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Blood disorders in the elderly

Blood disorders in the elderly

Balducci, Lodovico. Ershler, William B. De Gaetano, Giovanni.
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Blood disorders in the elderly / edited by Lodovico Balducci, William Ershler, Giovanni de Gaetano.
Cambridge, UK ;   New York :   Cambridge University Press ,   c2008.  
xii, 484 p., [14 p. of plates] : ill. (some col.) ; 26 cm.
9780521875738 (hbk.) 0521875730 (hbk.)
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Blood -- Diseases. Geriatrics.
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245 0 0 ▼a Blood disorders in the elderly / ▼c edited by Lodovico Balducci, William Ershler, Giovanni de Gaetano.
260 ▼a Cambridge, UK ; ▼a New York : ▼b Cambridge University Press , ▼c c2008.
300 ▼a xii, 484 p., [14 p. of plates] : ▼b ill. (some col.) ; ▼c 26 cm.
504 ▼a Includes bibliographical references and index.
650 0 ▼a Blood ▼x Diseases.
650 0 ▼a Geriatrics.
700 1 ▼a Balducci, Lodovico.
700 1 ▼a Ershler, William B.
700 1 ▼a De Gaetano, Giovanni.


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No. 1 소장처 의학도서관/보존서고4/ 청구기호 618.97615 B655 등록번호 131032429 도서상태 대출가능 반납예정일 예약 서비스 B M



Introduction; Part I. Epidemiology: 1. Epidemiology of aging Lodovico Balducci and William B. Ershler; 2. Epidemiology of anemia: older adults Kushang V. Patel and Jack M. Guralnik; 3. Cancer in the older person: a comprehensive approach Oscar A. Cepeda, Julie K. Gammack and John E. Morley; 4. From fitness to frailty: toward a nosologic classification of the older aged person Lodovico Balducci and Claudia Beghe; Part II. Hemopoiesis: 5. Stem cell exhaustion and aging Gary Van Zant; 6. Hemopoietic micro-environment and age David N. Haylock and Susan K. Nilsson; 7. Replicative senescence, aging, and cancer Rita Effros; 8. Qualitative changes of hemopoiesis France Laurencet and Gilbert Zulian; 9. Aging and hemopoietic stress Lodovico Balducci and Cheryl Hardy; 10. Immunoglobulin response and aging Yuping Deng and Stefan Gravenstein; 11. Biological and clinical significance of monoclonal gammopathy Arati V. Rao and Harvey J. Cohen; Part III. Anemia of Aging: 12. Erythropoietin and aging Andrew S. Aartz; 13. Iron and aging E. Nemeth and Tomas Ganz; 14. Prevalence and mechanism of B12 deficiency Sally P. Stabler; 15. The consequences of anemia Luigi Ferrucci and Dan L. Longo; 16. The pathogenesis of late-life anemia Bindu Kanapuru and William B. Ershler; 17. Treatment of late-life anemia William B. Ershler; Part IV. Hematological Malignancies and Aging: 18. Cancer chemotherapy in the older person Lodovico Balducci; 19. Acute myeloid leukemia in the elderly Magda Elkabani and Jeffrey Lancet; 20. Acute lymphoblastic leukemia in elderly patients: diagnosis and therapy Salvatore Bruno, Femina Mazzella and Oscar Ballester; 21. Multiple myeloma Todd J. Alekshun and Melissa Alsina; 22. Non-Hodgkin lymphoma Nicole Jacobi and Bruce A. Peterson; 23. Unusual lymphomas in the elderly Youssef Gamal, Samuel Kerr and Thomas P. Loughran; 24. Chronic lymphocytic leukemia in the elderly Alexander S. D. Spiers; 25. Polycythemia vera and idiopathic myelofibrosis in the elderly Jerry L. Spivak; Part V. Disorders of Hemostasis in the Elderly: 26. Acquired hemophilia in the elderly F. Baudo and F. de Cataldo; 27. Blood coagulation and aging Jozef Vermylen and Marc F. Hoylaerts; 28. Platelet disorders in the elderly Laura Terranova, Giancarla Gerli and Marco Cattaneo; 29. Gene-environment interactions and vascular risk in the elderly Daniela Mari; 30. Antithrombotic therapy: guidelines for the elderly Chiara Cerletti, H. J. Schunemann and Giovanni de Gaetano.

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