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The school of wellbeing [electronic resource] : 12 extraordinary projects promoting children and young people's mental health and happiness

The school of wellbeing [electronic resource] : 12 extraordinary projects promoting children and young people's mental health and happiness

Hulme, Jenny.
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The school of wellbeing [electronic resource] : 12 extraordinary projects promoting children and young people's mental health and happiness / Jenny Hulme.
London :   Jessica Kingsley Publishers,   c2017.  
1 online resource (128 p.).
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Includes index.  
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Students --Mental health. School mental health services. Well-being.
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245 1 4 ▼a The school of wellbeing ▼h [electronic resource] : ▼b 12 extraordinary projects promoting children and young people's mental health and happiness / ▼c Jenny Hulme.
246 3 ▼a School of well-being
246 3 ▼a Twelve extraordinary projects promoting children and young people's mental health and happiness
260 ▼a London : ▼b Jessica Kingsley Publishers, ▼c c2017.
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Update on Gout
The Ups and Downs of Body Temperature
Useless Organs
Using Spirituality To Ease the Mind
Vagus Nerve Stimulation: Does It Help Depression?
The Value of Ginkgo
The Value of Long-Term Talk Therapy
Varenicline for Quitting Smoking: Benefits and Risks
Video Games - What Parents Need To Know
Video Games
What Parents Need To Know
Violent Video Games: Harmful or Not?
Vitamin D - Don''t Get Caught ''D-ficient''
Vitamin D - What Parents Need To Know
Vitamin D
Vitamin E Supplements: RIP
Vitamin Supplements: Are They for Everyone?
Vitamin Therapy: A Good Idea?
Walking - Getting the Respect it Deserves
Walking Or Jogging: Which Is Best for You?
(Watch Out For Whooping Cough aka Pertussis)
Watch Out for Rabies - It Could Happen to You!
Water Fitness
What Are The Odds? Understanding Risk
What Are You Yawning About?
What Does It Mean To Be Anovulatory
What Does PROVE-IT Prove for Your Heart?
What I''ve Learned by Listening
What It Means To Be "Double-Jointed"
What Makes a Disease Real?
What Makes a Drug a Drug?
What Makes a Good Doctor?
What Parents Should Know About Organic Foods
What Should Your LDL Cholesterol Be?
What Should Your LDL Cholesterol Be?
What You Can Do About the Flu
What You Need to Know About Fibroids
What You Really Get Out of a Routine Physical
What Your Doctor Doesn''t Know
What Your Doctor is Reading: August 2005
What Your Doctor is Reading
What Your Doctor is Saying: A Day in the Life
What Your Doctor is Saying: Clarifying Your Condition
What Your Doctor is Saying: Inflammatory Words
What Your Doctor is Saying: Name That Disease
What Your Doctor is Saying: The Excluding Language of Medicine
What does it take to be a satisfied retired man?
When Older Kids Have Tantrums
When Should a Child Get a Cell Phone?
When Striving for Perfection Is a Problem
When The Heart Can''t Relax
When There''s Blood in Your Urine
When Wrong Advice Is Good News
When Your Doctor Is Vague
When a Child Refuses To Go to School
When the Lights Go Out
When the Research Doctor Says, "More Study Needed"
Whether Weather Matters for Arthritis
Which Antidepressant Is Right for You?
Who Needs a Gluten-Free Diet?
Who Really Benefits From Sports Drinks
Who''s Who in Your Health Care, Part 1: In the Hospital
Who''s Who in Your Health Care, Part 2: Non-M.D.s
Who''s Who in Your Health Care, Part 2: Non-M.D.s
Whole Foods: Not Just a Grocery Store
Whole Wheat White bread?
''Whole-Body'' MRI - A Good Stocking Stuffer This Holiday?
Why Angioplasty May Not Be Right For You
Why Buying Prescription Drugs in Canada Won''t Work
Why Certain Blood-Pressure Drugs Are Not Your Doctor''s First Choice
Why Timing Is Important in Medicine
Why Your Child Needs a Flu Shot
Why do we get hangovers?
Will A Beer Really Quench That Summer Thirst?
Winning the Fluid Game
Winter Safety Tips for Kids
Woman to Woman: The Experience of Miscarriage
Women and Sleep: Not Always the Best of Friends
Women''s Health: Could The Problem Be Hormonal?
Working and Breastfeeding
Yikes, Lice!
Yoga - Benefits Beyond the Mat
Yoga - Reduce Stress and Improve Your Mood
Yoga for the Body and Mind
(You Make Me Feel Like) A "Natural" Woman
(Your Genes and Drug Therapy Part 2 of 2)
Your Guide to Statin Drugs.
