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International organizations : principles and issues / 5th ed

International organizations : principles and issues / 5th ed (Loan 1 times)

Material type
Personal Author
Bennett, A. LeRoy (Alvin LeRoy), 1914-.
Title Statement
International organizations : principles and issues / A. LeRoy Bennett.
5th ed.
Publication, Distribution, etc
Englewood Cliffs, N.J. :   Prentice Hall,   c1991.  
Physical Medium
xiv, 480 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Bibliography, Etc. Note
Includes bibliographical references (p. 416-424) and index.
Subject Added Entry-Topical Term
International agencies. International organization. Regionalism (International organization).
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090 ▼a 341.2 ▼b B471i5
100 1 ▼a Bennett, A. LeRoy ▼q (Alvin LeRoy), ▼d 1914-.
245 1 0 ▼a International organizations : ▼b principles and issues / ▼c A. LeRoy Bennett.
250 ▼a 5th ed.
260 ▼a Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : ▼b Prentice Hall, ▼c c1991.
300 ▼a xiv, 480 p. : ▼b ill. ; ▼c 24 cm.
504 ▼a Includes bibliographical references (p. 416-424) and index.
650 0 ▼a International agencies.
650 0 ▼a International organization.
650 0 ▼a Regionalism (International organization).
945 ▼a KLPA

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Contents information

Table of Contents

Preface	p. IX
Chapter 1	Introduction	p. 1
    The Role of International Organizations in Today''s World	p. 2
    Intellectual Roots of International Organization	p. 4
    Early Organizational Efforts	p. 9
    International Relations, Globalization, and Global Governance	p. 13
    International Organization and Governance in a Turbulent Time	p. 24
Chapter 2	A Great Experiment: The League of Nations	p. 27
    Founding of the League of Nations	p. 28
    Essential Features of the League	p. 30
    Successes and Failures of the League of Nations	p. 38
    General Assessment of the League of Nations	p. 43
Chapter 3	The Genesis of the United Nations	p. 46
    Preliminary Stages of Postwar Planning	p. 47
    The Dumbarton Oaks Conversations	p. 51
    From Yalta to San Francisco	p. 52
    The San Francisco Conference	p. 54
    Launching the New Organization	p. 57
Chapter 4	Basic Principles and Organization of the United Nations	p. 59
    Objectives of the United Nations	p. 60
    Basic Principles of the Charter	p. 61
    Principal Organs of the United Nations	p. 65
Chapter 5	Basic Structure and Operations of the United Nations	p. 80
    The Membership Issue	p. 80
    Problems of Representation	p. 85
    Voting Rules and Practices	p. 91
    Formal and Informal Charter Amendment	p. 96
    Financial Problems	p. 98
Chapter 6	Peaceful Settlement of Disputes	p. 107
    Importance of Peaceful Settlement	p. 107
    Charter Procedures and Methods	p. 108
    United Nations Experience--Survey and Case Studies	p. 113
    Changing Roles of UN Organs	p. 139
    General Appraisal and Future Requirements	p. 142
Chapter 7	Collective Security and its Alternatives: Theory and Practice	p. 145
    The Nature of Collective Security	p. 145
    The League of Nations and Collective Security	p. 149
    Charter Provisions and Realities	p. 151
    Peacekeeping Innovations	p. 156
    Case Studies in Collective Security and Peacekeeping	p. 163
    General Assessment of UN Practice	p. 175
Chapter 8	The Search for Justice under Law	p. 178
    Law in National and International Systems	p. 179
    Legal Developments before 1945	p. 182
    The Charter as an Instrument of International Law	p. 183
    The Role of the International Court of Justice	p. 186
    The Role of the International Law Commission	p. 201
    Newly Established International Criminal Courts	p. 204
    Other Agencies Promoting World Law	p. 205
    Assessing Our Progress	p. 209
Chapter 9	Controlling the Instruments of War	p. 212
    Disarmament: A Discouraging History	p. 213
    Disarmament and Arms Control after World War II	p. 216
    Continued Frustrations Within and Outside the United Nations	p. 218
    Arms Control--One Step at a Time	p. 221
    The Need for Control	p. 234
Chapter 10	Varieties of Regionalism	p. 236
    The Pros and Cons of Regionalism	p. 236
    Regionalism under the UN Charter	p. 239
    Multipurpose Regional Organizations	p. 244
    Regional Security Organizations	p. 256
    Functional Regional Organizations	p. 262
    UN Regional Commissions	p. 270
    General Assessment of Regionalism	p. 272
Chapter 11	Globalization, Transnationalism, and International Organization	p. 274
    Perspectives	p. 274
    The Multinational Corporation	p. 277
    Nongovernmental Organizations and Transnational Relations	p. 282
    Transnationalism and Civil Society	p. 290
    Conclusion	p. 295
Chapter 12	Promoting Economic Welfare	p. 297
    World Economic Interdependence	p. 298
    The UN Network of Agencies	p. 305
    Problems of Economic Development	p. 309
    Development Programs of the United Nations	p. 312
    Financing Economic Development	p. 322
    Rich Nations and Poor Nations	p. 326
    A Perspective on the Future	p. 328
Chapter 13	Managing Global Resources	p. 331
    Food and Agriculture	p. 331
    Population	p. 337
    Energy	p. 340
    Environment	p. 343
    Law of the Sea	p. 350
Chapter 14	Promoting Social Progress	p. 358
    Charter Goals and World Needs	p. 358
    Promoting Improved Health Standards	p. 361
    Focus on Child Welfare and Youth	p. 364
    The Question of Aging	p. 366
    Improving Conditions of Labor	p. 368
    Cooperation in Education, Science, and Culture	p. 372
    Combating Narcotic Drugs and Crime	p. 376
    Refugee Programs and Disaster Relief	p. 379
    Assessing Social Progress	p. 382
Chapter 15	Human Rights and the Struggle for Self-Government	p. 384
    The League Mandates System	p. 385
    Rush to Self-Government	p. 387
    The UN Trusteeship System	p. 389
    The Record of Trusteeship	p. 392
    The Charter and Non-self-governing Territories	p. 396
    Increasing Pressures for Emancipation	p. 398
    Problems of Residual Colonialism	p. 400
    Problems after Political Independence	p. 400
    Emphasis on Human Rights	p. 401
Chapter 16	International Administration and the Search for Leadership	p. 412
    The Development of the International Civil Service	p. 412
    The International Civil Servant in the United Nations	p. 416
    The Role of the Secretariat	p. 421
    Tasks and Influences of the Secretary-General	p. 424
    Bases of Influence and Leadership	p. 434
    The Need for International Leadership	p. 437
Chapter 17	International Organization in Retrospect and Prospect	p. 439
    Sources of Discouragement	p. 440
    Summary of Achievements	p. 442
    Future Needs and Prospects	p. 447
Bibliography	p. 451
    General Sources	p. 451
    Selected Bibliography by Chapters	p. 452
Appendix I	Covenant of the League of Nations	p. 462
Appendix II	Charter of the United Nations	p. 472
Appendix III	Members of the United Nations	p. 498
Index	p. 503

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