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Encyclopedia of consciousness

Encyclopedia of consciousness

Banks, William P.
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Encyclopedia of consciousness / edited by William P. Banks.
London :   Academic Press,   2009.  
2 v. : ill. ; 29 cm.
9780123738646 (set) 0123738644 (set) 9780123738714 (v. 1) 0123738717 (v. 1) 9780123738721 (v. 2) 0123738725 (v. 2)
v. 1. A-L -- v. 2. M-Z.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Consciousness -- Encyclopedias. Consciousness -- Research.
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245 0 0 ▼a Encyclopedia of consciousness / ▼c edited by William P. Banks.
260 ▼a London : ▼b Academic Press, ▼c 2009.
300 ▼a 2 v. : ▼b ill. ; ▼c 29 cm.
504 ▼a Includes bibliographical references and index.
505 0 ▼a v. 1. A-L -- v. 2. M-Z.
650 0 ▼a Consciousness ▼v Encyclopedias.
650 0 ▼a Consciousness ▼x Research.
700 1 ▼a Banks, William P.
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No. 1 소장처 중앙도서관/제1자료실(2층)/참고 청구기호 R 153.03 E56 1 등록번호 111598952 도서상태 대출불가(열람가능) 반납예정일 예약 서비스 M
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Aesthetics and the Experience of Beauty
Altered and Higher States of Consciousness
Animal Consciousness
Artificial Intelligence and Consciousness
Attention, Awareness, and Neglect
Attention: Change Blindness, Inattentional Blindness
Attention: Selective Attention and Consciousness
Autobiographical Memory and Consciousness
Automaticity and Consciousness
Behaviorism in Science and Philosophy
Bistable Perception and Consciousness
Brain Basis of Voluntary Control
Brain: Integration, Specialization, and Awareness
Brain: Prefrontal Cortex and Awareness
Brain: Subcortical Pathways and Consciousness
Coma, Persistent Vegetative States, Diminished Consciousness
Concepts and Definitions of Consciousness
Consciousness and Experienced Effort
Consciousness and Visual Illusions
Consciousness of Space and Motor Control
Cultural Milieu, History, and Intuitive (Folk) Theories of Consciousness
Development: Consciousness From Birth to Adulthood
Development: The Role of Social Relations, Cultural Assumptions, Theory of Mind
Emotion and Consciousness
Ethical Implications: Pain, Coma, and Treatment of Other Species
Evolution of Consciousness (How Consciousness Evolved as a Tool of Survival)
Expectancy, Placebos and Self-Deception
Experimental Frameworks for Studying the Neural Basis of Consciousness
Free Will
Fringe and Partial Consciousness
Function(s) of Consciousness
General Anesthesia
Habit, Action, and Consciousness
History of Philosophical Theories of Consciousness
History of the Scientific Study of Consciousness
Hypnosis and Suggestibility
Implicit Processes in Social Psychology
Inner Speech and Consciousness
Intentionality and Consciousness
Intuition, Creativity, and Unconscious Problem Solving
Language and Consciousness
Memory: Amnesia and Awareness
Memory: Control of Memory
Memory: Errors, Constructive Processes, and Conscious Retrieval
Memory: Implicit Learning and Implicit Memory
Memory: Perceptual and Immediate Memory
Memory: Procedural Memory, Skill, Perceptual-Motor Learning and Awareness
Mental Representation and Consciousness
Mind Wandering and Other Lapses of Attention
Mind-Body Problem
Neural Basis of Perceptual Awareness in Humans
Neurobiological Theories of Consciousness
Neurochemical Basis of Consciousness
Perception, Action and Consciousness
Perception: Implicit, Subliminal
Perception: the Coherence of Perception; Binding and Other Processes
Perception: Unconscious Influences on Perceptual Interpretation
Visual Experience and Immediate Memory
Phenomenology of Consciousness
Phylogeny and Evolution of Brain Structures and Consciousness
Psychoactive Drugs and Conscious Alteration
Psychodynamic Theories of Unconscious Activity
Psychopathology and Consciousness
Religious Experience: Psychology and Neurology
Self: Body Awareness and Consciousness
Self: Personal Identity
Self: the Unity of Self, Self-Consistency
Self-Awareness and Introspection
Sleep: Dreaming and Consciousness
Sleep: Dreaming Data and Theories
Social Foundations of Consciousness
Social Neuroscience of Groups
Subjectivity; First- and Third-Person Analysis
Theories of Consciousness: Cognitive
Theory of Mind (Neural Basis)
Time and Consciousness
Unconscious Cognition
Unconscious Emotion
Unconscious Goals and Motivation
Visual Imagery and Consciousness
Volition and Voluntary Control
William James and Consciousness

*Contents are tentative and subject to change prior to publication

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