Update From the Medical Journals Column: January 2004-Update From the Medical Journals: September 2013
Take Care of Your Child''s Oral Health
Take the Sneeze and Wheeze Out of Exercise
Taking An Individualized Approach To Your Heart Care
Taking Baby Out And About
Taking on the School Bullies
Taking the Bite Out of Mosquitoes
Taking the Pain Out of Pain Relievers
Talk To Your Child About Tobacco
Talking to Children About Death
Talking to Children About Illness
Talking to Children About Social Media
Talking to Kids About the Birds and the Bees
Talking to Your Kids about Marijuana
Tantrums - Understanding, Preventing and Surviving Them
Tap Water or Bottled?
Teaching Gratitude this Holiday Season
And All Year Long
Tech Speak
Teen Pregnancy Prevention
Teens and Tanning - What Parents Need To Know
Teens: Respecting Their Health Privacy
Testosterone - The ''Heart'' of the Matter
Testosterone - What It Does And Doesn''t Do
Tests You May Not Need
(Texting and Teens - A Pediatrician and Mom) Speaks Out
Three Great Reasons to Snack
Three Threes for A Healthy New Year
Thumb-Sucking - When and How To Stop It
Tighten Those Abs!
Time To Stop Just Saying No
Tips for Parents for a Happy, Healthy New Year
Tips for a Safe Halloween
To Keep Kids Healthy, Adults Need Immunizations, Too!
To Treat Depression, Take Action
Toads And Frogs - Friend Or Foe?
Top Five Digestion
Top Ten Things That Don''t Cause Arthritis
Trans-Fats Now Standard on Food Labels
Traveling with kids
Treating Addictions - Act Sober
Treating Depression During Pregnancy
Treating Depression with Exercise
Treating High Blood Pressure - Are Two Drugs Better Than One?
Treating Mild or Moderate Depression Without Drugs
Treating Seasonal Affective Disorder
Treating a Source of Violence
Intermittent Explosive Disorder
Treatments for Pathological Gambling
Tricks of the Trade: What To Do if Your Child Won''t Take Medicines
The Truth About Altruism
The Truth About Premarital Blood Testing
The Turkey Coma - Fact or Fiction?
Twelve Myths About Pregnancy
Twisted Medicine
Type 2 Diabetes in Children: A Growing Problem
The Ultimate Natural Remedy
Uncertainty and the Gold Standard
Understanding Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
Understanding Bias In Mental Health Professionals
Understanding Organic Foods
Understanding Why Your Doctor Says "No"
Understanding Your Prescription Slip
Understanding the Adolescent Brain
Understanding the Glycemic Index
Understanding the Placebo Response
Understanding the Stigma of Mental Illness
The Unexpected Benefits of ''Bad'' Habits
Unraveling the Mysteries of PCOS
RSV, Bronchiolitis and Colds
Radiation and Your Health
Radon: What Do You Need To Know
Raising Your "Good" Cholesterol
Raw Food Diet - Good for Your Health?
Reaching the Limits of Exercise
Reading Your Medical Record
The Real Dangers Of Lightning
Real-Time Medical Care
Recommit to Your New Year''s Resolutions
Reduce Your Risk for Pre-Diabetes
Relief From Hay Fever
Relief for Restless Legs Syndrome
Remembering As a Form of Therapy
Rescue Your Knees
Reshaping Medicare: Winners and Losers
Resveratrol - A Fountain of Youth?
Retrain Your Brain To Love Exercise!
Returning to Exercise After Injury
Rewarding Smokers To Help Them Quit
The ''Ripening'' of Cataracts
Running and Your Joints
What Parents Need To Know
Safe Use of Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers
Safe summer grilling tips
Salt and Kids
What Parents Need To Know
Same-Sex Parenting and Marriage
What the Experts Say
Same-Sex Parenting: Pediatric Experts Weigh In
Saunas and Your Health
Savor the Flavor of Locally Grown Food
Schizophrenia Treatment: Not by Drugs Alone
A Scorecard on Supplements
Secondhand Smoke - What Parents Need to Know
Selecting a Fitness Center
Sending Your Child Off to College
Separation Anxiety: How To Help Your Child Be Independent
Seven Ways To Get The Most From Your Health-Care Dollar
The Sexualization of Girls
Sexually Transmitted Infections in Men: Prevention Comes First
A Painful Rash and More
Shortcuts to Fitness - Do They Work?
Should I Have a CT of My Heart?
''Should I Have a PSA Test?''
