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The science of laboratory diagnosis 2nd ed

The science of laboratory diagnosis 2nd ed (Loan 6 times)

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Burnett, David. Crocker, J.
Title Statement
The science of laboratory diagnosis / edited by David Burnett, John Crocker.
2nd ed.
Publication, Distribution, etc
Chichester, West Sussex, England ;   Hoboken, NJ :   John Wiley & Sons ,   c2005.  
Physical Medium
xxi, 542 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 27 cm.
0470859121 (alk. paper)
Bibliography, Etc. Note
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Diagnosis, Laboratory.
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020 ▼a 0470859121 (alk. paper)
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245 0 4 ▼a The science of laboratory diagnosis / ▼c edited by David Burnett, John Crocker.
250 ▼a 2nd ed.
260 ▼a Chichester, West Sussex, England ; ▼a Hoboken, NJ : ▼b John Wiley & Sons , ▼c c2005.
300 ▼a xxi, 542 p. : ▼b ill. (some col.) ; ▼c 27 cm.
504 ▼a Includes bibliographical references and index.
650 0 ▼a Diagnosis, Laboratory.
700 1 ▼a Burnett, David.
700 1 ▼a Crocker, J.

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No. 1 Location Medical Library/Closed Stacks3/ Call Number 616.0756 S416-2 Accession No. 141052513 Availability Available Due Date Make a Reservation Service B

Contents information

Table of Contents

Preface to the First Edition.

Preface to the Second Edition.

Contributors Lists.

Section 1: Histopathology.

1: Specimen Handling and Preparation for Routine Diagnostic Histopathology (Paul J. Smith and Janine L. Warfield).

2: General stains (Barrie Sims).

3: Enzyme Histochemistry (Trevor Gray and Neil Hand).

4: Immunohistochemistry (Jane Starczynski and John Crocker).

5: Electron Microscopy in Pathology (Brian Eyden).

6: Light Microscopy (Brian Boullier).

7: Quantitative Methods in Tissue Pathology (Peter W. Hamilton and Derek C. Allen).

8: Proliferation Markers in Histopathology (Cheryl E. Gillett and Diana M. Barnes).

Section 2: Cytology.

9: Cytopathology (Adrian T. Warfield).

Section 3: Microbiology – Bacteriology

10: Microscopy in Bacteriology: Application and Sample Preparation (Dugald R. Baird).

11: Culture Media in Bacteriology (Eric Y. Bridson).

12: Identification of Bacteria (Andrew Hay ).

13: Automated tests in Bacteriology (Paul C. Boreland).

14: Bacteriology Molecular Techniques: sample preparation and application (Richard E. Holliman and Julie D. Johnson).

15: Other tests in bacteriology (Darrel Ho-Yen).

16: Control of antimicrobial chemotherapy (Ian M. Gould).

Section 4: Microbiology – Virology,Mycology and Parasitology.

17: Microscopy in virology: application and sample preparation (Marie M. Ogilvie).

18: Electron microscopy in virology (Hazel Appleton).

19: Tissue culture (William L. Irving and Alan Pawley).

20: Serological tests in virology (Goura Kudesia).

21: Automated tests in virology (Roger P. Eglin).

22: Molecular techniques in virology (Paul E. Klapper).

23: Other tests in Virology (Alex W. L. Joss).

24: Mycology (David W. Warnock).

25: Parasitology (Robert W. A. Girdwood).

Section 5: Haematology.

26: Blood Cell and Bone Marrow Morphology (Supatrik Basu).

27 The Principles of Automated Blood Cell Counters (Graham Martin).

28 Methods for the Identification of the Haemoglobinopathies (Nick Jackson and Anne Sermon).

29: Special von Willebrand Factor investigations (Mohammad S. Enayat).

30 Platelet Investigations (Steven Walton and Peter Rose).

31 A Hospital Transfusion Service (Steven Walton and Peter E. Rose).

32 Flow Cytometry and Molecular Biology in Haematology (Ian Chant).

33: Haematinic Investigations (Frank Wells).

34: Laboratory Investigations of Haemolysis (Paul Revell).

35: Laboratory investigation of haemostasis (Peter E. Rose and Catherine Caveen).

Section 6: Cytogenetics..

36: Chromosome Banding and Analysis (Mervyn Humphreys).

37: Fluorescence in situ hybridization (Ivor Hickey).

Section 7: Clinical Chemistry.

38: The acquisition, uses and interpretation of clinical biochemical data (William J. Marshall).

39: Immunoassay in clinical biochemistry (Joan Butler and Susan M. Chambers).

40: Ion selective electrodes (Alan D. Hirst).

41: Light absorption, scatter and luminescent techniques in routine clinical biochemistry (Bernard F. Rocks).

42: Analytical atomic spectrometry (Andrew Taylor).

43: Dry Reagent Chemistry Techniques (Jessica A. Schroeder, Jacqueline C. Osypiw and Gordon S. Challand).

44: Separation techniques (Roy Sherwood).

Section 8: Immunology.

45: Protein Assays (David Burnett).

46: Complement Assays (Jonathan North and Keith Whaley).

47: Cellular Immunology (Aarnoud Huissoon)

48: Immune Complex Diseases and Cryoglobulins (Siraj A. Misbah).

49: HLA typing (Mark Hathaway).

Section 9: Molecular Pathology.

50: Laser Capture Microdissection (Orla Sheils, Paul Smyth, Esther O’Regan, Stephen Finn, Richard Flavin and John O’Leary).

51: TaqMan PCR Gene Analysis (Cara M. Martin, Orla Sheils and John J. O’Leary).

52: In-cell PRC (John J. O’Leary, Cara M. Martin and Orla Sheils).

53: High-density SNP and cDNA array analysis (Orla Sheils, Cara M. Martin, Paul Smyth, Jon Sherlock, Stephen Finn, Esther O’Regan, and John O’Leary).

54: CGH Array Analysis of Human Tissues (Esther O’Regan, Paul Smyth, Stephen Finn, Cara M. Martin, Orla Sheils and John J. O’Leary),

55 DNA Sequencing (Cara M. Martin, Steve Picton and John O’Leary).


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