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Subjectivity, curriculum and society : between and beyond German didaktik and Anglo-American curriculum studies

Subjectivity, curriculum and society : between and beyond German didaktik and Anglo-American curriculum studies

Autio, Tero.
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Subjectivity, curriculum and society : between and beyond German didaktik and Anglo-American curriculum studies / Tero Autio.
Mahwah, NJ :   Lawrence Erlbaum Associates,   2006.  
xiv, 176 p. ; 24 cm.
Studies in curriculum theory
0805854681 (alk. paper)
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Curriculum planning. Educational psychology. Teaching.
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100 1 ▼a Autio, Tero.
245 1 0 ▼a Subjectivity, curriculum and society : ▼b between and beyond German didaktik and Anglo-American curriculum studies / ▼c Tero Autio.
260 ▼a Mahwah, NJ : ▼b Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, ▼c 2006.
300 ▼a xiv, 176 p. ; ▼c 24 cm.
490 1 ▼a Studies in curriculum theory
504 ▼a Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
650 0 ▼a Curriculum planning.
650 0 ▼a Educational psychology.
650 0 ▼a Teaching.
830 0 ▼a Studies in curriculum theory.
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Preface ix 
1 Introduction 1(13) 
Overview of the Book 1(13) 
2 "Truth as Utility": Reconsidering the Rise of Scientific Method as a Pragmatic Precursor for Modernist Curriculum Thinking 14(20) 
Historical Prologue to Western Curriculum Studies: Developing the Norms of Modern Scientific Reasoning 14(2) 
The Actuality of Cartesianism 16(3) 
The Revolution in the Inquiring Mind: Method, Mathematics, and Learning 19(1) 
Francis Bacon: Toward a View of Science as an Intellectual Tool; "Truth and Utility Are...the Very Same Things" 20(9) 
The Formation of the Cartesian Method: Meta-Mathematical Rationality and Human Interests 29(5) 
3 From Theology and Metaphysics to the Culture of Method: The Cartesian Revolution of Epistemology and Curriculum 34(24) 
The Advent of the Modern Era in Education: The Cartesian Curriculum as an Embodiment of "Rightly Conducting One''s Reason"; Reading Descartes as Educational Text 34(4) 
A Curricular Prerequisite: From Theology to Epistemology 38(5) 
The Intentional and Ideological as a Social Framework of the Intellect: The Cartesian Shift From Rational Essentialism to Instrumentalism 43(5) 
The Structure of the Cartesian Curriculum 48(4) 
Conclusion 52(6) 
4 The Puritan?rotestant Disenchantment of Spirituality: The Rationalization of Religion, Inquiring Mind, and Education 58(20) 
Protestant Contribution to the Rise of Modern Science and Curriculum Through the Rationalization of Religion: Max Weber''s Critical Account 58(3) 
The Bifurcation of the Protestant Movement 61(2) 
Calvinist?uritan Notion of Work and the Birth of Modern Identity 63(3) 
Calvinist?uritan Roots of Individualism 66(4) 
Calvinistic Implications for the Notions of Science, Philosophy, and Curriculum 70(8) 
5 Curricular Predicaments of John Locke''s Liberalism: Pleasure and Reason; Psychology and Politics 78(21) 
Extending the Rules of Knowledge: John Locke and the Conditions of Human Study 78(1) 
The Development of Enlightenment Thinking and John Locke 79(3) 
"Reason Must Be Our Last Judge and Guide in Everything" (Book IV, CH XIX: 14) 82(8) 
Locke, Hermeneutics, and Postmodernism 90(3) 
Locke and the Notion of Human Action and Self 93(6) 
6 Curriculum and the Politics of Psychology: "Conformity of Wills and Predictability of Behavior- 99(26) 
The Rationalization of Curriculum by the Psychologization of It: From Kant to Tyler and Beyond 99(1) 
Kant on Education 100(4) 
Herbart''s Two Models for the Science of Education: The Rise of Educational Psychology 104(4) 
"Basic Principles of Curriculum and Instruction- 108(5) 
The Rationale and "Occidental Rationalism" 113(1) 
Method, Effectiveness, and Moral Concern 114(3) 
Psychology of Learning: Logic Without Content? 117(4) 
From Rationalization to Commodification 121(2) 
Conclusion 123(2) 
7 Epilogue: Toward a Curriculum Discourse Sui Generis? 125(38) 
The Spiritual Framework of Instrumental Rationality 126(9) 
Psychology, Curriculum Studies, and the Challenge of the ''Posties'' 135(2) 
The Postempiricist Turn 137(5) 
Tentative Critical Implications for Current Curriculum Policy 142(2) 
The Infusion of Ideology Into the Scholarly Curriculum Discourse 144(6) 
From Process to Product: Commodification as an Example of the Infusion of Ideology Into Educational and Curricular Discourse 150(3) 
The Protest of the "New" Economy 153(2) 
Curriculum Discourse and a Need for a Theoretically Enriched Rehabilitation of Educational Practice 155(8) 
References 163(6) 
Author Index 169(4) 
Subject Index 173

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