Should People With High Blood Pressure Take Statins?
Should You Avoid Dairy Foods When You''re Sick?
Should You Weigh Every Day?
Should the FDA Be Tougher on Drug Approvals?
Side Effects And Allergic Reactions To Medications
Sleep - Can You Get Too Much of a Good Thing?
Sleep Apnea: A Stealthy Cause of Depression
Sleep and Mental Health
Sleep: What''s Going on Behind That Shut-Eye?
Smart Sun Protection for Kids
Smoking Cessation - New Ways To Quit
Smoking and Dementia
So Many Milks, So Many Choices
Social Media - A Brief Guide for Parents
Sometimes It''s ''I Don''t Know''
Soy: Friend or Foe?
(Special Harvard Commentary: Bird Avian) Flu
Special Harvard Commentary: First SARS, And Now Bird Flu
Special Harvard Commentary: Stem Cells 101
Spin Your Way to Fitness
Spring Safety
Springtime Allergy Relief for Kids
Stevia - The Zero-Calorie, All-Natural Sweetener
(Stocking Your Medicine Cabinet Part 1)
(Stocking Your Medicine Cabinet Part 2)
(Stocking Your Medicine Cabinet Part 3)
Stomach Growling and Other Bodily Noises
Stonewall Kidney Stone Formation
Stormy Weather - Shocking Summer Hazards
Strattera and Suicide Risk
Strength Training for All Ages
Stress and Your Stomach
Stretching To Stay Flexible
A Surprisingly Common Problem
Sugar''s Role in Diabetes
Summer Safety
Sunscreens: New Rules For Parents
Sunshine, Tea and Tomatoes: Can They Prevent Cancer?
Super Charge Your Summer Meals
Survival Guide for Kids'' Colds - Managing Without Medication
Surviving Baby''s First Year: You Can Do It!
Surviving Our Supersized Society
Surviving Pregnancy Bed Rest
Surviving the Spring Sniffles
Swallowing Seeds - The Seeds of Worry
The Sweet and Sour Facts About Sweeteners
Swine Flu and Bird Flu: Questions and Answers from Harvard Medical School
Swine Flu: Questions and Answers from Harvard Medical School
Symptoms - Location, Location, Location
The Naked Truth About Baldness
Name That Drug
Nasal Allergies - Nothing To Sneeze At
Natural Disasters
Sources of Disease?
Navigating the Supermarket: No GPS Needed
Nearing a Cancer Cure?
Never Too Old or Frail to Exercise
New Advice About Giving Solid Foods to Infants
New Approaches to Hot Flashes in Men
A New Clue to Bipolar Disorder
A New Diet To Manage Irritable Bowel Syndrome
The New Dietary Guidelines - Good Advice for Men
The New Hypertension Guidelines: What They Mean For You
New Moms: Welcome Relief from Hand Pain
New Preventive Health Guidelines for Children
New Year''s Resolutions Your Kids Can Make
New Year''s Resolutions for Cardiac Patients
New vaccines: The long road to official recommendation
Newer But Perhaps Not Better
Nightmares and Other Sleep Disturbances
Nighttime Overeating
No Match For Tick Removal
The Dark Side of the Placebo Effect
Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity
A GI Disorder of Its Own
Nosebleeds - Separating Fact From Fiction
Not So Fast: Why Your Doctor Is Skeptical
Now Hear This - Noise Can Make You Deaf
Nurturing A Child''s Creativity
Nutrients: Can You Have Too Much of A Good Thing?
Nutrition and Aging
Nutrition: The Mediterranean Diet
Nuts and Your Health
Cracking Old Myths
Obesity Surgery: Is It for You?
Obesity: How Can We Help Our Kids?
(Oh Nutritious) Nuts!
Old Age: It''s Tough, But It Won''t Kill You
The Organic Advantage
Organizing Your Lifestyle
Organs With Plenty To Spare
The Origin of Medical Myths
The ''-Osis'' Diagnosis
Osteoporosis and Exercise
Our Mothers, Ourselves: Protecting Against Heart Disease
Over-the-Counter Drug Labels
Overcoming Cocaine or Stimulant Addiction
Overcoming Insomnia
Overcoming Scary Memories
Overtraining: When Pushing Hard Is Harmful
Old Controversies, New Results
PSA Quiz
Pain, Anxiety, and Depression - A Challenging Trio to Treat
The "Paleo Diet"
Back to the Stone Age?
Panic Attacks-Just Nerves?
A Parent''s Life
Parenting to Prevent Obesity
Parents, How Much Do You Know About Inhalants?
