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Cancer gene therapy

Cancer gene therapy (1회 대출)

Curiel, David. Douglas, Joanne T.
서명 / 저자사항
Cancer gene therapy / edited by David T. Curiel, Joanne T. Douglas.
Totowa, N.J. :   Humana Press ,   c2005.  
xii, 489 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Contemporary cancer research
1588292134 (alk. paper) 1592597858 (e-isbn)
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Cancer -- Gene therapy. Gene Therapy. Neoplasms -- therapy.
000 00993namuu2200301 a 4500
001 000045272213
005 20060622093424
008 060622s2005 njua b 001 0 eng
010 ▼a 2004010875
020 ▼a 1588292134 (alk. paper)
020 ▼a 1592597858 (e-isbn)
035 ▼a (DNLM)101216499
040 ▼a DNLM/DLC ▼c DLC ▼d DLC ▼d 211010 ▼d 211010
042 ▼a pcc
050 0 0 ▼a RC271.G45 ▼b C355 2005
082 0 0 ▼a 616.99/40694 ▼2 22
090 ▼a 616.9940694 ▼b C215
245 0 0 ▼a Cancer gene therapy / ▼c edited by David T. Curiel, Joanne T. Douglas.
260 ▼a Totowa, N.J. : ▼b Humana Press , ▼c c2005.
300 ▼a xii, 489 p. : ▼b ill. ; ▼c 26 cm.
440 0 ▼a Contemporary cancer research
504 ▼a Includes bibliographical references and index.
650 0 ▼a Cancer ▼x Gene therapy.
650 1 2 ▼a Gene Therapy.
650 1 2 ▼a Neoplasms ▼x therapy.
700 1 ▼a Curiel, David.
700 1 ▼a Douglas, Joanne T.


No. 소장처 청구기호 등록번호 도서상태 반납예정일 예약 서비스
No. 1 소장처 의학도서관/보존서고4/ 청구기호 616.9940694 C215 등록번호 131025803 도서상태 대출가능 반납예정일 예약 서비스 B M



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