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Exercising influence [electronic resource] : a guide for making things happen at work, at home, and in your community / 3rd ed

Exercising influence [electronic resource] : a guide for making things happen at work, at home, and in your community / 3rd ed

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Barnes, B. Kim.
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Exercising influence [electronic resource] : a guide for making things happen at work, at home, and in your community / B. Kim Barnes.
3rd ed.
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Hoboken, New Jersey :   John Wiley & Sons,   2015.  
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1 online resource (xiv, 179 p.).
9781119071709 (electronic bk.) 1119071704 (electronic bk.) 9781119071495 (electronic bk.) 1119071496 (electronic bk.) 9781119071587 (pbk. ; alk. paper) 9781119158523 1119158524 1119071585
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Title from e-Book title page.  
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Issued also as a book.  
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Influence (Psychology). Persuasion (Psychology). Compliance.
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245 1 0 ▼a Exercising influence ▼h [electronic resource] : ▼b a guide for making things happen at work, at home, and in your community / ▼c B. Kim Barnes.
250 ▼a 3rd ed.
260 ▼a Hoboken, New Jersey : ▼b John Wiley & Sons, ▼c 2015.
300 ▼a 1 online resource (xiv, 179 p.).
500 ▼a Title from e-Book title page.
504 ▼a Includes bibliographical references and index.
530 ▼a Issued also as a book.
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Table of Contents

Cover -- Title Page -- Copyright -- Contents -- About This Book -- Acknowledgments -- Part I Exercising Influence -- Chapter 1 What We''ve Got Here Is a Failure to Influence: Dealing with Life 101 -- The Value of Influence Skills -- Chapter 2 What Is Influence, and Why Do We Want to Have It? The Upside and the Downside -- Influence and Power -- Influence and Leadership -- Your Sphere of Influence -- Empowerment: Buzzword or Reality? -- Benefits and Costs of Exercising Influence -- Where Should We Exercise Influence? -- Developing and Improving Influence Fitness -- Chapter 3 A Model for Exercising Influence: Building Relationships and Getting Results -- A Framework for Influence -- What Is the Issue? -- Chapter 4 Expressive Influence: Sending Ideas and Generating Energy -- The Purpose of Expressive Influence -- The Expressive Behaviors -- Using Expressive Influence at Work -- Using Expressive Influence at Home -- Using Expressive Influence in Your Community -- When to Use Expressive Behaviors -- Chapter 5 Receptive Influence: Inviting Ideas and Stimulating Action -- The Purpose of Receptive Influence -- The Receptive Behaviors -- How Receptive Behaviors Work -- Using Receptive Influence at Work -- Using Receptive Influence at Home -- Using Receptive Influence in Your Community -- When to Use Receptive Behaviors -- Chapter 6 Influencing in Action: A World of Possibilities -- Responding to Opportunities -- Creating Opportunities -- Managing Influence Situations -- Part II Planning for Influence -- Chapter 7 Developing an Influence Plan: Design Thinking for Influence Opportunities -- Why Design an Influence Approach? -- The Pros and Cons of Planning -- Phase One: Mapping the Territory -- Phase Two: Charting the Course -- Phase Three: Troubleshooting -- Chapter 8 Establishing Influence Objectives: What Will Success Look Like? -- If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going -- Developing a Challenging Influence Objective -- The Value of Persistence -- Chapter 9 Focus on the Relationship: Influence Works Both Ways -- You, Me, and Us -- The Importance of Balance -- Studying History versus Being Condemned to Repeat It -- Creating Your Influence Future -- Chapter 10 Focus on the Context: The Individual -- Influence Happens in the Other Person -- Understanding Values, Needs, and Aspirations -- Working with Personality, Interests, and Preferences -- Examining Your Assumptions -- Difficult People or Difficult Situations? -- Chapter 11 Focus on the Context: System, Organization, Culture, and Timing -- Influencing in an Open System -- Organizations, Teams, and Families -- Culture Is Context -- Timing Is Everything—Almost -- Chapter 12 Focus on the Context: Yourself -- Wants versus Needs -- Strengths and Limitations -- Style and Blind Spots -- Keeping It Light -- Readiness, Reluctance, and Risk -- Chapter 13 Focus on the Issues: What''s at Stake? -- Doing Your Homework -- Framing the Issue -- Confidence Is Power -- Chapter 14 Choosing and Using Influence Behaviors to Achieve Your Objective: How to Create Your Approach -- Reviewing the Influence Framework -- Selecting the Most Useful Behaviors -- Reframing -- Planning Your Approach -- Setting Yourself Up for Success -- Chapter 15 Putting Your Plan to Work: Treating the Unexpected as an Opportunity -- Improvisation -- Responding to New Information -- Dealing with Defensiveness, Resistance, and Avoidance -- Managing Yourself -- The Uses of Silence -- Making It Up on the Fly -- Part III Special Issues in Influence -- Chapter 16 The Ethics of Influence: Doing Well by Doing Good -- Manipulation versus Influence -- Influence and Self-Interest -- What Doesn’t Work -- Chapter 17 Influencing Electronically: The Wonders and Terrors of Instant Communication -- Welcome to the (Too Much) Information Age -- First, You Have to Get Their Attention -- Stimulating a Productive Response -- Preventing Misunderstandings, Embarrassment, and Other E-mail Disasters -- Virtual Teams: Culture and Context -- Texts, Instant Messaging, and Beyond -- Chapter 18 Influencing through Social Media: Expanding Your Sphere of Influence -- From One to Many -- How to Become a Social Media “Influencer” -- Writing an Influential Post or Article -- Chapter 19 Applied Influence: Making Things Happen -- Maintaining and Improving Your Influence Fitness -- Making Things Happen at Work -- Try This at Work -- Making Things Happen at Home -- Try This at Home -- Making Things Happen in Your Community -- Try This in Your Community -- Chapter 20 Influencing Indirectly: Influencing beyond Your Boundaries -- What Is Indirect Influence? -- When Is Indirect Influence Appropriate? -- Influencing through Other Individuals -- Influencing as Part of a Group -- Debate as an Indirect Influence Tactic -- Disengaging as a Means to an End -- Using Other Means to Influence Indirectly -- Chapter 21 Influencing Your Team: From One to Many -- Expanding Your Influence Impact -- Establish a Climate for Influence -- Do Your Homework -- Actively Influence -- Chapter 22 Your Brain on Influence: What Neuroscience and Behavioral Economics Can Teach Us -- What Goes on between Our Ears When Someone Tries to Influence Us? -- The Power of Cognitive Dissonance -- Why “Homo economicus” Isn’t Always a Practical Concept for Influencers -- Cognitive Biases and How You Can Make Friends with Them -- Decision Shortcuts and Their Implications for Influence -- Other Factors at Work in Decision Making -- Afterword: The Paradox of Failure -- Win Some, Lose Some, Learn Some -- What? So What? Now What? -- Appendix A Coaching Partnerships -- Appendix B Influence Plan -- Part 1 -- Context -- Part 2 -- Appendix C Meeting Processes That Support Effective Influencing -- We Have to Start Meeting Like This -- Influencing in Global and Virtual Teams -- Appendix D Sentence Starters -- Expressive Behaviors -- Receptive Behaviors -- Appendix E Influence Scenarios -- Appendix F Self-Assessment -- Resources -- Barnes & Conti Associates, Inc. -- Index -- EULA -- .

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