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Handbook of organizational creativity

Handbook of organizational creativity (8회 대출)

Zhou, Jing. Shalley, Christina.
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Handbook of organizational creativity / edited by Jing Zhou, Christina E. Shalley.
New York :   Lawrence Erlbaum Associates ,   c2008.  
xxiv, 393 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
9780805840728 (hardcover : alk. paper) 0805840729 (hardcover)
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Creative ability in business. Empolyee motivation.
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020 ▼a 9780805840728 (hardcover : alk. paper)
020 ▼a 0805840729 (hardcover)
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245 0 0 ▼a Handbook of organizational creativity / ▼c edited by Jing Zhou, Christina E. Shalley.
260 ▼a New York : ▼b Lawrence Erlbaum Associates , ▼c c2008.
300 ▼a xxiv, 393 p. : ▼b ill. ; ▼c 24 cm.
504 ▼a Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
650 0 ▼a Creative ability in business.
650 0 ▼a Empolyee motivation.
700 1 ▼a Zhou, Jing.
700 1 ▼a Shalley, Christina.
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Section 1: Organizational Creativity in Historical Context. C. Shalley, J. Zhou, Organizational Creativity Research: An Historical Overview. T. Amabile, J. Mueller, Assessing Creativity and its Antecedents: An Exploration of the Componential Theory of Creativity. C. Ford, M. Kuenzi, Organizing Creativity Research: Insights and Proposals Suggested by Examining Classic Administrative Science Texts. Section 2: Distinctive Contributions from Organizational Creativity Research. P. Tierney, Leadership and Creativity: A Reciprocal Evolving Model. J. Zhou, Promoting Creativity through Feedback. C. Shalley, Creating Roles: What Managers Can Do to Establish Expectations for Creative Performance. P. Paulus, Fostering Creativity in Groups and Teams. J. Perry-Smith, When Being Social Facilitates Creativity: Social Networks and Creativity within Organizations. M. West, A. Richter, Climates and Cultures for Innovation and Creativity at Work. D. Dougherty, N. Tolboom, Creative Organizing to Enable Organizational Creativity: The Case of Sustained Product Innovation. R. Drazin, R. Kazanjian, M. Glynn, A Sensemaking Approach to Understanding the Politics of Creativity. R. Woodman, Creativity and Organizational Change: Linking Ideas and Extending Theory. Section 3: Normative Implications of Organizational Creativity Research. L. Gilson, Why be Creative: A Review of the Practical Outcomes Associated with Creativity at the Individual, Group, and Organizational Levels. A. Hargadon, Creativity that Works. Section 4: Suggestions for Future Organizational Creativity Research. J. Zhou, C. Shalley, Expanding the Scope and Impact of Organizational Creativity Research

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