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Overlooked historical records of the three Korean Kingdoms

Overlooked historical records of the three Korean Kingdoms (15회 대출)

일연 一然 , 1206-1289. Kim, Dal-Yong.
서명 / 저자사항
Overlooked historical records of the three Korean Kingdoms / [by] Ilyeon ; translated by Kim Dal-Yong.
Paju :   Jimoondang ,   2006.  
xx, 412 p. ; 23 cm.
Asan foundation translation series ; no. 2
Includes index.  
Korea -- History -- To 935.
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001 000045283315
005 20091110132139
008 060525s2006 ko 001 0 eng d
010 ▼a 2006000287
020 ▼a 8988095944
035 ▼a (KERIS)BIB000010398277
040 ▼a 222001 ▼c 222001 ▼d 211009
041 1 ▼a eng ▼h kor
082 0 4 ▼a 951.901 ▼2 22
084 ▼a 953.03 ▼2 DDCK
090 ▼a 953.03 ▼b I72sEk
100 0 ▼a 일연 ▼g 一然 , ▼d 1206-1289.
240 1 0 ▼a 삼국유사. ▼l English
245 1 0 ▼a Overlooked historical records of the three Korean Kingdoms / ▼c [by] Ilyeon ; translated by Kim Dal-Yong.
260 ▼a Paju : ▼b Jimoondang , ▼c 2006.
300 ▼a xx, 412 p. ; ▼c 23 cm.
490 1 ▼a Asan foundation translation series ; ▼v no. 2
500 ▼a Includes index.
651 0 ▼a Korea ▼x History ▼y To 935.
700 1 ▼a Kim, Dal-Yong.
830 0 ▼a Asan foundation translation series ; ▼v no. 2.
900 0 ▼a Iryon , ▼d 1206-1289.
940 0 ▼a Samguk yusa. ▼l English
945 ▼a KINS


No. 소장처 청구기호 등록번호 도서상태 반납예정일 예약 서비스
No. 1 소장처 중앙도서관/서고7층/ 청구기호 953.03 I72sEk 등록번호 111362303 도서상태 대출가능 반납예정일 예약 서비스 B M
No. 2 소장처 중앙도서관/서고7층/ 청구기호 953.03 I72sEk 등록번호 111518753 도서상태 대출가능 반납예정일 예약 서비스 B M




고려 후기의 승려. 보각국사(普覺國師)라고도 한다. 경북 경산(당시 경주의 속현이었던 장산군)에서 태어났으며 어렸을 때 출가하여 9세에 무량사에서 머리를 깎고 승려의 길로 들어섰다. 14세에 설악산 진전사에서 정식으로 구족계(具足戒)를 받았다. 1227년 22세에 승과에 뽑히고 그 후부터 여러 사찰을 돌며 선관(禪觀)을 탐구했다. 41세에 선사, 54세에 대선사가 되었다. 몽고의 침입이 계속되는 동안 남쪽의 포산, 남해 등지에서 수행에 전념하다 56세에 원종의 부름을 받고 강화도로 가서 선월사 주지로 있으면서 설법하며 지눌(知訥)의 법통을 이었다. 63세에 왕명으로 선종과 교종의 고승 100명을 모아 개경에서 대장경 낙성회향법회를 강론하여 선교의 맹주가 되었다. 72세에는 충렬왕의 명을 받아 청도 운문사의 주지가 되어 왕에게 법설을 강론했다. 1283년 국존으로 추대되어 원경충조(圓經沖照)라는 호를 받았다. 말년에 연로한 어머니를 모시기 위해 고향으로 내려가 경북 군위의 인각사를 중축하여 그곳에 머무르며 《삼국유사》를 집필했다. 84세인 1289년에 인각사에서 입적했다. 저서로는 《삼국유사》 외에 《어록》《게송잡저》 《조정사원》 등 불교 관련 서적 80여 권이 있다.

정보제공 : Aladin


List of Maps
Translator's Preface

1. Marvels I
The Ancient Joseon Kingdom
The Wiman Joseon Kingdom
Mahan State
Two Prefectures
Seventy-two States
Nangnang State
Northern Daebang
Southern Daebang
Malgal State and Balhae State
Iseo State
The Five Gaya States
Northern Buyeo
Eastern Buyeo
The Goguryeo Kingdom
Byeonhan State and the Baekje Kingdom
Jinhan State
Entertainment Houses of the Four Seasons
King Hyeokgeose, the Founder of the Silla Kingdom
King Namhae, the Second Monarch
King Norye, the Third Monarch
King Talhae, the Fourth Monarch
Kim Alji during the Reign of King Talhae
Gentleman Yeono and Lady Se-o
King Michu and the Army of Bamboo Leaves
King Naemul and Kim Jesang
King Silseong, the Eighteenth Monarch
Shooting Arrows at the Geomungo Case
King Jicheollo
King Jinheung
Lady Dohwa and Gentleman Bihyeong
The Heavenly Suit of Jade Belts
Queen Seondeok Foresaw Three Things
Queen Jindeok
Kim Yusin
Duke Chunchu, King Taejong
Gentlemen Jangchun and Pa