Passionate About Your Coffee? Me Too.
Peanut Allergy-when snacks can be deadly
The Peanut Butter Puzzle
(The Perfect Diet Really!)
Peripheral Artery Disease
Pesky Produce Pesticides
Pheromones: The Scent of Sex
Phosphorus - Backbone to Healthy Bones
Phytonutrients for Fall
Phytonutrients: Prevention in a Plant
Picking A Pediatrician
Picking the Best and Safest Toys - Read This Before You Shop
What Your Doctor Is or Isn''t Saying
The Pleasure of Improvising
Plyometric Exercise
Poinsettia, Mistletoe and Other "Dangers" of The Holidays
Pool Rules
The Pope and End of Life Choices
Positive Psychology
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
The Postpartum Period
Your ''Fourth'' Trimester
Power Lines And Your Health
Praying for Health
Pregnancy after weight-loss surgery
Premature Ejaculation
Preparing for Your Daughter''s First Period
Prescription-Drug Costs On the Way Up Again
Prevent Accidental Poisonings
Prevent Drowning - Four Keys to Protect Your Child
Preventing Cancer Is More Possible Than You Think
Preventing Cyberbullying
Preventing Depression in Adolescents
Preventing Heart Disease: What Parents Need to Know
Preventing Shoulder Injuries
Preventing Teen Pregnancy
The Problem with Painkillers
Produce Safety
The Promise and Pitfalls of Patient Empowerment
Promoting a Healthy Body Image
The Pros and Cons of Medical Tests
Protect Your Child''s Sight
Protect Your Colon From Diverticular Disease
Protect Yourself From Glaucoma
Protecting Children From Sexual Abuse
Protecting Your Kids From Colds and Flu
Protecting Your Kids'' Hearing
Protecting Yourself against Drug ''Cost Shifting''
Psoriasis - More Than Skin Deep
Psychiatric Treatment for Preschoolers
The Psychological Impact of Infertility and its Treatment
Psychotherapy That Helps Your Mind and Your Emotions
Putting the apple-a-day adage to the test
The New Cholesterol Guidelines
The Question of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
The Quick And Dirty On Tetanus
Keep Your Child Safe around Pets in the Home or Classroom
Keep Your Digestive System in Shape
Keep Your Teen Driver Safe and Alive
Keeping - Or Not Keeping - Your Internet Use Under Control
Keeping Kids Safe - Without Scaring Them
Keeping Things Straight: Posture and Scoliosis
Keeping Up With Your New Year''s Resolutions
Keeping Your Young Athlete Healthy and Happy
Key Fat for Your Health: Omega-3
Kids Snacks - Resisting the Lure of Cartoon Characters
Kids and Flu Shots
What''s New
The Latest Food and Nutrition Trends
Worth the Money?
Learning Disabilities: What to Look for and What to Do
Learning From History
Learning How To Say ''I''m Sorry.''
Leaving a Mark
How and Why We Scar
Leeches: An Ancient Therapy Is Revived
Letting Go and Letting Your Brain Make the Decision
Licking Your Wounds
The Lie of Lie Detectors
Lifestyle Changes - Do They Work?
Lifting The Myth Off Hernias
Light Smoking - Unsafe in Any Dose
The Limits of Willpower
The Link Between ADHD and Sleep Problems
The Little Things We Do
Living Longer by Getting Fit
Living Well with Heart Failure
Living With Amiodarone
Living with Asthma: Help Your Child Breathe Easy
Losing Weight Helps Promote Cancer Survivorship
Low-Back Pain
Low-Carb, High-Protein Diets
Lower Your Blood Pressure With Exercise
Lower the "Bad" Cholesterol for Your Own Good
Lowering Drug Costs after Canada Dries Up
Lung Cancer - Is It Time To Start Screening?
Maggots and Wound Healing
A ''Magnetic'' Approach to Treating Depression
Make the Most of Your Child''s Doctor Visit
Making Sense Of Medical Warnings
Making Sense of Common Hormone Tests
Man to Man: The Metabolic Syndrome
Man to Man: Tips for a Healthy Summer
(Man-To-Man: The "Weaker" Sex Is Healthier original)
Managing Diabetes Through Exercise
Managing Emotional Eating
Managing Sibling Rivalry
The Many Faces of Heart Disease
Many Ways to Say Normal
Mastering the Mindful Meal
Math in Medicine: Know Your ''Rithmetic
Meat Labels - What Do They Really Mean?
Meat or Beans
Which Has the Biggest Nutritional Payoff?
