Brandsen

18.1. Case study ? Co-production of New Immigrant Services in Hong Kong: Facilitating the Integration of New Immigrants into Community

Xuan Tu


18.2. Case Study - The Rabot Neighbourhood: Co-production in Community Development.

Daphne Vanleene & Bram Verschuere

19. The Effects of Co-production on Trust

Joost Fledderus

19.1. Case study ? Building Trust in Work Corporations

Joost Fledderus

20. Assessing the Effect of Co-production on Outcomes, Service Quality and Efficiency

Elke Loeffler & Tony Bovaird

20.1. Case study - Amadiba Adventures: Co-creating Community-based Tourism

Mchunu Ntuthuko & Theron Francois

21. The Dark Side of Co-Creation and Co-production: Seven Evils

Taco Brandsen, Trui Steen and Bram Verschuere

21.1. Case Study - Experts-by-experience in Finnish social welfare

Taina Meriluoto


22. How to Encourage Co-creation and Co-production: Some Recommendations

Taco Brandsen, Trui Steen & Bram Verschuere

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