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STOP, THAT and one hundred other sleep scales

STOP, THAT and one hundred other sleep scales (Loan 1 times)

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Personal Author
Shahid, Azmeh., editor. Wilkinson, Kate., editor. Marcu, Shai., editor. Shapiro, Colin M.., editor.
Title Statement
STOP, THAT and one hundred other sleep scales / Azmeh Shahid ... [et al.], editors.
Publication, Distribution, etc
New York :   Springer,   2012.  
Physical Medium
xvii, 421 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
9781493907755 9781441998934 (e-ISBN)
Bibliography, Etc. Note
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Sleep disorders --Evaluation.
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008 160331s2012 nyua b 001 0 eng d
010 ▼a 2011944754
020 ▼a 9781493907755
020 ▼a 9781441998934 (e-ISBN)
035 ▼a (KERIS)BIB000013605675
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050 0 0 ▼a RC547 ▼b .S76 2012
082 0 0 ▼a 616.8498 ▼2 22
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090 ▼a 616.8498 ▼b S883
245 0 0 ▼a STOP, THAT and one hundred other sleep scales / ▼c Azmeh Shahid ... [et al.], editors.
260 ▼a New York : ▼b Springer, ▼c 2012.
300 ▼a xvii, 421 p. : ▼b ill. ; ▼c 26 cm.
504 ▼a Includes bibliographical references and index.
650 0 ▼a Sleep disorders ▼x Evaluation.
700 1 ▼a Shahid, Azmeh., ▼e editor.
700 1 ▼a Wilkinson, Kate., ▼e editor.
700 1 ▼a Marcu, Shai., ▼e editor.
700 1 ▼a Shapiro, Colin M.., ▼e editor.

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No. 1 Location Medical Library/Monographs(3F)/ Call Number 616.8498 S883 Accession No. 131050352 Availability Available Due Date Make a Reservation Service B

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Table of Contents

Preface Adolescent Sleep Habit Survey Adolescent Sleep Wake Schedule Apnea belief scale Apnea Knowledge Test Athens Insomnia Scale Basic Nordic Sleep Questionnaire (BNSQ) BEARS Sleep Screening Tool Beck Depression Inventory Behavioral Evaluation of Disorders of Sleep Scale Berlin Questionnaire Brief Fatigue Inventory Brief Infant Sleep Questionnaire Brief Pain Inventory Calgary Sleep Apnea Quality of Life Index ( SAQLI) Cataplexy Emotional Trigger Questionnaire CES-DC Chalder Fatigue Scale CBCL (1 - 5 years) CBCL (6 - 18 years) Children's Morningness-Evening Scale Children's Sleep Habit Questionnaire (CSHQ) Circadian Type Inventory (CTI) Cleveland Adolescent Sleepiness Questionnaire Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale Composite Morningness Questionnaire CPAP Use Questionnaire (CCUQ) Depression and Somatic Symptom Scale Dysfunctional Beliefs and Attitudes About Sleep Scale (DBAS) Epworth Sleepiness Scale Espie Sleep Disturbance Questionnaire (SDQ) FACES Fatigue Assessment Inventory (FAI) Fatigue Assessment Scale (FAS) Fatigue Impact Scale (FIS) Fatigue Severity Scale (FSS ) Fatigue Symptom Inventory (FSI) FibroFatigue Scale Frontal Lobe Epilepsy and Parasomnias Scale (FLEP) Functional Outcomes of Sleep Questionnaire (FOSQ) General Sleep Disturbance Scale (GSDS) Glasgow Content of Thoughts Inventory (GCTI) Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression ( HAM-D) Insomnia Severity Index (ISI) International Restless Legs Severity Scale (IRLSS) Jenkins Sleep Scale John Hopkins Restless Legs Severity Scale (JHRLSS) Karolinska Sleepiness Scale (KSS) Leeds Sleep Evaluation Questionnaire (LSEQ) Maastrict Vital Exhaustion Questionnaire (MQ) Medical Outcomes Study Sleep Scale (MOS-SS) Mini-Mental Status Examination (MMSE) Modified checklist for autism in toddlers (MCHAT) Mood Disorder Questionnaire (MDQ) Morningness eveningness questionnaire Motivation and Energy Inventory (MEI) Multidimensional Dream Inventory (MDI) Multidimensional Fatigue Inventory (MFI) Munich Chrono-type Questionnaire Normative Beliefs About Aggression Scale Parkinson's Disease Sleep Scale Pediatric Daytime Sleepiness Scale (PDSS) Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory (PedsQL) Multidimensional Fatigue Scale Pediatric Sleep Questionnaire (PSQ) Perceived Stress Questionnaire (PSQ) Personal Health Questionnaire (PHQ) Pictorial Sleepiness Scale Based On Cartoon Faces Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) Profile of Mood State (POMS) Psychosocial Adjustment to Illness Scale (PAIS) Quebec Sleep Questionnaire (QSQ) Resistance to Sleepiness Scale (RSS) Restless Legs Syndrome Quality of Life Questionnaire (RLSQoL) Richard-Campbell sleep questionnaire (RCSQ) School Sleep Habits Survey Self Efficacy Measure for Sleep Apnea, (SEMSA) SF-36 Health Survey SLEEP-50 Questionnaire Sleep Belief Scale (SBS) Sleep Disorders Inventory for Students-(Adolescent Form) (SDIS-A) Sleep Disorders Inventory for Students-(Children Form) (SDIS-C) Sleep Disorders Questionnaire (SDQ) Sleep Disturbance Scale for Children (SDSC) Sleep Locus of Control Scale (SLOC) Sleep Preoccupation Scale (SPS) Sleep Quality Scale (SQS) Sleep Timing Questionnaire(STQ) Sleep-Wake Activity Inventory (SWAI) Snore Outcome Survey (SOS) St. Mary's Hospital Questionnaire State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) Stanford Sleepiness Scale (SSS) STOP-BANG Questionnaire Tayside Children's Sleep Questionnaire (TCSQ) Teacher's Daytime Sleepiness Questionnaire (TDSQ) Time of Day Sleepiness Scale (TODSS) Toronto Hospital Alertness Scale (THAT) Twenty-Item Toronto Alexithymia Scale (TAS-20) Ullanlinna Narcolepsy Scale (UNS) Verran and Snyder-Halpern Sleep Scale (VSH) 100. Visual Analogue Scale to Evaluate Fatigue Severity (VAS-F) 101. Women's Health Initiative Insomnia Rating Scale (WHIIRS) 102. ZOGIM-A Appendix

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