Medical Doctors Versus Spin Doctors: Sorting Through Conflicting Information
Medical Enemy #1: Heart Disease
Medical Myth Prevention
- Understanding Medical News
Medical Myths Die Hard
Medical Myths: Does Food Cause Ulcers?
Medical Terminology - When Size Matters
Medical Terminology
Blood Vessel Disease
Medical Terminology
The Case For Accuracy
Medical Test Results: Are You Normal, and Is That a Good Thing?
Mediterranean Eating: A Myriad of Benefits
Men - Protect Yourself from Deep Venous Thrombosis
Men - Respect Your Blood Pressure
How Much Water Do You Need?
Men and Headaches
Menopause Makeover
Menstrual Synchrony
Mental Distress: Where Do You Turn for Help?
The Mental Health Benefits of Expressive Writing
The Mental Health Benefits of Gratitude
Mental Illness and Violence
The Mercury Myth
Metabolic Syndrome - Lifestyle Changes Are Key
The Metabolic Syndrome: A Menace to Men''s Health
Milk Myths
Mixing Antibiotics and Alcohol
Monitoring the Media, On-Screen and Online
A More Rational Approach to Dietary Supplements
Motivating Behavior Change
Move for the Cure: Exercise to Lose Weight
My Left or Yours? Describing Locations in Medicine
Mysterious Acronyms
The Mystery of Muscle Relaxation
The Mystery of the ''Opathies''
The Myth and Mystery of Hiccups
The Myth of 98.6
The Myth of Bags Under the Eyes
The Myth of Multitasking
The Myth of Stress and Hair Color
The Myth of the First Time
Myth: Modern Medicine is Wiping Out Disability
Myths About Snoring
Myths About Vision
Myths about Your Incredible Head
GERD - Heartburn and More
Gas: Beat the Bloat
Gastric Surgery - The Cure For Obesity
Gender Differences in Cardiac Care
Gender Matters in Health
Genetically Modified Foods - What''s On Your Plate?
Get Your Body Back, Mommy
Get a Taste for Nutrition
Getting ''Hyper''
Getting Over Dental Fears
Getting a Flu Shot - Will It Cause the Flu?
Getting the Best Value for Hypertension Medications
Give Your Kids A Safe Summer
Golf and Your Health
Good Nutrition in Bad Weather - Goosebumps
Gout - A Common Cause of Joint Pain
Groin Injuries And Your Voice
Growing Pains: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Growing Pains
Guard Your Child Against Accidental Injuries
A Guide to Health Clubs
Guidelines For Treating Earaches In Children
Guys - Start Protecting Your Brain Now!
HDL Cholesterol - How To Get More of a Good Thing
HPV Vaccine - What Parents Need To Know
HPV Vaccine
Important Information for Parents
(Hair Pulling Disorder Trichotillomania) - Is It Taken Too Lightly?
The Hair-Raising Myth About Shaving
A Hairy Situation
Halting Hypertension with a Healthy Diet
A Handful of Fingernail Myths
The Hazards Of Bathroom Seats
The Hazards of Hookah
Head Lice? No Need To Panic
Health Advice in Chat Rooms and on Bulletin Boards
Health And Safety Concerns At The Beauty Salon
Healthy Eating in Wintertime
Healthy Eating, Healthy Kids
Healthy Makeover for Mommy
Heard Any Good Fish Stories Lately?
Heart Disease & Depression - A Two-Way Street?
Heartburn Relief
Heat Wave-Don''t Be a Seasonal Statistic
''Helicopter Parenting''
When Too Much Help Is No Help
Help for Anxious Children
Help for Changing How You Think
Help for Couples Facing a Serious Illness
Help for Excessive Perspiration
Help for Insomnia
Helping Your Child Cope with a Disaster
Helping Your Child Sleep Independently
Helping Your Child Transition to Middle School
Helping Your Child With Homework
Helping a Widow Cope with Grief
Hernias - Three Questions You Need To Ask
Hidden Dangers of Over-the-Counter Cold and Allergy Medicines
High Cholesterol: Lowering Your Risk and Your Drug Bill
Highlight on Drugs: Stocking Your Medicine Cabinet
Hints for Safe Summer Eating
His and Her Vitamins - Smart Medicine or Marketing Ploy?
Holiday Food Safety for Your Kitchen
Holiday Time - Start Your Family Health History
Home Monitoring for Blood Thinners Comes of Age
Hot Seats, Laptops, Cell Phones and Sperm
How Aging Affects Male Sexuality
How Alcoholics Anonymous Works
How Diseases Come and Go
How Good Are the Drugs to Prevent and Treat the Flu
How Helpful Are Birthing Classes?