2. Marvels II
Beommin, King Munmu
A Flute That Calms Raging Waves
Gentleman Jukji during the Reign of King Hyoso
King Seongdeok
Lady Suro
King Hyoseong
King Gyeongdeok, Monk Chungdam, and Great Priest Pyohun
King Hyegong
Great King Wonseong
Early Snows
King Heungdeok and Parrots
Great King Sinmu, Yeomjang, and Gungpa
Great King Gyeongmun, the Forty-Eighth Monarch
Gentleman Cheoyong and Manghae Temple
Great Queen Jinseong and Geotaji
King Hyogong
King Gyeongmyeong
King Gyeongae
Great King Kim Bu
Southern Buyeo, Earlier Baekje, and Northern Buyeo
King Mu
Gyeon Hwon of the Later Baekje Kingdom
"The Record of the Garak Kingdom"

3. The Promotion of Buddhism
Shundao, the First Propagator of Buddhism in the Goguryeo Kingdom
Nantuo Opened the Way for Buddhism in the Baekje Kingdom
Ado Cultivated the Foundation of Buddhism in the Silla Kingdom
King Wonjong Promoted Buddhism and Yeomchok Sacrificed Himself
King Beop Prohibited Killing
King Bojang Was Devoted to Taoism and Bodeok Moved His Chamber
Ten Saints in the Buddha Hall of Heungnyun Temple in the Eastern Capital City

4. Pagodas and Images of Buddha
The Stone Pedestal of Kasyapa Buddha
King Yu's Pagoda at Liaodong Fortress
The Pasa Stone Pagoda at Geumgwan Fortress
Yeongtap Temple of the Goguryeo Kingdom
The Sixty-Foot Image of Buddha at Hwangnyong Temple
The Nine-Storied Pagoda at Hwangnyong Temple
The Bell of Hwangnyong Temple, the Image of Bhaisajyaguru Buddha at Bunhwang Temple, and the Bell of Bongdeok Temple
The Sixty-Foot Image of Buddha at Yeongmyo Temple
The Four-Buddha Mountain, the Buddha-Digging Mountain, and the Ten-Thousand Buddha Mountain
The Stone Image of Maitreya Buddha at Saengui Temple
Visvabhadra Bodhisattva in the Mural at Heungnyun Temple
The Three Appearances of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and Jungsaeng Temple
Baengnyul Temple
Minjang Temple
Buddhist Sariras Preserved in the Past and Present
A Maitreya Flower of Youth, Gentleman Misi, and Priest Jinja
Nohil Budeuk and Daldal Bakbak, Two Saints of Mt. Southern Baekwol
The One Thousand-Handed Bodhisattva at Bunhwang Temple and a Blind Child Regaining His Sight
Avalokitesvara and Jeongchwi, Two Bodhisattvas of Naksan Temple, and Josin
A Reflection of Buddha on the Fish Mountain
Fifty Thousand Incarnate Buddhas on Mt. Odae
The Life of Prince Bojildo on Mt. Odae in Myeongju
Five Buddhist Saints of Woljeong Temple on Mt. Odae
Gamsan Temple on Mt. Namwol
Cheollyong Temple
The Palace of Amitabha Buddha at Mujang Temple
Sariras in the Stone Pagoda at Baegeom Temple
Yeongchwi Temple
Yudeok Temple
The Record of a Stone Pagoda at Munsu Temple on Mt. Odae

5. Anecdotes of Eminent Monks
Wongwang's Studies in the Tang Empire
Monk Boyang and a Pear Tree
Yangji's Magic Staff
Several Monks Who Traveled to India
Hyesuk and Hyegong Performed Miracles When They Associated with People
Jajang Established Buddhist Rules of Discipline
Wonhyo, an Unbridled Monk
Uisang's Mission Work
Silence-Keeping Sabok
Jinpyo Delivered Bamboo Sticks for Divination
A Record Inscribed on the Stone Monument in Balyeon Forest on Mt. Pungak in Gwandong
Monk Seungjeon and Stone Skulls
Simji Received the Mantle of Patriarch Jinpyo
Daehyeon's Yuga Sect and Beophae's Avatamsaka Sect

6. Incantations
Milbon Exorcized Evil Spirits
Hyetong Brought the Evil Dragon to Its Knees
Myeongnang, the Founder Patriarch of the Divine Seal Sect

7. Tales of Telepathy
Divine Mother Seondo Loved Buddhist Events
Ukmyeon, a Female Servant Who Flew to the Western Pure Land While Reciting Prayers with Her Beads
Gwangdeok and Eomjang
Gyeongheung Met a Holy Man
The Incarnated Buddha Received an Offering
Monk Wolmyeong's Song of the Duoshuai Heaven
Seonyul Came to Life
Kim Hyeon Attracted a Tigress
Monk Yungcheon's Comet Song during the Reign of King Jinpyeong
Monk Jeongsu Saved a Freezing Woman

8. Hermits' Lives
Nangji, the Cloud-Riding Monk, and Visvabhadra Bodhisattva's Tree
Monk Yeonhoe's Refusing an Honorable Position and Manjusri Bodhisattva's Ridge
Monk Hyehyeon Seeks Quietude
Sinchung Left Public Office
Two Holy Priests on Mt. Po
Yeongjae Came upon Bandits
Monk Yeongyeo
Five Monks of Mt. Pocheon during the Reign of King Gyeongdeok
Monk Yeombul

9. Filial Piety
Master Jinjeong, Whose Filial Duty and Good Conduct Were Both Beautiful
Daeseong Was Twice Dutiful to His Parents in His Previous and Present Existences during the Reign of King Sinmun
Saji Hyangdeuk Fed His Parents with Flesh from His Thigh during the Reign of King Gyeongdeok
Son Sun Attempted to Bury His Child in the Ground during the Reign of King Heungdeok
A Poor Young Lady Who Served Her Mother


정보제공 : Aladin

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