How Inhaling Helium Affects Your Voice
How Low Should Your Blood Pressure Be?
How Much Exercise Do You Need?
How Much Exercise Is Enough?
How Much of the Brain Do We Really Use?
How Often Should You Eat?
How Pets Affect Your Health
How Safe Is Your School?
How Sleep Affects Learning and Memory
How Sweet It Is! An Update on Artificial Sweeteners
How To Avoid Foodborne Illnesses
How To Eat and Drink for Long Workouts
How To Eat for Endurance Exercise
How To Get More Nutritional Bang for Your Buck
How To Handle A Seizure
How To Keep the Summer Bugs Away
How To Praise Your Kids
How To Prevent Flat Spots on Your Baby''s Head
How To Prevent the Most Common Cause of Choking in Kids
How To Stay Young
How Your Doctor Looks at Research: the Error Factor
How to Manage Irritable Bowel Syndrome
How to Talk to Your Kids about Drugs
How to Understand When Your Doctor Talks Statistics
Human Growth Hormone and the Search for the Fountain Of Youth
Human Growth Hormone
Hypnosis - Mental Health Therapy
''Hypo''-thetically Speaking - Hypoglycemia
''I''m Such a Klutz!''
Immunization Updates for 2013
Immunizations Updates for 2012
The Importance of Play
The Importance of Reading to Your Child
The Importance of Recess
Improving Low Back Pain with Exercise
In Search of the Elusive Aphrodisiac: Sex, Food and Myth
The Influence Of Sugar On Childhood Behavior
Just the Flu?
Intermittent Explosive Disorder Grabs Attention
The Intestinal Infection Triggered by Antibiotics
Introducing Solid Foods: Eight Keys to Success
Iron - There''s Nothing Small About This Micronutrient
Is Bariatric Surgery for You?
(Is Being Male Hazardous to Your Health? Intelihealth version)
Is Gout a Rich Person''s Disease
Is Kissing Dangerous?
Is Splitting Pills Okay?
Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep
Is a Man in Your Life Depressed
The Itch That Won''t Go Away: How to Deal With Recurrent Vaginal Infections
Jaundice in Newborns: Common but Potentially Serious
Debunking the 50-50 Heart Disease Myth
December Holiday Safety Tips
Decoding Common Skin Conditions
Decoding Disease Names
Decoding Food Labels
Decoding the "Plasties"
Decoding the ''-Omas''
Decrease your risk of falling
Defending Against Disease With an Anti-Inflammation Lifestyle
Depression in Children
Despite Benefit, Drug Prices Still High For Seniors
Detecting Heart Problems in Athletes
Detox Diets - Purification or Pure Fabrication?
Diet and ADHD
Diet and Age Related Macular Degeneration
Diet and Diverticulitis
Discount Prescription Drugs and Medicare
Disease-Fighting Phytonutrients
A Disease-Prevention Diet for Men
Dissolving the Mysteries of Salt
Distracted Driving - Fast Lane to Disaster
Dizziness - What Causes This Common Complaint?
Do Alternative Treatments and Vitamin Supplements Work?
Do Big Voices Need Big Bodies?
Do Kids Need Sports and Energy Drinks?
Do Personality Disorder Diagnoses matter?
Do Presidents Age Faster?
Do You Need C-Reactive Protein Testing?
Do Your Kids Have The Holiday ''Gimmes''
Doctor, How Long Have I Got?
Does A Sneeze Mean Disease?
Does Being a ''Lefty'' Affect Your Health?
Does Breast Size Matter
Does Breastfeeding Reduce the Risk of Allergies?
Does Diet Affect Cancer Recurrence?
Does Diet Play A Role In Arthritis?
Does Eating Late Make You Gain Weight?
Does Everyone Need Psychological Help After a Tragic Event?
Does Metabolism Matter in Weight Loss?
Does Milk Cause Prostate Cancer?
Does Money Motivate Healthy Behavior?
Does Nighttime Noshing Make You Fat?
Dogs - A Source of Love and Well-Being
Don''t Be Sidelined By Exercise Injuries
Don''t Be a Wheelchair Potato!
Don''t Dismiss Dairy!
Don''t Fall for These Skin Myths
Don''t Let Osteoarthritis Keep You Down
Don''t Let Your Exercise Routine Suffer the Bad Weather Blues!
Don''t Make Your Vacation a Holiday From Exercise
Don''t Overlook Vitamin K
(Don''t Take Breast Cancer Lying Down Part 1)
(Don''t Take Breast Cancer Lying Down Part 2)
The Downsides of Multitasking
Drinking and Driving: Keep Your Teens Safe
(Drug Therapy and Your Genes Part 1)
Drug-Coated Stents: A Revolution in Cardiac Care
''Dys'' Can Help You Understand Your Doctor
"Medical Speak" for Trouble Swallowing
Ear Tubes - What Parents Need to Know
Eat Less to Live Longer
Eat Your Way to a Healthy Smile
Eating Disorders in Older Women
Eating Well, Thinking Straight
Eating and Swimming
Eating for Two
Ecstasy, Genetics, and Depression
Eggs - All They''re Cracked Up To Be
The Emotional Strain of Infertility
End Your Weight Loss Struggles
Energy Drinks - Use Caution
Enjoy Guilt-Free Holiday Eating
Ensuring Happy Campers
(Erectile Dysfunction ED)
Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease: Surprising Bedfellows
Erectile Dysfunction: The Bad News and the Bad News
Exercise - No Pain, Big Gains
Exercise Is Always Good For You
Exercise and Mental Performance
Exercise and Your Menstrual Cycle: Does the Time of the Month Matter?
(Exercising During Pregnancy Part 1)
(Exercising During Pregnancy Part 2)
"Expired" Medicines: Are They Safe?
Exploring Medical Syndromes
Fabulous Fiber
Facing a High Risk for Breast Cancer
Fainting - Harmless or a Red Flag?
Fall Safety
Fat - Friend Or Foe?
Feet Matter
Fending Off Flu With Food
Fighting Childhood Obesity
Fighting Peripheral Arterial Disease Through Exercise
Financial Stress Affects Kids, Too
Fit and Fat
Does it Matter
Fitness in the Sun
Five Tips for Healthy Restaurant Eating
Flu Vaccine: Who Should and Who Should Not Get the Shot
Fluid Replacement and Exercise
Folic Acid - Not Just for Pregnant Women
Food Preservatives: Reading the "Not-So-Fine" Print
The Food-Mood Connection
Foods That Fight Inflammation
Foot Fitness
For Alcohol Problems: Abstinence or Moderation?
For Health, Pair Fitness with Food
Forget What You Heard About Amnesia
Four Common Myths About Allergies
Four Food Myths - Busted
Fourth of July Safety Tips
A Free Program for Families Dealing with Mental Illness
The French Paradox - Should We Be More Like the French?
From Ulcers To Deodorant - Dispelling Teen Myths
Fruits And Veggies: Are Five Daily Servings Enough?
The Fusion of Good Taste and Good Nutrition
CPR: Less Effective Than You Might Think
CT Scans of the Heart - Ready for Prime Time
CT Scans: The Next Wave in Heart Care
Calcium - The Food vs. Supplement Debate
Calling in the Replacements
Can Coffee Really Stunt Your Growth?
Can Diet Improve Arthritis Symptoms?
Can Exercise Be Bad for You?
Can Nutritional Supplements Enhance Athletic Performance? Part 1
Can Nutritional Supplements Enhance Athletic Performance? Part 2
Can Sex Be a Health Hazard?
Can Vitamin Supplements Protect Your Brain?
Can We Predict Height
Can You Become Addicted to Chocolate?
Can You Become Immune To Medications?
Can You Really Throw Your Back Out?
Can You Wear Out Your Joints?
Can Your Diet Affect Fertility?
Cancer Update: Two Studies Worth Heeding
Cancer''s Fine Line
The Cancer, Sunshine and Vitamin D Connection
Car Safety Seats - Changes to Make Now
Car-Seat Safety
Carbohydrate Confusion
Carbohydrates - Good or Bad for You?
Cardiac Patients with Arthritis: Advice for the Post-Vioxx Era
Caregiver Stress: Is There Help for the Helpers?
The Case for Moderation
Caution - Grapefruit and Medication
Cautions About Reflux Relief
Celiac Disease - An Overlooked Disorder
Changes in the 2008 Immunization Schedule
Cherries for Gout - Myth or Marvel?
Child Abuse Prevention
Childhood Immunization Update - 2007
Children Attacking Other Children
Children and Breakfast - Follow Your Intuition
Children and Sleep: What Parents Need to Know
Children and Swimming Lessons - What Parents Should Know
Children and Teen Fitness
Children''s Headaches - What Parents Need to Know
Chocolate - Health Boon or Bust?
Chocolate: Just another Sweetie or the Real Thing?
Choosing Your Six-Pack: Abdominal Muscles and Pot Bellies
Choosing a Babysitter - What Parents Need To Know
Choosing a Healthy Breakfast Cereal
Choosing a Medicare-Approved Drug Discount Card
Choosing a Preschool Program
Chronic Constipation: A Strain on health
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Names and Claims
Chronic Fatigue: When Exercise Makes You Feel Worse
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: It Takes Your Breath Away
Circulation Troubles: What Do They Mean?
Circumcision: What Parents Need To Know
Circumspection For Circumcision
Climate Change and Your Health
Clinical Trials Part II
Clinical Trials: Part I
Coffee - Grounds For Concern?
The Coffee Bean
Not a Fiend
Combating the Fungus Among Us
Common Conditions with Misleading Symptoms
Common Versus Rare Conditions
Compulsive Buying - When Pleasure Turns to Pain
Computer Use And Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
The Concepts of Conception: What to Ignore about Getting Pregnant
Consternation About Constipation
Contain Yourself
The Language of Your Body''s Linings
Cramps: What They Are, What To Do - Cyberbullying
Dance Your Way to Fitness
A Dangerous Myth: It''s Over-the-Counter, It Must Be Safe
Dealing With PMS
Dealing with Unintentional Weight Loss
Debating The Use Of Growth Hormone In Healthy But Short Children
The 3, 6 and 9s of Healthy Fats
The ''8 Glasses per Day'' Rule
The 10 Commandments of Cancer Prevention
10 Flu Myths
10 New Year''s Resolutions for Good Health
10 Osteoporosis Myths
10 Ways To Make Your Recipes Healthier
2006 Update on Childhood and Adolescent Immunizations
2009 Immunization Schedule
2010 Immunization Schedule
2011 Immunization Schedule
Abdominal Obesity and Your Health
Accutane, Pregnancy, and Mental Health
What Parents Need to Know
Acne And The Role Of Diet
Acupuncture for Erectile Dysfunction?
Adding a Pet to the Family
The Aerobic Side of Fitness
Age and Arthritis - Facts and Fiction
Air Pollution
Airing Out a Lung Cancer Myth
Airports - Avoid the High-Fat Food Trap
Alkaline Diets and Cancer: Fact or Fiction
All About Breastfeeding
Allergies: When Nuts Are Not Healthy
Alzheimer''s Disease - Where Are We Today?
Am I Sexually Normal?
Anatomy 101
Anemia, Fatigue and Iron Deficiency: Facts and Myth
Angioplasty Or Bypass Graft Surgery?
The Angry Adolescent
Anti-Acid Medicines - Is Long-Term Use Safe?
Antibiotic Resistant Super Bugs
Anxiety and Heart Disease - What''s the Connection?
Are All NSAIDs Dangerous?
Are All Steroids Bad?
Are Beans the Magical Food?
Are Beer And Wine Less Strong Than Liquor?
Are Energy Drinks Safe?
Are Moods and Behaviors Contagious?
Are Multivitamins Worth the Money?
Are You Due for an Oil Change?
Are You In, Out or Post-Menopause
Are You Paying Too Much for Your Heart Medications?
Are You Sick of Morning Sickness?
Are You Worried Well?
Are the New Stents Safe?
The Arguments Against Dietary Supplements
Arthritis - From Myth to Fact
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Attention Shoppers: Beware Of Health Claims
Autism - Act Early To Make a Difference
Autism and Older Fathers
Avoiding Heat-Related Illness
Baby Boomers and Hearing Loss
Baby Bottle Tooth Decay
Back To The Stone Age
Back to School Safety Tips
Balancing A Vegetarian Meal
Beat the Heat - Stay Hydrated!
Behavior Modification - Could it Help You Reach Your Weight-Management Goals?
The Benefits of Cooking with Your Kids
The Benefits of Probiotics
Best Bargain Bites
The Best Smartphone Apps to Stay Healthy
The Best Ways to Deal with a Fever
Biking and Sex - The ''Vicious Cycle''
Birth-Control Pills 101
Bladder Cancer - Men at Risk
Blood Pressure and Your Brain
''Body Art'' And Your Teen
Bone Up On Osteoporosis
Boosters for Antidepressant Treatment
Botox for Men of a Certain Age
Boy or Girl? Determining a Baby''s Gender
Brain Medicine - Reach Out and Touch Someone
Brand Name vs. Generic Antidepressants: What''s the Difference?
Breakfast ... Don''t Leave Home Without It
Breaking Down Bone Myths
Breast Problems in Men
Bringing Down Stress Levels
Broken Heart Syndrome
Built for Motion: Take Charge of Your Body!
Burning Calories with Exercise
Busting Myths About Your Stomach

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